Senior couple relaxing in camping folding chairs, sea landscape

Gift Ideas for RV Owners, VanLifers, Campers

Looking for some great campervan gifts for friends or family members who just got their new van, are more seasoned RVers or serious campers? Check out these ideas, sure to please anyone living the dream!

Senior couple relaxing in camping folding chairs, sea landscape










bereky travel water filterBerkey Water Filters


We no longer need to carry bottled water, which saves a lot of space in our van we named Vangie. This travel-size Berkey Water Filter fits under the sink inside the van. When we get out destination it’s easy to carry out, fill up with whatever water is available (we have a 24 gallon water tank onboard we fill with city water, so that is often the source). Even if all we could find is pond water, this Berkey will filter produces amazing purity. While all Berkey products can appear at first to be pricey, once you do a thorough cost analysis, it becomes affordable. Knowing we have safe, pure, clean, tasty water available at all times is an excellent comfort!



camping set up with LavaBox and propane tank and Pico Chairs

Lava Box Portable Campfire

LAVABOX $245.00


There are portable fire pits, but then there is Lava Box. It is better than anything we considered or tested. It’s built from an ammo box and comes with lava rocks. Connected to our 10-pound propane tank, the flame it creates is more robust and higher than all the competition. Made right here in Colorado, we are so happy with this purchase. Check it out.





































































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Senior couple relaxing in camping folding chairs, sea landscape
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