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Sometimes home, sweet home can seem like a money pit. But your house and family don’t have to cost you tons for care and upkeep when you use ingenuity, creativity, shopping sense, and savings sense to bring out the best without breaking the bank.

In this category, you’ll find some sweet and sensible ideas, tips and ideas—from how to make your own cleaning products (yes!), wash a down comforter (forget the dry cleaners); the worst and best ways to clean your eyeglasses,  the very best way to kill weeds ( it’s not Roundup) and so much more.

Here you’ll find so many sweet and sensible ideas for making your house a wonderful home with money and time to spare!

companion planting calendula and tomato plants

Natural Pest Control: Companion Planting Strategies for Your Frugal Garden

Companion planting is when you mix plants that bugs don't like with the ones they do. By doing this, you
laptop with chalkboard with hot deals april 2024 piece of chalk best deals

Hot Deals • April 2024

Welcome to April 2024’s best deals! Whether you’re stocking up on household must-haves or treating yourself to a little luxury,
midcentury modern bathroom clean bathroom

The Ultimate Step By Step Guide to a Clean Bathroom in 15 Minutes

Creating a clean bathroom can be tedious and time-consuming, but with these quick and efficient tips, I’ve figured out a
ews you can use top news articles april 2024

News You Can Use • April 2024

Keep up to date with our handpicked selection of April 2024’s top news articles, covering Android’s strategic move to outpace
Amazon Big Spring Sale Teaser with Question Marks

Amazon’s Big Spring Sale: Everything You Need to Know

Amazon’s Big Spring Sale: Everything You Need to Know March 24, 2024/byMary Hunt Guess what? The Amazon Big Spring Sale
chalkboard with hot deals march 2024 piece of chalk best deals

Hot Deals • March 2024

Get ready for March 2024’s best deals! From household essentials to luxurious finds, we’ve handpicked the best discounts to elevate
newspaper headline daily news man reading with coffee mug

News You Can Use • March 2024

Stay informed with our curated selection of March 2024’s top news articles, covering Capital One’s acquisition of Discover, IRS tax
Unrecognizable woman cleaning with vinegar

How to Clean with Vinegar: The Hero of Budget-Friendly Cleaning

Who says you need to break the bank to maintain a spotless home? Buckle up because we're about to visit
BKF cleaning a Stainless surface

Bar Keepers Friend: The Secret to a Spotless Home

Keeping a pristine home doesn’t have to be a daunting task. With the right tools and products, you can achieve
water park bucket dump

Tipping Points

The tipping point is the moment of critical mass, the threshold, the boiling point. It’s that moment when the possibility
hot deals banner

Hot Deals – February 2024

All details were accurate at the time of publishing. Remember things can and do change quickly when it comes to
News You Can Use

News You Can Use – February 2024

2-29-23   Do You Really Need Annual Physical? A growing number of physicians say the value of a yearly physical
Recipe for Grout cleaner

DIY All-Purpose Bathroom Cleaner

Homemade cleaners give complete control over the ingredients, they cost pennies on the dollars, and often work better than commercial
Recipe for Grout cleaner

DIY Natural Granite Cleaner

  This cleaner is superb to get that counter top clean and shiny, and without damaging the sealant!
Recipe for Grout cleaner

Natural Grout Cleaner

  Not fumes, nothing toxic here!
Recipe for Grout cleaner

All-Purpose Heavy Duty Cleaner

  Cheaper, better, faster than anything commercial options in the supermarket!
Recipe for Grout cleaner

Kitchen Surface Degreaser

Homemade cleaners give complete control over the ingredients, they cost pennies on the dollars, and often work better than commercial
Young woman using binocular to search the year just over

The 10 Most Popular Everyday Cheapskate Posts of 2023

Believing that it's always a good thing to look back to see where we've been and to count the blessings—enjoy
French Dip Sandwich

Budget Bites: 15-Minute French Dip Sandwiches

Can't make it to Southern California to indulge in the original, the quintessential French Dip Sandwich? No worries. You can
Makeup Organzier

26 Quality Items to Organize and Simplify Your Life in 2024

Getting organized isn't easy. But staying organized can be even harder. A place for everything and everything in its place. That's
4,000 columns pounded out one at a time computer keyboard

One At A Time And Then There Were 4,000

Today marks a milestone I didn’t think I would pass: four thousand columns, articles, posts, chapters. It’s not that I

Best Holiday Gifts Ideas 2023

  Gifts & Stocking Stuffers: Under $10 Deals Gifts & Ideas for Coffee Lovers Gifts & Ideas Super Fun Stuff
make ahead breakfast casserole recipe sausage egg cheese

Make Ahead Breakfast Casserole Recipe: Sausage, Egg & Cheese

This make ahead breakfast casserole recipe is not only delicious but also a lifesaver for busy mornings or special occasions
decadent breakfast sandwich

Cinnamon Roll Waffle Sandwich Recipe

This is pure decadence—a real treat. And that’s what makes it perfect for Christmas morning. Just know up front: This

Christmas Morning Breakfast Ideas And Recipes

 In the event you could use some suggestions for items that are equal to the day and celebration—but also easy,
Christmas Walnut Toffee

Christmas Walnut Toffee

Straight from the binder of handwritten family recipes I inherited from my mother-in-law, Gwen. She made this without fail every
spiced holiday nuts that are gift worthy

Spiced Holiday Nuts

These Spiced Holiday Nuts are super simple, savory and delicious. Perfect for yours or your giftees' holiday cheese trays!
sugared nuts in a cup

Slow Cooker Sugared Nuts

Delicious and so easy to make these crockpot sugared walnuts are a great snack! The slow cooker does all the

Slow Cooker Chex Party Mix

This classic combination of cereal, nuts, butter, and seasonings cooks in your slow cooker. That means less checking and stirring
Christmas Crack

Christmas Crack Recipe

You can create delicious Christmas treat in just 15 minutes using only 5 ingredients. Great way to feed a crowd
gift baske of homemade treats

Perfect Holiday Gifts From The Kitchen—Easy, Quick, Budget-Friendly

It’s hard to go wrong when giving a delicious, consumable gift. Breads, cakes, cookies, herbed vinegars, flavored mustards, jams, jellies,
White Candy Cane Fudge

Candy Cane Fudge Recipe

This festive Candy Cane Fudge is a smooth and creamy white chocolate peppermint fudge recipe with embedded, crunchy candy canes.
White Candy Cane Fudge

Easy Candy Cane Fudge

This festive 4-ingredient Candy Cane Fudge is a smooth and creamy white chocolate peppermint fudge recipe with embedded, crunchy candy
Gift Guide $10 Deals

Gifts & Stocking Stuffers: Under $10 Deals

Today, 12-15-23, these $10 Deals. Some are for limited time, some while supplies last but all less than $10 as
Christmas Movies collage

Christmas Movie Trivia Quiz to Test Your Festive Film IQ

Christmas, the most wonderful time of the year. For many, it’s a time to spread holiday cheer and participate in
hosting family party without breaking the bank

How to Host a Family Christmas Party Without Breaking The Bank

Most of us, when we think of the cost of Christmas, think gifts. But there are so many other expenses
traditional Christmas chocolate fudge, close-up on a brown

Holiday Fudge Recipe—Sinfully Delicious, Super Easy!

Chocolate fudge always conjurs up two distinct memories: The intoxicating smell coming from the small fudge shop in the town
techiesYoung Asian freelance worker writing on small notebook while working with colleague in coffee shop. Freelancer on workday activity in coworking space with photo filter effect

Christmas Gift Guide: Gifts for Techies

More EC Gift Guides … Gifts & Ideas for RV Owners, Vanlifers, Campers Gifts & Ideas for STEM Toys for Kids

Mashed Potatoes With a Twist

What’s fat-free, cholesterol-free, high in vitamin C, vitamin B6 and potassium, a great source of dietary fiber and dirt cheap?
A Woman With Warm Clothing Feeling The Cold Inside House

Do This to Reduce The Cost To Heat Your Home This Winter

Take these steps to reduce your high heating bills this winter. Experts say if you do this you could reduce
Gift Guide Board Games

Big Board Games Sale in Plenty of Time for Christmas!

If you haven't seen it yet, holiday items have already stocked store shelves. If you're the type who likes to
3-Ingredient peanut sauce noodles

Budget Bites: 3-Ingredient Peanut Sauce Noodles

Broke till payday? No worries when you know how to make peanut noodles with a simple sauce using peanut butter
Home For Sale Real Estate Sign in Front of New House.

