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Greed? Not Good

When Gordon Gekko, the main antagonist in the 1987 film, Wall Street declared in no uncertain terms that “Greed is good!” people flocked to the theaters. And cheered.

Please don’t base your belief system on a movie line that might have been memorable and entertaining, but is dead wrong.

Greed is a problem not a positive characteristic. So how can we rid ourselves of greed? All that in 4 pretty simple steps from my own life in today’s post. See you there …

Love, m

A Family Countdown to Christmas

If you’re a little put off by the mention of Christmas this early in the year, hear me out. I’ve got a great idea for how you can really enjoy the season, bless your children or grandchildren and start a new family tradition all at the same time.

I guarantee that the kids in your life are going to love you for it, too. But it requires some amount of preparation. That’s the reason it may appear that I’m rushing things a bit.

Have a terrific weekend, everyone!

~Love, Mary 🌨🎄🎁

Where There’s a Will it May Be Worthless

I, along with so many fans, mourned the recent death of Aretha Franklin, such a giant in the world of music. But I was shocked to learn she did not have a Will or any kind of Trust. Her attorney stated that he constantly asked her to do that, but she never got around to it.

Aretha’s four sons have filed a document listing themselves as interested parties, reports say. I hope they’re prepared for the long and arduous rollercoaster ride that settling her estate will be.

The four of them—along with all others who choose to contest—will share in her estate but only after attorneys take their share in fees, which will be nothing short of shocking.

On the same day as Aretha’s memorial service, I heard from Bettye

I hope Bettye’s letter will prompt you to check your own peace-of-mind. ~ Love, Mary

A Wedding from HEL

Did you happen to catch the episode of The Dr. Phil Show on weddings? One couple was having a major disagreement over the cost of their impending nuptials and came to Dr. Phil to help them find a solution.

He has $2,500 in savings, she has none. That’s not so bad, I thought. At least they are talking in terms of cash.

And then the bride dropped the bomb.

I hope Dr. Phil does a follow-up show on this couple because I want to know what happened! See you there …

xo Mary

P.S. I loved all of your responses yesterday! I can tell that dollar stores are not something new to many of my readers 🤑

14 Things You’d Be Smart to Buy at the Dollar Store

At least a couple of times a week, someone will ask me what I miss most about living in California. That’s certainly understandable. After all, we lived there for 47 years before pulling up roots and relocating to Colorado.

My usual response is “Not much!” But, truth be told there are two things: Good pizza and 99 Cents Only Stores. While I’m still searching for a decent pizza, I’ve discovered other dollar stores near me to tide me over until 99 Cents gets smart and opens a store in my neighborhood!

A dollar store is the place I go when I need something to last just until the end of the party—or through the next holiday. Dollar stores are where I match quality with need. If I don’t need it for long (think: disposable), I sure don’t want to pay a lot for it. Today I have 14 things you’d be smart to buy at a dollar store.

It’s a school holiday here, so we’re taking our two grandsons to … the Aquarium (again!). They love that place, it’s fairly close and we have annual passes. Seems like the perfect thing to do on this very cold day (it’s 16 F. as I write!) But the amazing Colorado sun is shining (as it does 300 days a year on average), so it’s bound to be a good day.

Enjoy the day wherever you might be.

Love, Mary ☀️🧜‍♀️🐠🐬