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Eufy Cordless Stick Vac Needs a Bath—Photo Tutorial

Rarely do I gush. But gush I do over my Eufy Cordless Stick Vac. Can’t help it, she’s just that amazing, handy. Eufy serves well in our home, office, garage and alas, my husband’s woodworking shop. Eufy needs to be emptied and cleaned often or she will stop picking up all the stuff you need to be picked up. If your Eufy isn’t working as well as it did in the beginning, this photo tutorial is for you. If you do not own a Eufy, you will soon once you see how easy this is. Just 20 minutes start to finish.

Plan a Staycation Now!

This summer, a cash shortage need not eliminate the idea of a family vacation. Clever and creative parents can turn time off work into an amazing vacation experience, without leaving town. The idea here is to take a stay-at-home vacation or a “staycation.”

Best Inexpensive™ Dishwasher

These days you won’t find a dishwasher with an expected lifespan of 20 years. The best we should expect from new dishwashers is 8 to 10 years, which is by design. Industry insiders call this “planned obsolescence.” And we have to assume that those will not necessarily be trouble-free years. It’s sad but true. With that being said, I do have some really good news—and a solid recommendation, which may surprise you.

End-of-Life Preplanning Brings Joy and Peace of Mind

Planning for their parents’ end-of-life expenses is about the last thing adult children want to deal with. At least not right now. However, I want readers to know that there are pitfalls in prepaid funeral arrangements which they need to know about in order to avoid falling into them. When it comes to pre-paid funeral plans, buyers need to be aware.

5 Rules to Grow Rich

At the tender age of 11, I made a solemn vow that when I grew up I was going to be rich. My plan was simple: Marry well. I bless the day I married my husband, a man who is rich in character and unfailing love. I assumed his money would follow.