12 Budget-Friendly Improvements That Will Boost Your Home’s Selling Price

Selling, soon? You’re about to learn that when it comes to selling a house, you CAN judge a book by

The Ultimate Junk Drawer

Is your stuff really worth what it’s costing you to store it? Everyone thinks their stuff is priceless, but be
A woman cleaning soot from the glass of the fireplace. Homework daily winter routine

How to Remove Stubborn Household Soot, Smoke Film

Lestoil, available in home improvement centers like Home Depot and online, is a powerful cleaner that can be used to
Pouring bleach close up on red background

19 Surprising Chlorine Bleach Uses Beyond Laundry

That jug of liquid chlorine bleach sitting in the laundry room has all sorts of uses that have nothing to
Fresh green celery isolated on white

No More Flabby Celery and More Great Reader Tips

If you suffer the heartbreak of flabby celery, asparagus, and fresh herbs despite your best efforts to keep them fresh
A freshly baked pizza margherita with olive oil, tomatoes, fresh basil, and mozzarella cheese.

National Cheese Pizza Day Deals – Sep 5 2023

This information has expired — check back next year! These deals for National Cheese Pizza Day Sep 5, 2023 could
Young asian boy wear glasses reading book and smiling while lying for leisure on sofa in the room with happiness.

Want to Become a Successful Investor? Channel Your Inner Second Grader

Recently, I was drawn to a book that was simple to read, easy to understand, and quite charming. In How a

Ask Me Anything: Best Cookbooks for Kitchen Newbies | Insuring Fine Jewelry

Here it is, another episode in our Ask Me Anything series where I reach into my virtual mailbag and pull
school shopping

Back-to-School Brings Out Shopping Lists and Fundraisers, Too

Have I been sleeping in a cave for 100 years? Sure feels like it. I just read that as a nation,
Red roses on grey granite tombstone outdoors. Funeral ceremony

End-of-Life Preplanning Brings Peace of Mind

  Planning for their parents’ end-of-life expenses is about the last thing most adult children want to deal with. At least
JCPenney Cotton Sateen Sheets

Best Inexpensive Cotton Bed Sheets for 2024

Let me tell you about my mission to discover the Best Inexpensive cotton sheet sets. It’s been going on for

How NOT to Get Rid of Wasps (and 7 Ways to Do It Safely)

The trendy hack going viral on TikTokto get rid of wasps at home using gasoline is extremely unsafe, if not
ice cooler with drinks and male hands

How to Pack a Cooler to Keep Everything Icy Cold All Day

As the weather heats up, even the most highly-rated cooler may struggle to avoid a meltdown. You can put those
family travel by airplane cheap trips for families

You Need a Family Vacation: Tips and Ideas for Budget-Conscious Travelers

When I was a kid, family travel meant kids crammed into the back seat of a sedan, poking and elbowing
male holding basket of apples

A Guide to Storing Apples at Home: Keeping Them Fresh and Delicious

Apples are a versatile fruit that are as nutritious as they are delicious. In season, apples are among the cheapest

Banana Pudding—Quick and Easy Show Stopper!

  Here it is ... the most decadent, beautiful, quick, easy banana pudding ever. No summer (or any time of
Woman in home office with computer using telephone frowning

How to Make Sure You Never Give Insurance Companies Reason to Cancel You

Insurance is a funny thing. You pay a small fortune to have it. Then, if you have the blatant audacity
Fruit flies are feeding on cut apples on a saucer

These 7 Plants Are Natural Repellents Keep Fruit Flies Out of Your Home

Fruit flies, the common name for drosophila, are perhaps the most annoying of household pests. They barge right in and
Poorly washed dishes in the dishwasher. Integrated Dishwasher with white plates front vew and sad emotion on plate. broken dishwasher machine concept

7 Easy-to-Fix Reasons Your Dishwasher is Not Cleaning Like It Should

Few things are more disappointing than opening the dishwasher to put away its clean contents, only to be greeted by
junk drawer

Update! Kitchen Junk Drawer from Chaos to Calm in 3 Easy Steps (It Works Every Time)

I’m going to go on a limb and assume that you have a junk drawer. We all have one, and

EC Daily Newsletter Archive

Back issues of EC Daily Emails are arranged in chronological order by date, along with the title of that day’s
find iphone subscriptions home screen with apps on wood table

This 5 Minute Self-Checkup to Find iPhone Subscriptions Saved Me a Lot of Money

After so many upgrades over years of using an iPhone, I thought I knew it all. Only recently, I discovered
Sales People in Extended Warranty Class leaning how to Rip Off to increase bottomline

Is an Extended Warranty Worth the Investment? Here’s What You Need to Know

One lovely afternoon, I stopped into a toy store with one of my grandsons to get a little something. Yes,
authentic pico de gallo recipe compulsive chopper vegetable chopper chop wizard

Mary’s Famous Pico de Gallo Recipe

You’ve asked, and here it is—my famous pico de gallo recipe prepared with the help of my trusty Chop Wizard
two women eating in a restaurant

How to Break the Habit That’s Eating Up Your Future

Let’s not beat around the bush. Eating out is eating up your future. It’s gobbling down your present and keeping
seatbelt adjuster

I Gave This $5 Seatbelt Gadget a Test—Here’s My Honest Review

Attention all vertically-challenged adults, teens, children, and all those who love them: The days of seatbelt hatred are over. Seatbelts
hawaiian sliders credit justapinch

Hawaiian Sliders: Perfection in a Bun

A “slider” is a small sandwich that is served in a bun. Typically we think of sliders as small hamburgers,
ingredients to make homemade laundry stain remover

Absolutely the Best Homemade Laundry Stain Remover!

I'm excited to tell you how to make a fabulous, if not magical, do-it-yourself homemade stain remover. Compare this SHOUT

This $10 Self-Sharpening Gadget is Best Thing Ever to Speed Meal Prep

For years, I’ve been relying on a pair of produce peelers. One is red, the other green. Green is for
Ice coffee in a tall glass with cream poured over and coffee beans. Cold summer drink on a light blue background.

How to Keep Your Iced Coffee Strong to the Last Sip

If you dislike the way conventional ice cubes dilute your ice coffee, we have a solution—coffee ice cubes. These ice
measuring spoon on counter with eggs and flour

How Many Teaspoons in a Tablespoon?

Knowing basic cooking measurement conversions, such as how many teaspoons are in a tablespoon, can make a big difference in
ATM Bank Female making a withdrawal

Should You Be Worried About Your Money in the Bank?

On the off chance you haven't been paying attention to world news, several banks in the U.S. have collapsed (
tired depressed young mother too tired to cook in contemporary kitchen

What to Do When You’re Too Tired to Cook

The last thing you need is someone to tell you to get a grip and plan ahead. So I won’t.
important documents every family should keep stack desk home office bright

Important Documents Every Family Should Keep to Be Safe Not Sorry

Not sure which important papers you need to keep? This exhaustive guide (plus the true story you may find difficult

How to Use the EC Print Function

Every post on at Everyday Cheapskate is available to print, save as a .pdf, and/or email.. I will show you
A close up of a woman in glasses looking at the camera, with Question mark

Why Everyday Cheapskate?

It was 1992. We’d been paying down the debt for more than 10 years, and I was sick of it.
penny pinching concept with penny held in vice grips

Think You Might Be a Cheapskate?

Not many people enjoy being called a cheapskate. But I do. I don’t think of it as an insult but
couple planning a year without spending using laptop

How to Stop Living Paycheck to Paycheck So You Can Start Saving

How much you spend matters much more than how much you earn. The money you don’t spend gives you the
Pure water boils in an electric kettle on the table in the kitchen

Best Electric Tea Kettles for 2023

An electric cordless tea kettle has become a must-have kitchen appliance to boil water quickly for tea, coffee, or faster
Food grade diatomaceous earth in the garden

14 Genius Uses for Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth—from Health and Beauty to Home and Garden

Diatomaceous earth is an inexpensive, readily available powder made from the sediment of algae that has been fossilized in bodies

How to Safelist Everyday Cheapskate Daily Email

Want to make sure Everyday Cheapskate daily email reaches your inbox? Safelisting can help! This article will review how to
fraudster pressuring senior couple

3 Simple Steps to Make Sure You Don’t Fall for Investment Fraud

Reportedly, billionaire oil tycoon Robert Belfer has been impacted by investment fraud in three major scandals: Enron’s corruption, Bernie Madoff’s
Best drugstore makeup of all time

Best Drugstore Makeup—Superior Quality, Super Affordable

Drugstore makeup has come a long way in recent years, offering high-quality and affordable options to create a soft natural
Shocked senior gentleman looking at his bills in disbelief cut electricity bill

13 Easy Ways to Cut Your Electricity Bill

Cut your electricity bill without sacrificing comfort or convenience. Check out these 12 tried-and-true tips, tricks and hacks to slash
college grad has moved home to parents and now running up debt

An Essential Guide to House Rules When the Adult Kids Move Back

It used to be that kids reaching adulthood could not wait to leave home to be on their own. At

French Vanilla Cocoa Mix in a Jar

  Whether for gifts or to keep handy in your pantry, this delicious French Vanilla Cocoa Mix is about to
Interior of the Costco store in Tigard Oregon

Even Small Households Can Save Big at Costco

Whether a household of one or a big family, I believe anyone can stretch their money and improve their budget
female cleaning laminate floor with modern spray mop

Homemade Wood and Laminate Floor Cleaner

The great thing about alcohol as a cleaning agent is that, like water, it has a nearly neutral ph—neither acidic
desktop collage concept of Top 10 List of EC Posts

Our Top Ten Most Read Posts of 2022

EC broke all records with nearly 8 million pageviews by 7 million visitors to EverydayCheapskate.com. in 2022. Believing it's always a
mattress topper close-up showing how it attaches to a mattress to make it more comfortable.

