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Put a Big Smile on Your Face with a Dental Savings Plan

Dental Savings Plans are membership plans, similar to the way I am a member of Costco, where I pay an annual fee, which gives me full privileges at Costco warehouse clubs for the year. I just show my card to enjoy highly discounted prices on the things I need. Really, that’s how a Dental Savings Plan works. You sign up with a plan your dentist accepts, pay your membership fee, get your card and enjoy highly discounted dental services and procedures …

How to Stop Worrying That Your Housing Bubble Is About to Burst

You bought the biggest home they said you could qualify, taking advantage of low rates and creative financing. Who knew you could afford such a great house? But now you’re worried that even the smallest hiccup in the economy will burst your housing bubble.

Relax! Consider these 8 steps you can take starting right now to make sure that doesn’t happen. See you there! Love, m xo 🏡

In a Pinch You Can Use This for That

Have you ever discovered you’re all out of a certain ingredient just when you’re in the middle of preparing a recipe? I hate when that happens. And I know myself well enough that I don’t want to run to the store. For me, an unscheduled trip like that could easily cost $40, maybe more. That’s just how impulsive I can be. I’ve learned that when I’m in a pinch—I need a pinch-hitter.

Today I’m sharing my list of cooking and baking substitutes that I refer to often! See you there … xo m 👩‍🍳

Secrets for How to Grow An Edible Garden Just About Anywhere!

Want to grow some food? Good news! You don’t need acreage, a big yard or “perfect” conditions. In fact, you really don’t need any acreage at all. There are myriad ways to you can get started today growing your own food. It’s easy, too!

Happy Mother’s Day, everybody! Enjoy this beautiful Sunday wherever you are.

It’s absolutely gorgeous here in Colo where I am enjoying beautiful flowers from my awesome son Jeremy, and we’ll be meeting up with equally awesome son Josh and family for lunch. Love, Mary ☀️💐❣️


Shopping With Cash is Still the Best Way to Save Money

It used to be so easy to shop with cash. Get cash. Shop. But things have changed, perhaps you’ve noticed. More and more stores, shops, restaurants don’t even accept cash any more. Even my beloved Costco gasoline filling station! Ack! The only option for payment is … plastic.

But there is a sneaky way to get around that and beat Costco Gas, Amazon, and others at their own game. I’ll tell all in today’s post.

See you there! Love m xo 💰❣️😂