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The Five Legal Documents Every Adult Must Have

It was quite possibly the longest day of my life. For more than six hours we sat in front of an attorney who questioned us about everything imaginable.

This was an attorney who specialized in Living Trusts and Estate Planning. And for this misery, we paid $2,500.

The very thick document does include for both of us the five legal documents every adult must have, but still … $2,500.

Good News: You can handle all of this legal document preparation yourself—all five of the must haves docs.

You can download Quicken’s WillMaker Plus 2019, for either Windows or Mac for just $40 (during August). That’s a deal!

So let’s see … $2,500 or $40? That’s what I call a no-brainer decision.

The specific five legal documents plus the Coupon Code you’ll need to get that $40 deal are in today’s post. I’ll see you there … ~ Mary xo

My Hate-Love Relationship with a Cast Iron Skillet

I really don’t know where I got the thing. It may have been a wedding gift. What I know is that I tried to use that cast iron skillet without success and I mean not even a little bit. Food would become hopelessly stuck to it and burned beyond recognition. If it wasn’t turning out charred fare, it was growing a fine coat of rust.

The good news is I rescued it and now more than 40 years later, my favorite skillet and I have quite a love thing going on.

Have a great weekend!

~ xoxo Mary 😍

Crash Course for College Freshmen

All around the country, newly-minted high school graduates are heading off to college. They’ll be taking a lot of things with them, but financial literacy is not likely to be one of them.

If I could spend a little time with these awesome students, this is what I would attempt to cram into their heads, then pray that it penetrates their hearts.

Truth be told, it’s not only college freshman who could use a crash course in how to manage money … right?

Happy Tuesday, Everyone. We’re off to Calif., older grandson in tow. Universal Studios Hollywood, here we come!

dLove, Mary

The Best Fresh Corn Tricks Ever Plus More Great Reader Tips!

Last week’s mail certainly proved my theory that we have the best expert community going on here at Everyday Cheapskate. Even better, we’re willing to share. As an added bonus, three of today’s tipsters included photos with their tips!

You’re going to love this … !

Make it great day ~ Love, Mary xo 😍

11 Money Savers That Will Pay for Themselves Over and Again

I have to admit to being a bit of a gadget freak. I’m drawn to tools and devices that do cool things. And when I discover “cool” includes also paying for itself, for me that turns a purchase into an investment with a guaranteed rate of return.

Here’s a list of eleven gadgets, tools and items I’ve found that can save a lot of money, recouping the upfront cost in less than a year.

Once you’ve recouped the purchase price, these items will continue to save you money—for free!

It’s a beautiful day … to save some money. Enjoy!

~ Mary 👍🏻

Extreme Bargain Hunting: The Best Time to Save on Everything

Over the years, I have learned an important lesson about getting the best deals on just about everything. Extreme bargain hunters have something in common: timing. No matter what they’re trying to save on, they’ve got it down to a science, knowing specific days (and even the exact time of day) when a bargain is at its […]