The Best Mattress Toppers to Help You Sleep Better

Whether you’re looking for the kind of cushioning that hugs a body, better support, or perhaps just a touch of

40-Day Challenge Day 40

May your day be filled with authentic joy comes not from the outside trappings, but from our hearts. It comes
Hot chocolate with marshmallow and cookies in Xmas setting background. Concept of Christmas holiday. Warm tone. Horizontal

Hot Chocolate Mix

Super creamy, chocolatey—just the way awesome hot chocolate should be—and so easy to make!
holiday hash

Holiday Hash

This quick and easy holiday treat is easy to make. And because this recipe makes so much of it, you
infrared fireplace in living room

How to Slash Your Home Heating Bill Using the Science of Infrared

There is an alternative and more effective way to keep heating costs down without feeling cold. It’s called infrared technology.
young ballet dancers in rehearsal

How to Overstress Kids and Ruin the Family Finances at the Same Time

Experts tell us it is not good for kids to be overstimulated by things or activities. You can simultaneously push

40-Day Challenge Day 31

As Christmas draws nearer, visit your community to look at the lights. You can do this on a night close
Day 27

40-Day Challenge Day 27

Take down your hanging pictures and wall art and wrap them as you would a gift, with paper, ribbon and
Family tradition of playing a game in front of Christmas Tree

Traditions: The Glue That Binds Us Together

Family traditions are the rituals and practices a family shares that strengthen that family's bonds and create lasting memories. Traditions,
Day 21

40-Day Challenge Day 21

  Inventory your mailing supplies including containers for baked goods and packing materials for boxes. Dry popcorn makes great packing material and
day 17

40-Day Challenge Day 17

Finalize your list of gifts to make. Be realistic with your time. Inventory your supplies, create a shopping list and match to
shocked woman with phone

Memorize This 10-Minute House Rescue Plan

The phone rings. Surprise! Long lost friends are in town. They'll be at your front door in ten minutes. You
Day 13

40-Day Challenge Day 13

Rethink fast food or restaurants between now and Christmas. It may be eating up your available cash. Put the money you would have
Dad Writing Family Christmas letter at desk with pen paper and laptop

The Family Christmas Letter

If you can compose a decent sentence and access a few modern-day tools, you have all you need to create

40-Day Challenge Day 10

You probably have enough food in your pantry and freezer to feed your family for a week or two. Plan now to

40-Day Challenge Day 9

A Gift Card is not “just like cash.” A Gift Card buys your recipient store credit, subject to that store’s

40-Day Challenge Day 4

Create a detailed Spending Plan. Identify your categories: gifts, baking, cards, entertaining, travel, etc. Write down the total amount you

40-Day Challenge Day 3

Create your family's "Top Five Holiday Values." Take nominations from each family member, decide on a final list, write them

40-Day Challenge Day 1

Listen You probably would not add a family room to your home without a blueprint, knit a sweater without a
Hand holding dollar banknotes on white background

Sometimes You Gotta’ Bite the Bullet

Some time ago, I posted a poll asking my Everyday Cheapskate audience, “What would you do with an unexpected windfall
Italian Frittata with slices of fresh greens, food

What’s Better and Cheaper Than Eating Out? A Fabulous Frittata!

A frittata is like an omelet but without the fancy pan work. It’s similar to a quiche without the troublesome
Black DRIVE Car organizer collapsible

Best Organizers to Keep Your Car Neat and Tidy

Whether it’s the kitchen, laundry room, garage, car, or basement—getting organized is one thing. Staying organized for many of us
Costco aisle with Christmas gifts trees and decor

This Year Holiday Sales Starting Earlier Than Ever

Holiday creep is real. As Halloween costumes began filling store shelves in August, Starbucks was rolling out Pumpkin Spice Lattes—earlier
play_crossword_banner copy

Everyday Cheapskate Puzzle #2

This puzzle is now closed. All clues for Crossword Puzzle #2 came from EC Daily emails  Oct. 2 – Oct 8,
brown sugar

8 Easy Ways to Keep Brown Sugar Soft (and Remedies If It Hardens)

How maddening to reach for the brown sugar expecting it to be soft and fluffy, only to find a rock-hard
woman renewing her mind

How To Renew and Restore Your Mind

From time to time, it's good to do a mental reset to renew and restore our minds. Try it now,
Red Kitchen Egg Timer In Apple Shape concept 10 minutes to declutter

10 Minutes to Painlessly Declutter and Organize Your Home

If you think organizing your home or getting your personal affairs in order requires a lot of time, you might

Don’t See Inflation in the Restaurant Menu? Look Carefully at the Bill

Times are tough. Inflation is at a 40-year high. Restaurants continue to face budget-busting challenges from the pandemic and labor

Travels With Vangie: Best Camping Gear Including Resources

It’s been two years now since my husband and I decided to stop dreaming and start doing. We bought a
dramatic kitchen upgrade with new peel n stick backsplash

29 Things Under $30 at Amazon That Will Dramatically Upgrade Your Home

These days, as the cost of just about everything increases, the best way to stretch money is to be smart
Man and woman shaking hands above table having negotiated a signed contract.

Everything I Know About Negotiating I Learned to Survive

Think you are not a negotiator? Think again! Every day you negotiate with kids, a spouse, bosses, co-workers, employees, creditors,
all purpose cleaners on the store shelves

Best All-Purpose Commercial Cleaners For Every Place in Your Home

All-purpose cleaners are designed to clean everything from dust bunnies to toilet rings and grease spills. We evaluated many commercial
homemade wasp trap from empty plastic bottle hanging in a tree

DIY Wasp Trap That Really Works and More Great Reader Tips

Are you aware that your health insurance may cover the cost of gym membership? Or that everything you need to
money under lock chain to show concept of retirement account

Thinking About Breaking Into Your Retirement Account? That’s a Problem

Seeing a retirement account as a savings account—or worse, a personal ATM—is super risky. Sure it’s your money, but it’s
Group of kids going to school together.

Back to School, Ready or Not!

Just when we’re getting used to the lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer, the compelling ads tell us it’s time
female using Chromebook on desk

Chromebook Laptops Better Than Ever—Cheaper, Too!

It's no secret that Chromebooks are taking over the computer market. And now they're better than ever—improved functionality and an
family travel airport

Random, Useful, Fun Travel Tips

Whether you’ll be traveling in the next few weeks or have plans for a trip over the Holidays, it’s always
free fun things to do volunteer as family planting trees

11 Brilliant Free Fun Things to Do Where You Live

Got more time than money? No problem. There are so many things fun free things to do where you live
turquoise keurig coffee machine with cream sugar on white countertop

How to Clean Your Keurig Machine and How Often You Should

If your Keurig coffee machine serves up multiple cups daily, you may want to check out this article. While drinking
FASA application, diploma cash illustrating graduating college debt free

8 Strategies to Graduate College Debt-Free

There was a time when I didn’t have much opinion on paying for college with student loans. That was before
Hardwood floor manteinance

How to Clean Hardwood Floors With Hydrogen Peroxide

The finish on hardwood flooring is not fragile, but it is not indestructible, either. Hardwood floors must be cleaned properly
A young mother talking to her sad toddler son inside in a bedroom.

