EC Crossword Puzzles 2022 Winners!



EC Puzzle Weekly Winners

Oct 2022

Puzzle #1 — Donna M., Massachusetts

Puzzle #2 — Carolyn Mc., New York

Puzzle #3 — Charles G., Nebraska

Puzzle #4 — Olivia C., California

Nov 2022

Puzzle #5 — Kathy G., Kentucky

Puzzle #6— Paula Mc., New Jersey

Puzzle #7 — Dawn V., Wisconsin

Puzzle #8 — Candace T., Oregon

Dec 2022

Puzzle #9 — Robert M., Pennsylvania

Puzzle #10 — Rachel W., New Jersey

Puzzle #11 — Blake B., North Carolina

Puzzle #12 —

EC Puzzle Monthly Winners

Oct 2022 – Charles G., Nebraska

Nov 2022 – Dawn  V., Wisconsin

Dec 2022



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