How I Got My Kids to Stop Whining (Me, Too!) in Only 3 Days

The program worked like magic. In just three days our boys became non-whiners just as the booklet's author promised. It

Paying Too Much for Cellphone Service? 5 Ways to Save Money

If soaring costs are getting you down, finding ways to reduce expenses will help keep your head above water and

Vangie is Her Name and Travel is Her Game

To say that the global pandemic rocked the world in horrific ways would be, to put it mildly. We may
USPS Mail stamps postage

Price of USPS Stamps Will Increase July 10: What You Need to Know

Effective tomorrow July 10, the cost of USPS stamps will increase incrementally and continually. This is what you need to
couple with phone and computer checking up on all of their insurance policies and coverage to save money

Sick of Huge Insurance Premiums? DIY Insurance Check-up to the Rescue

From regular oil changes to changing furnace filters and annual trips to the dentist, smart consumers know that preventive maintenance
EC Amazon Shop

Amazon Prime Day 2022—Early Deals and More (EVENT HAS ENDED)

Amazon Prime Day (well, actually two days this year) is July 12 and 13. What follows is everything I know

How to Make Freezer Jam – Easy Step-By-Step Instructions

Step-by-step easy freezer jam instructions and recipes If peak season for peaches, strawberries, and raspberries calls for lots of homemade
Little Girl on Bike with Training Wheels

3 Steps to a Simple Budget that Will Change Your Life

Financial budgets are like training wheels: they help you get moving and offer you confidence as you learn how to
a roll of aluminum foil on white background slightly unrolled and crinkled

26 Ways to Use Aluminum Foil to Save Time Money Make Life Easier

Using aluminum foil to line cookie sheets and to keep a steak hot while you finish getting everything ready to
consignment shop goods of purses, jewelry, shoes

How to Get the Most Cash for Your Unwanted (But Awesome) Stuff

If you're looking for ways to get cash for stuff you no longer need or want, there are a number
Happy young loving couple standing in supermarket

5 Breakthrough Secrets to Cut Your Grocery Bill in Half Now

Even if you never clip a single coupon, you can still cut your grocery bill in half just by changing
clever use of tension rods to organize spools of coloful ribbon

Clever Ways to Use Inexpensive Tension Rods to Organize Small Spaces

Tension rods can perform a variety of functions to corral clutter and get it perfectly organized. Typically used to hang
fruit flies on rotten pears

This is Best Hack for Getting Rid of Fruit Flies Quickly and Effectively

Conventional wisdom suggests that if you are careful to remove every trace of detectable food source, you will have no
weeds growing in sidewalk crack

5 Non-Toxic Methods That Really Work for Killing Weeds

There are a number of effective ways to kill weeds. Some involve chemicals or require digging. The problem with chemical

Make It Yourself: Mrs. Dash Salt-Free Original Blend Seasoning

With this copycat recipe and a strategic collection of spices, you'll be all set to clone Mrs. Dash Original Salt-Free
eyeglasses closesd sitting on closed laptop

Best Places to Buy Eyeglasses Online and In-Store

There are a number of ways to buy eyeglasses, including from local opticians, independent optometrists, optical departments in big-box retailers,
homemade baby formula

Homemade Baby Formula That is Safe, Nutritionally Sound, and Doctor Approved

A quick online search for homemade formula specifics smacked me in the face! Dozens of loud warnings to never even
cleaning window with spray

Once You Use Alvin Corn DIY Glass Cleaner You Will Never Look Back

Alvin Corn is a homemade multi-purpose cleaner that cleans glass, mirrors, and lots more. Its funky name refers to its
citric acid in a bowl with lemons in background on white table.

15 Ways to Use Citric Acid to Clean, Descale, and Restore Just About Anything

For several months running, I was on a tear to discover all I could about citric acid. What I've learned,

Everything You Need to Know About How to Select Store and Freeze Avocados

Avocados are fickle. Sometimes, they seem like they’re ready to eat, and at other times avocados look like they’ll be
Lightbulb and crumpled white paper balls on black background. Successful solution of problem. Think outside the box. Business motivation with copy space. Genius idea among failing ideas metaphor.

No More Sleeping Through the Alarm and More Tips and Great Ideas!

Surprise! Today, instead of sharing tips you’ve sent to me, I’ve decided to hog the entire column to share some

This is How I Cook and Bake Using Free Power from the SUN! 

Many types of solar ovens are available these days, even simple plans to help you build your own. However, Sun

Relax. Deep Breath. Prepare.

If you're one to closely  follow the news of the day, it's easy to fall into a state of worry
DIY pest control homeowner spraying pest control

EC Reader Recommends Effective Option for DIY Pest Control

Disclaimer: What follows is an “off-label” recommendation from an EC reader. Mary Hunt nor any others associated with this blog,
Presidents Day Banner

Deals Worth Sharing This President’s Day 2022

Traditionally, Presidents’ Day has come to mean extreme bargains. In fact, in the past, I have suggested that if you
white bar soap with soap dish on white background

17 Surprising Ways a Bar of Soap Can Make Your Life Easier

If you're a fan of liquid soap for handwashing and prefer to use body wash in the tub and shower,
life insurance concept

12 Things About Life Insurance You’ll Wish You’d Known Sooner

The first rule of buying life insurance: Never purchase insurance from the same person who advises you on the type
Instant Pot with Beans Rice and Fresh Vegetables

How to Fix Instant Pot Slow Cooker Settings

All that said, if you have an Instant Pot, yes, you can use the slow cooker setting to make some
hands on laptop computer surrounded by coffee cookies other comforts

Best Inexpensive Chromebook Laptop Computer

A Chromebook In many situations is much better (and so much cheaper) than a Microsoft Windows or MAC computer because it
Jar and bowl with corn starch on table

Amazing Ways to Use Cornstarch Around the House to Save Time and Money

Cornstarch is a low-cost, readily available, humble miracle found in the baking aisle of just about every supermarket and grocery

Financial Planners 101

Over the past few months, I’ve noticed a growing trend in my mailbox—readers in search of financial planners or advisors.

9 Tips to Make Christmas Morning a Breeze

Early mornings are hard enough, but Christmas morning can easily morph from calm into all-out chaos. But not this year.
Christmas essential oils in small bottles. Selective focus. fresh smell fragrance stovetop simmer

Inexpensive Ways to Make Your House Smell Like Christmas

Enjoy these simple inexpensive ideas to make your home smell like Christmas using the scents of pine, cranberries, cinnamon, oranges
hot coffee near fireplace

A Good Hot Cup of Coffee: Best Inexpensive Coffee Maker

So you like coffee. A lot. Me too. I like it so much I’m a home roaster. And importer. I
Dark hardwood flooring in modern living room

How to Clean Wood Floors to Keep Them Looking Beautiful

Of all the choices in home flooring, wood stands out for many as the most beautiful. Add to that, wood
borax brand name and generic

7 Reasons You Would Be Smart to Add Borax to Every Wash Load

Adding 1/2 cup of borax to every load of laundry will do all kinds of wonderful things to keep your

Homemade Fresh Cranberry Sauce

  No spices, no orange peel, just pure, sweet, amazing cranberry sauce. So easy, too!
air fry guy

What is an Air Fryer? Why You May or May Not Need One

Air fryer recipes are sweeping the nation, but what is an air fryer? How does it work? And most importantly,
semi homemade dinner rotisserie chicken with corn and french fries side dish

Semi Homemade: How to Combine Quick-Service Food and Home Cooking

On those super busy days when you just don’t have time to cook at home but it’s just too expensive
homemade bread

Ingenious Tips for How to Store Bread To Keep It Fresher Longer

Whether store-bought or homemade, is it asking too much for bread to remain fresh long enough to use it up
wadded up sheets bed sheets in dryer

The Solution for Wadded-Up Bed Sheets, Blankets, and Duvet Covers

I've discovered a fabulous solution. Some very smart person has come up with a gadget (made in the USA, yay!)
Hand holding money for buying Christmas gifts. Empty gift list on decorated office table. Top view of Christmas composition .

4 Reasons to Start Planning Your DIY Christmas Now

Brisk mornings, fall colors, pumpkin pie, and apple cider. Autumn is just the best time of year, right? And our

Homemade Carpet Shampoo

This is a homemade cleaning solution to be used in your Hoover SteamVac or other carpet cleaning machine.
Woman cleaning refrigerator

Homemade Stainless Steel Cleaner

You can skip the store-bought stainless steel cleaners, and make your own highly effective cleaner and polish using items you
shiny granite counter top

Homemade Granite Cleaner

Here is my Homemade Granite Cleaner that will not stain nor is it acidic so it will not damage the
Photo of Irish Stew or Guinness Stew made in a crockpot or slow cooker.

Best Inexpensive Slow Cookers

A slow cooker is an ingenious appliance. It’s simple. It cooks slowly. Really slow—like it takes 8 hours to get a
whole roasted chicken

Chicken Still the Backbone of the Frugal Kitchen (with RECIPES)

With the price of beef skyrocketing, now more than ever, chicken continues to claim its place at the backbone of

11 Things Never to Put Down a Garbage Disposal

Most every home has a plumbing system that includes a number of drains. One of those drains may have a
dirty sheet pan

How to Clean Cookie Sheet Pans So They Look New

They come in sizes big and small, rimmed or without sides. We use them to bake just about anything, but

Easy Fixes for the Big 3 Laundry Disasters

What do stinky, yellowed, and crayon-stained laundry items have in common? They're the reason many people write to me. Fortunately,
In-n-Out Burger with fries in the background

How to Make In-N-Out Style Cheeseburgers—Cheaper, Better, Faster!

It happens all the time. Someone asks me if I miss living in California, a question I find truly appropriate.

Our Best Tips and Tricks to Make Fresh Food Last Longer

Has this ever happened to you? You open the refrigerator to pull out salad greens to get dinner on the

How to Regrow Scallions and Other Vegetables from Scraps

At our house, we're getting much better with storing and using up produce. In fact, we've all but completely stopped
Homemade Pulled Chicken Sandwich

Slow Cooker Shredded Barbecue Chicken with Homemade Coleslaw

If you love good pulled chicken (pork, beef) barbecue sandwiches, this recipe is going to knock your socks off. It’s
Professional plumber repairing a broken washing machine, the customer is looking at him, repair service concept

Appliance Maintenance You Can Do Yourself to Prevent Disaster and Save Money

It was Christmas Eve. Everything was ready, our overnight company would arrive in a matter of hours. I opened the
lime green midcentury bathroom clean bathtub

3 Ways to Clean a Bathtub So It Sparkles—While Standing

Cleaning the bathtub is one of those housekeeping chores that's more pain than pleasure for those with health issues that
hands in air to ask questions

Ask Me Anything: Big Bulky Laundry, Cash for Text Books, Who Needs Life Insurance, and More

Another reach into my virtual mailbag—the place where hundreds of questions land every single day! How awesome is that? The
Canned peaches with large pot or canner

The Basics of Home Canning and How to Get Started—Quick & Easy!

One of the best ways to preserve—the method of food preservation that is making a big comeback—is known as “canning.” Canning
campsite at sunrise

19 Hacks to Keep Cool When It’s Super Hot Outdoors

Whatever hot weather adventures you have planned—the beach, pool, campground, or even your own backyard—these cool summer tips, tricks, hacks,
hands in air to ask questions

Ask Me Anything: Baked-On Crud, Window A/C, DIY Floor Cleaner, Shrunken Wool, How to Get Out of Debt, and More!

I've been accused of thinking I have an answer for everything (you know who you are, my dear husband), and
family using mobile devices

7 Simple Ways to Make Sure You Don’t Hit Your Mobile Data Plan Limits

Follow these tips to cut back on your smartphone data habit, track and monitor your usage, and stretch your data

8 Pleasantly Surprising Reasons to Decorate with Houseplants

Experts call it "interior landscaping" and it's becoming increasingly popular not only in homes but in offices and other commercial

Got Dingy Dirty Grout? This Product Will Clean It Like New (It’s Just $1.25)

Dingy, dirty tile grout. It's a vexing problem. I know. I have a lot of tile and grout in my

A Casserole Connoisseur’s Guide to Healthy Substitutions

It's easy to see why casseroles have fallen out of favor with the weight- and health-conscious crowd. One serving of
Sweet Homemade Dark Chocolate Bundt Cake Ready to Eat

Killer Chocolate Fudge Bundt Cake

Just in time for your weekend plans, the most decadent, intensely chocolatey, take-a-sliver-every-time-you-pass-it chocolate cake. Moist and rich, the secret
home maintenance tips collage

Practical Tips to Help with Home Maintenance and Repair

Maintenance costs can put a serious dent in your budget and savings—a dent that’s tough to repair. And while there
Flower market with various multicolored fresh flowers

How to Persuade Cut Flowers to Stay Fresh and Beautiful Twice as Long

Whether they come from your garden, the market, or florist, you can persuade cut flowers to remain beautiful for weeks

How to Make Sun Tea So It is Bacteria-Free and Safe to Drink

A quick Instagram search for #suntea turns up more than 36,0000 results confirming that the summer months are prime time

Mistakes Teach Us What Doesn’t Work

Have you made any mistakes lately? Want to talk about it? Most people don’t. Can’t say that I blame them.
ceiling fan white hot day cool inside

How to Keep Your Home Cool This Summer—On a Budget!

Are you dreading the heat of summer? Relax while you consider these ingenious solutions to keep your house comfortable without
white plastic patio chairs and table

Quick and Easy Outdoor Cleaning and Storage Tips You Can Use

Many outdoor cleaning and storage solutions can be rather expensive, especially when compared to do-it-yourself or homemade alternatives. Here some
women asking common money questions

Most Common Money Questions Women Ask

I recently asked a group of women of all ages to tell me the money questions they most wanted to
Woman with a shopping list at a grocery store with people shopping in the background

8 Things You Can Do Now to Fight Inflation at Home

Nearly everything at the store, from beef and cereal, to fruit and veggies, costs more than it did a year
dry clothes inside clothes dryer

15 Things That Should Never Go in the Clothes Dryer

In the same way that drying clothes outdoors on a clothesline has its limitations (weather, effort, community rules that forbid
kitchen hack uses two glasses of water to test if eggs are rotten or fresh

31 More Kitchen Hacks You’ll Wish You’d Known Sooner

Here is a wonderfully creative collection of tips that spotlight my readers' resourcefulness and intelligence in the kitchen and pantry.
before and after picture of getting clothes organized

18 Clever Home Organization and Storage Tips, Tricks, and Hacks

Organization is an important aspect of any home. And we're quite familiar with the rule: A place for everything and
Hands of employees raising hands to ask question at business conference, focus on foreground

Ask Me Anything: How to Store Potatoes, Adult Children Money Matters, Shrinking Tuna, and More

It’s Mailbag day and time to reach in my a file named ECMailbag. That’s where I save all of the
Couple choosing washing machine, electronics store

Ask Me Anything: Washer Dryer Purchase, Christmas Cactus Care and Feeding

Time to reach into the mailbag to answer a few of the questions from my dear readers. It's kinda' my

Why House Plants Turn Brown and How to Stop It

Not only do houseplants bring warmth and a sense of calm to a home, but it’s also an inexpensive way

How to Get Out of a Supermarket Without Overspending

This is not the first time that we’ve visited the subject of how to get out of the supermarket with
Collage depicting many uses for baking soda

36 Clever and Frugal Uses for Baking Soda (Not Just for Baking!)

You'll find it in small boxes in the supermarket aisle next to flour, sugar, and cake mixes. It comes in
woman distressed job loss

Practical Tips to Follow If You’re Out of a Job

These days it's practically inevitable that you or someone you know will face a period of unemployment. Consider these practical

You’ll Want to Make a Batch of This Effective DIY Upholstery Cleaner

While we have lots of DIY cleaner recipes in our EC arsenal, a good quality, a good reliable upholstery cleaner
spring cleaning house keeping concept

Spring Cleaning Mistakes You Want to Avoid

The sun is shining; birds are chirping, daffodils and crocuses are pushing their way out of their long winter slumber. Suddenly
Fluffy white towels on table with shutter doors

How to Wash White Laundry to Keep It Looking Brilliant

In the same way that there are rules in life for things like how to drive a car, how to

How to Make DIY Dry Shampoo

Listen, we've all gone a few too many days between shampoos. Some of us frequently rely on a good dry
eggs milk cheese on a wood board headed or the freezer

Eggs, Milk and Cheese … in the Freezer?!

I’m sure my supermarket is not the only grocery store that slashes the price on perishable items nearing their "Sell

Homemade Ice Melt Recipes for Steps, Walkways, Windshields, Locks

Got ice and snow on top of super cold temperatures this winter? At least one of these recipes for Homemade
US coins and bills

7 Places to Look for Free Money

It's been several years now since I got a super fun letter from a reader who has developed a hobby
shave foam defog eyeglasses

8 Ways to Stop Glasses Fogging Up

If you wear eyeglasses, I’ll bet you’ve encountered a most annoying problem while wearing a mask—glasses fogging up. That makes
Close-up Of Person's Hand Cleaning Carpet With Sponge

Homemade Stain Remover for Carpet and Laundry

Unlike some other homemade laundry stain and detergent products you'll find here at Everyday Cheapskate, this one is also a
cleaning bathroom sink

Tips to Rescue Rust-Stained Sinks, Pitted Chrome, and Slow Running Drains

Isn't it ironic that the places in our homes that should be the cleanest—the washing machine, kitchen sink, bathroom tub,

The Night Old Faithful Visited San Francisco

Over the past three decades, I’ve logged more than 1.4 million air miles for book tours, speaking events, television and radio shows.
popular new year resolutions - colorful sticky notes on a cork board

How to Guarantee You’ll Stick to Your New Year’s Resolution

So, did you make any New Years' resolutions? Reportedly, half of us do that. Here we are, only hours into
2020 washing away in the surf

The 10 Most Popular Posts of 2020

No doubt about it, we can now say with confidence that hindsight is 2020. There it goes, washing away—the year
black and white cat lying in yard garden

Easy Ways to Naturally Repel Cats From Your Yard and Garden

Check out these simple ways to repel cats naturally so they'll stop using your lawn and garden as an outdoor
hand holding steam generator iron

How to Clean a Steam Iron Inside and Out So It’s Works Like New

Before you toss out that steam iron because it refuses to steam and the soleplate is now sporting a brown,
Woman Keeping Piggybank In Shopping Cart Full Of Groceries

15 Insanely Simple Ways to Save Money on Groceries

According to the USDA, a normal American family of 4, is spending on average, $$1,108.10 a month on food at
female hands typing on white computer keyboard on white desk

Ask Me Anything: Pet Odor, Line-Dried Towels, HOT Cold-Brew and MORE!

Here it is mailbag day, when I reach into my virtual mailbag to read and respond to a handful of
female holding phone with

A Red-Hot Alert from LifeLock Made My Day!

Some days I sit down to write this column and the words pour from my mind through my fingers and onto

Cheap Source for Quality LED Lightbulbs and More Great Reader Tips

Think you can't get a better deal on quality LED lightbulbs? Well, think again! Look at this most unlikely resource
Close-up brown leather wallet stuffed with money

10 Simple Gadgets That Put Money Back in Your Wallet

Start using these gadgets to spend less and before you know it, you'll be giving yourself a tax-free raise.

How to Do Christmas Without Debt

If you are or ever have been plagued by credit card debt, I can nearly guarantee expenses related to Christmas
cleaning salt stains on leather boot with olive oil

Secrets for How to Clean Leather, Cast Iron, and Lots More

It's safe to say we're all aware that Italy is where one would find the best leather. I'd just never
kids halloween fun

Free Printables Make Halloween Super Fun

BOO!! No matter the kind of celebration you'll be seeing this year, these Halloween printables for decorating, playing games, coloring,
old and obsolete cellphone on white background

How to Get the Most Money for Your Old Phones and Devices

It's time to claim the cold hard cash you've been harboring in old phones and devices in your junk drawer.
Woman texting on her smartphone

Best Inexpensive Smartphones Under $400

Today’s budget smartphones have nearly all the same technology and capabilities as their super pricey cousins—some for less than half
toys getting sanitized and cleaned in the dishwasher

Your Dishwasher is a Cleaning Machine for More Than Dishes!

Your dishwasher is a workhorse. It cleans dishes, of course. But you may not have considered so many other things
couple planning a year without spending using laptop

Could You Go a Year Without Spending?

A few years back, Eric and Donna Reed shopped for groceries and household products only once a year. How on
dog and cat in front of white background

Got a Pet Hair Problem? Here Are The Best Tools to Keep it Under Control

If you love your pets but have just about had it with finding their hair everywhere from the couch to
peach raspberry homemade jam in hands of woman

Home Canning: How to Preserve Summer’s Bounty

So, you planted a garden, lucked out when your property included fruit trees, stumbled upon a produce sale you just
Homemade Bisquick biscuits with freezer jam

How to Make Copycat Bisquick Cheaper, Better, Faster!

This is a copycat recipe for Bisquick, but even better than Bisquick, because it includes dry milk, which means that
salt and ice to keep garbage disposal running smoothly

15 Ways to Solve It With Salt and Make Your Life Easier

Sometimes the very thing you need to solve an ordinary household problem is sitting right in the pantry. Take salt
money saving appliances

4 Kitchen Money-Savers That Pay for Themselves in No Time at All

My favorite gadgets, of course, are ones that actually help me to save money and/or time. I’ve been fooled from

How to Organize a Refrigerator

Lately, have you cleaned out your fridge? Once the expired condiments and forgotten take-out containers hit the trash and the
Anker portable phone charger

Best Inexpensive Portable Power Bank and More to Keep You Powered Up

It’s hard to imagine how we’d live our lives without all of the electronic devices we’ve come to depend upon. I’m
DIY plant nanny in a big beautiful flower planter

Going on Vacation? Make Your Own Plant Nanny Plus More Great Reader Tips

Every day I get loads of mail including wonderful notes, letters, and email messages from my awesome readers. Tucked into
Girls bedroom with many toys and purple bed.

How to Get the Kids’ Rooms Organized

With schools in the U.S. schools closing several months before the school year ended and now summer, it does seem
A person reading a book

Top 10 Student Loan Tips for Recent Graduates and Not So Recent Too

Whether you just graduated, you're taking a break from school, or have already started repaying your student loans, these tips
wild rabbit in backyard garden pest repel rabbits

10 Natural Ways to Repel Rascally Rabbits to Protect Your Yard and Garden

As adorable as these creatures are, rabbits can wreak havoc on a lawn and garden. Garden centers, home improvement stores,
reserve shopping grocery cart

Cut Your Grocery Bill in Half Using this Shopping Method

It's no secret that supermarkets and grocery stores purposely design their layouts to entice us to buy more than we'd
Mail and Box

Ask Me Anything: Tamari, Dishwasher Cleaner, Expired Sunscreen, Toilet Rings, and MORE

It’s time to reach into the inbox to answer more questions from my loyal readers—answers to which I suspect might
A person standing in front of a store

The Top 12 Shopping Triggers and How to Outsmart Them

I blame my suspicious nature on my neighborhood grocery store. The store used to be a logically arranged market with
A person sitting at a table using a laptop computer

Ask Me Anything: Mascara Renewal | Robot Vacuum | Ant Killer | Malfunctioning Oven

It's time, once again, to reach into my virtual mailbag to read what handful of my Dear Readers have written.
A stack of flyers on a table

17 Reasons I Won’t Be Competing in Season 45 of Survivor

While I’m certain I could survive in my life with far fewer things than I do now (I have in
A man working on a car

More Creative Ways My Clever Readers Save Time and Money

Sometimes I wonder how Everyday Cheapskate readers discover their handy ideas. I mean, who would have thought something that cleans
Dishwasher and Detergent

13 Reasons to Keep Borax in the House (and Why It’s Safe!)

Recently this desperate message with a subject line Dishwasher Disaster! washed up in my inbox. I came this close to ignoring
empty shelves

Where to Find Basic Essentials When the Shelves are Empty

The disruption to U.S. food supply chains continues to play out in grocery stores and supermarkets across the country. Our
Body Scrub and Coconut oil

5 DIY Body Scrubs to Keep Your Skin Vibrant and Healthy

Skincare professionals out there recommends exfoliating to keep our skin looking vibrant and healthy. While there are plenty of pricey
Background image of shopping cart with fresh groceries

Frugal Food and Grocery Shopping 101

Now more than ever it's time to slash expenses in order to preserve cash. Gasoline, Food, Utilities—the cost of everything
6 pc set white bathtowels

The Best Inexpensive Bath Towels in 2023

When it comes to purchasing bath towels, what do you look for? Price or quality? How long do you expect
A cat sitting in front of a window

7 Common House Plants That Are Pet Safe (and 12 That Are Not)

I love plants, especially beautiful house plants. Healthy, economical plants can make any space warm and inviting—not just for humans,
A dish is filled with pasta

Instant Pot Spaghetti with Meat Sauce—So Good, Easy & Cheap, It’s Insane!

I love my Instant Pot—the greatest time-saving, magic-producing, easy-to-use kitchen appliance known to [wo]mankind.  But I have to admit the
A woman sitting at a table

How to Slash a Family’s Food Budget without Causing a Revolt

The year was 1992. We’d just come through 10 long years of repaying more than $100,000 of credit card debt
A bunch of different types of food, with Refrigerator

27 Things Never to Put in the Refrigerator

Have you outgrown your refrigerator? Thinking it's time to replace it with one that's bigger? Before you do that, take
A close up of a metal pan on a stove top oven, with Dough and Yeast

Homemade Artisan Bread—Amazingly Easy and So Delicious!

Just in time for the weekend—homemade, artisan bread! I'm convinced that anyone with an oven, flour, yeast, salt, and water
female hands signing legal documents

The 5 Legal Documents Every Adult Needs and How to Get Them

There are at least five important legal documents every responsible adult needs to have. This is not difficult nor particularly
A person riding on the back of a car

Drive-Thru, Take-Out, Food Delivery—Is It Safe?

The news is constantly changing as experts learn more about the wicked virus that has invaded our world. Good, reliable
microwave cleaning collage

How to Clean a Microwave Oven

Face it, a microwave with frequent use, whether at home or at work, isn't going to get a thorough cleaning
frugal living concept with money notepad calculator on tabletop

Simple Tricks to Make Household Stuff Last Longer, Stretch Farther

Being wasteful is easy, especially when everything seems to be so plentiful and simple to replenish. Just order more. Or
Dishwasher and Detergent

How to Make Homemade Dishwasher Detergent

There's nothing like reaching for the automatic dishwasher detergent only to find you're fresh out, or you're on your last
box of emergency food

The Emergency Food Items You Need to Stock Up On Now

Life is uncertain. Regardless, every home needs a stockpile of food. It's part of any sensible emergency preparedness plan. You
fearful woman looking out window

How to Keep Calm and Carry On

Life is uncertain. We know that. What we don't want to admit is how quickly uncertainty can morph into fear,

Best Inexpensive Home Security System

Several months ago, we had a serious home security wake-up call with the news of a home invasion in our
A plate of food on a table, with Cornbread

This 65-Cent Hack Has Forever Changed the Way I Make Cornbread

As a Northerner, born and bred in the Pacific Northwest, it wasn't until I was well into my adult years
collage of canopers

The Best Inexpensive Can Openers

Can't anyone make a can opener that's easy to use, does a great job, and doesn't turn into absolute junk
clean white tile shower water running

How to Make No-Rinse Daily Shower Cleaner—Cheaper Better Faster

The only thing better than making my own cleaning products is when what I make turns out to be cheaper,
A green fire hydrant sitting on the side of a road

Yesterday I Turned Back Time

Yesterday I turned back time. Really! I reset my lawn sprinkler timer, which was more than an hour off. It
A person holding a sign

Questions: Double Stroller, Dehumidifier, Car Trash, Lestoil, Rust Spots, Coffee Beans, and More

Have I told you lately about my email inbox? It’s a mess. And today I’m ready to clean it up
gorgeous low-maintenance houseplants that are hard to kill in window

10 Gorgeous, Low-Maintenance Houseplants That are Really Hard to Kill

I love houseplants and I do have some beauties! The truth is I don’t have a green thumb, I just
A cup of coffee on a table, with Napkin and Pen

How to Beat Clutter and Improve Your Life

Getting organized is like dieting. Everyone knows how to do it—you clear out the clutter, cleverly organize what remains, and
senior couple happy to have succeeded new years resolution

Foolproof Secrets to Guarantee You’ll Keep Your New Year’s Resolution

More than half of Americans, reportedly, make New Year’s resolutions. And 88 percent of those resolutions end in failure, according

The 10 Most Popular Everyday Cheapskate Posts of 2021

I can't believe it's 2022—a brand New Year, and a new decade, too! The year 2021 has been an absolute
A glass of tea on a table

7 Festive Holiday Dessert Drinks

It doesn’t have to be a full-blown dinner party to count as holiday entertaining. Why not ask your invited guests
bacon collage

Hands-Down the Easiest Way to Perfectly Cook Bacon

I must admit to a kind of love-hate relationship with bacon. On the one hand, my family loves bacon, which
A fire place and a stove top oven sitting next to a fireplace

11 Things You Should Never Burn in Your Fireplace

If you have a wood-burning fireplace, it's likely that now and then you toss things like cardboard, junk mail, and

Household Substitutes: 11 More Ways You Can Use This for That

Recently as I was halfway out the door, car keys in hand and on the way to the home improvement
mail coming out of computer screen

Ask Me Anything: Scratched Dinnerware, Cosigning Parents, Silent Stylist, Mortgage Write-Off, Yum Rum Cake, and More

Once again, it's mailbag day, when I reach in and pull out your questions. While there are always more than
sugru moldable silicone clay

7 Cheap Gadgets That Make Life Easy—Fun, Too

I am nothing if not a cheap gadget lover. Ingenious items that make my life easier are great, but when
simplify your life wood credenza books bud vase white wall

17 Ways to Simplify Your Life: How to Desire Less

Would you be willing to accept a reduction in pay if you could work fewer hours to spend more time
A person holding a sign

Ask Me Anything: Bed Sheets, Vanilla Extract, Washing Soda, Lestoil, and More!

I just pulled a load of questions from my mailbag, which is really my email inbox, and while I don’t
laundry vignette

6 Ways to Make Safe, Problem-Free, Homemade Fabric Softener, Dryer Sheets

Fabric softeners are designed to reduce static and make laundry come out feeling soft and smelling great. But they can
Multi-ethinic arms outstretched to ask questions

Ask Me Anything: Best Robot Vac, Denim Dye Transfer, Medicare HELP! and More

Happy Labor Day Weekend, Everyone! Once again, it's time to reach into the mailbag to pull out a handful of
Close-up Of Thermostat And Piggy Bank With Eyeglasses On Radiator Against White Wall

Easy DIY Ways to Control The Cost to Heat Your Home This Winter

The headlines are sobering: Home Heating Costs Expected to Skyrocket This Winter Home Heating Costs Expected to be 30-60% Higher
open dishwasher with clean plates in it, focus on dishwasher tabs

14 Things That Should Never Go in the Dishwasher

I have learned the hard way there are certain items that should never go in a dishwasher. They can be ruined or
The wind blows the white curtains across the window smell fresh clean

Simple Ways to Make Sure Your Home Always Smells Clean and Fresh

When it comes to housekeeping, there's nothing quite so lovely as the smell of nothing. That's the way clean is
Set of home kitchen appliances in the room on the wall background. 3D render

15 Appliance Abuses That Are Costing You Money

Sad but true: Modern day home appliances are not made to last for decades the way our grandparents' appliances did.
Be Prepared road sign

7 Things To Do Now to Be Prepared for Disaster

The idea of emergency preparedness is good, but having an idea is not good enough. Where to start? That's where

14 Uses for Old Coffee Grounds That Could Make Your Life Better

If you love your morning cup of Joe, it's a pretty good bet you're throwing out spent coffee grounds on
asking question (1310 × 833 px)

Ask Me Anything: Credit Reports, Storing Potatoes, Deadbeat Relatives and More!

I don’t really have a mailbag but it would be fun if I did. What I do have is a file

13 Surprising Ways to Use Your Coffee Maker

You might think your coffee maker is a one-trick pony—does anything smell more wonderful than a fresh-brewed pot of coffee?
ants building a house

15 Ways to Get Rid of Ants Quick and Easy Using Ordinary Stuff In Your Pantry

Despite how fascinating ants may be, control and management around the home are important for both health and safety reasons.

11 Things You Should Never Plug Into a Power Strip

Whether you live in a house, apartment, condo, mobile home, RV, or dorm room, having sufficient electrical outlets to handle
vintage white slow cooker on white background

8 Surprising Non-Food Ways to Use a Slow Cooker

They’re bulky and take up precious cabinet space, but we’ll never get rid of our slow cookers. They can be
A little girl brushing her teeth

An Ounce of Prevention is Worth Money in the Bank

Today’s topic is not pretty, but unless you have $8,000 earmarked to treat periodontal disease, an ounce of good dental
hot summer thermometer

7 Budget-Friendly Ways to Keep the House Cool When it’s Hot

Have you figured out ways to keep things cool indoors this summer without sending your utility bills through the stratosphere? If
A bunch of items that are sitting on a counter

Stop Wasting Money on Kitchen Tools That Do Only One Thing

Celebrity chef Alton Brown contends that a kitchen tool that does only one job is mostly useless. He calls anything like
Coffee filter

24 Clever Non-Coffee Ways to Use Coffee Filters

It was a dumb mistake. I grabbed the biggest package of coffee filters—a pack of 1,000—only to discover much later
A man and a woman posing for a picture

24 Ways to Chop Your Grocery Bill

It's impossible not to notice that the cost of everything is going up, but learning just how much is quite
A bicycle parked in front of a building

Best Inexpensive Home Dehumidifiers

Recently, lots of readers have inquired about how to deal with high humidity, which can get pretty miserable this time
a fiddle leaf fig whose leaves are made out of dollar bills in a midcentury home low risk investment

The Ultimate High-Yield, Guaranteed, Risk-Free Investment

Mary's investment advice is unconventional, perhaps, but it makes so much sense that she is confident you'll be amazed. When
hands up questions galore

Ask Me Anything: Silicone Storage, Kitchen Gadget, JCPenney Sheets, Dehumidifier, and More

Today’s the day I reach into the inbox and pull out some of your questions and only because I want

Preventive Maintenance is Cheap “Insurance”

It was a Sunday night and the house felt cold. The only way for the Doloski family to keep their

7 Tips to Keep Your Inner Hoarder in Time-Out

I don't know why some of us have such a strong propensity to accumulate, collect, and otherwise hold onto stuff
dishwasher vs hand washing water use

Washing Dishes By Hand vs. Dishwasher—Which is More Effective?

For many readers, handwashing dishes just feels better and something that's hard to let go of, especially for those who
ingredients for natural cleaners

14 Best Homemade Cleaners That Really Work

Items in your pantry like baking soda, vinegar, cream of tartar, lemon juice, and even tea bags, can work as

The One Simple Thing You Must Have in Your Home

My heart was pounding, the smoke alarm was screaming and I was in full-on panic mode. Flames were reaching toward
All the ways to use a regular vaccuum cleaner to get into super tight spaces.

How to Hack Your Regular Vacuum to Reach Into Tight Spaces

Today I want to tell you about an inexpensive, super effective tool I that attaches to my vacuum cleaner's hose
A kitchen with a sink and a window

12 Frugal Laundry Tips That Will Save You A Fortune

If you've ever suffered the heartbreak of stains, unbearable stink, or other kinds of annoying laundry issues—or just want to
fruit flies on oranges

Sick of Fruit Flies in Your Kitchen? Here’s How to Get Rid of Them

Fruit flies are amazing —amazingly annoying! And those disgusting little flies are no match for these super easy traps and potent
gloved hands cleaning a toilet bowl

How Can I Get Rid of This Stubborn Toilet Ring?

Toilet bowls develop discolorations for many reasons that have nothing to do with the quality of the housekeeping ...
A group of items on a table

Surprisingly Useful Ways to Use a Vacuum Sealer

My FoodSaver vacuum sealer is one of my favorite kitchen appliances. I vacuum- seal fresh fruit to extend the useful by
Ceiling fan is rotating at the ceiling of the room. Electric climate equipment.

SOLVED! The Mystery of Ceiling Fan Direction Plus Best Inexpensive Ceiling Fan

That switch! "Forward" spins one way, "Reverse" the other. But why? What for? Counterclockwise in winter ... or is it

4 Easy Ways to Fix Surface Scratches on Glass

Our homes are well accessorized with glass from windowpanes to shower doors, tabletops, and glassware. While glass is both beautiful
organized kitchen drawer

10 Essential Kitchen Tools for an Organized Working Kitchen

Furnishing a kitchen well, if only minimall, requires essential items to ensure the kitchen will be used for cooking and
A pan of food on a plate, with Steak

Best Inexpensive Cast Iron Skillet and How to Love It

I must have been all of 10-years old the day I decided to surprise my mother by cleaning her old
A man and a woman standing in the grass

How to Sell a House for the Highest Price Possible

If you've ever sold a home you've lived in, you already know a little something about stress! If you haven't
Cropped view of female hands peeling cucumber over Food waste disposer machine

18 Critically Important Garbage Disposal Dos and Don’ts

Is there anything more convenient in a kitchen than a garbage disposal? For me, it's right up there with my

Q/As on Auto Leasing, Homemade Detergent, Silver, and MORE!

You should see my email inbox. Yikes! It's overflowing with reader questions, tips, stories, feedback, rebuttals, and all kinds of
A close up of a computer

Ask Me Anything: Online Savings Banks, Opossums, XL Bed Sheets, Stinky Refrigerator, and More

I love to hear from my readers. I encourage you to write to me, and for that, I get hundreds
Worried young housewife and repairman near broken washing machine at home kitchen

Should You Repair or Replace Your Broken Appliances?

You’re worried the washing machine may be on its last spin cycle. It makes a horrible screeching sound and needs
brown leather sofa with pillows of contrasting color

How to Clean, Condition, and Maintain Leather Furniture

When it comes to furnishing your home, it’s difficult to find anything more luxurious and elegant than fine leather. With
person spraying WD-40

WD-40 to the Rescue for Every Problem Around the House

It’s not new. The blue and yellow can is about as familiar as anything I remember growing up. Banished to
papers tax records im a big mess

How to Store Important Documents and How Long To Keep Them

If the paper monster has you buried under an avalanche of receipts, bank statements, ATM slips, investment records, paycheck stubs,
pile of rotten produce food waste in Amerian

Simple Ways We Can Stop Throwing Our Food Dollars Into The Garbage

I’m having a difficult time wrapping my head around this documented fact: Nearly half of all produce grown in the
black glass cook top

How to Care for and Clean a Glass Stove Top

When it comes to kitchen appliances, nothing says modern and sleek like a beautiful new smooth, glass cooktop. And nothing
A close up of a flag

Simple Ways We Can Celebrate Memorial Day

May 29th is Memorial Day in the U.S. this year. I want to challenge you and your family to find
A plate of food and a cup of coffee

How To Make Family-Friendly Finger Foods Kids Love

In less time than it takes you to get into the car and drive to the closest drive-thru, you can
Ants getting into a house

How to Get Rid of Ants in Your Home and Yard Quick and Easy

If the arrival of summer is ushering an ant infestation into your home and yard, don’t panic. You may not
homechef displayed on countertop

How We Use Home Chef to Cut Food Costs

During these times of quarantine, lockdowns, shut-downs, and restrictions, Home Chef has become a godsend for so many families and
kitchen island wood floor beautiful kitchen

How to Clean and Care for Hardwood, Laminate, and Vinyl Floors

Taking care of the floors in your home can be challenging given the everyday conditions of a family and pets. But
A person in a kitchen

How to Clean Gunk and Grime from Kitchen Cabinets

Got grimy kitchen cabinets? Don't think you're the only one. Unfortunately, wood cabinets—painted or natural with a clear finish—are prone to all
Assets - Home Equity An illustration related to home equity, real estate and personal finance.

How to Stop Worrying Your Housing Bubble Is About to Burst

You bought the biggest home they said you could qualify, taking advantage of low rates and creative financing. Who knew
A close up of a hand

14 Readers Share Their Best Frugal Wedding Tips for How to Say “I Do” on a Dime

In nearly 32 years, I cannot recall a single time I've heard from a bride or groom saying they wished
male hands holding plunger to unclog toilet

3 Ways to Unclog a Toilet—Quick and Easy!

No one likes to talk about it, but truth be told it happens. Toilets malfunction. They get clogged. Sure, it’s inconvenient
A woman walking down a dirt road123rf.com

How to Survive an Income Crisis

The news is shocking—millions of people being laid off or furloughed from their jobs is unthinkable. How do we wrap

The Ultimate Restaurant Menu Cheat Sheet

Before restaurant menus ever make it to print, restaurant owners hire menu engineers and consultants to bury super sneaky psychological
Three eggs boiling in pan of water

4 Ways to Boil Eggs So They Come Out Perfect Every Time

Eggs. They’re nutritious, delicious and cheap! And who's not thinking eggs right about now as we head into Easter Weekend!Cooking
cleaning products in a bucket on white table

Favorite Household Cleaners You Can Make for Just Pennies

Knowing how to make cleaning products for pennies rather than spending dollars for them at the store just makes me
toilet paper aisle at Kroger

How to Comparison Shop the Price of Bath Tissue with Confidence

Knowing how to confidently compare the price of bath tissue has become a big topic in light of shrinkflation, soaring
A kitchen with a large window

Make Your Kitchen Look Like New for Around $400 and Some Sweat

I know what you're thinking ... there is no way! A beautiful, well-done kitchen makeover for less than $400?! Yes.

How to Beef Up Home Security on the Cheap

As a kid growing up, I lived in a house with security that rivaled Fort Knox. Every exterior opening was fitted with
Burned on mess in pan before and after cleaning©2019 EverydayCheapskate.com

The Super EZ Way to Clean Messy Burnt Pots, Pans, Casseroles

There are multiple ways to deal with burned on mess challenges in pans and casseroles—most of which will work to
Confused woman doesnt know what to buy in supermarket

You’re Not the Only One Confused by Date Labels on Packaged Foods!

No doubt, you've noticed that some food products come with dates and codes printed on them. Does that mean it
A cat sitting on a chair

11 Everyday Uses for Nok-Out—the World’s Best Odor Eliminator

I’ve used Nok-Out and now its companion SNiPER continuously in my home for longer than 20 years, and have recommended
A woman sitting next to a book shelf

4 Ways to Get More Books for Your Bucks (and Vice Versa)

Got books? If you are an avid reader, I'm going to go out on a limb here and suggest that
Home Chef delivery box filled with meal kit sitting on

Dinner-in-a-Box is Not What I Thought

Dinner-in-a-Box. Seriously? Who in their right mind would trust seafood, meat and produce from some unknown assembly plant, piled onto
A dog wearing a hat and smiling at the camera

A Machine that Gets Pet and Human Hair Out of Carpet Like Magic

How often have you been vacuuming and you turn off the vacuum only to see stray hairs—from your own head
A piece of food, with Bread

Celebrate Good Times … Come On!

Celebrate? With all that’s going on in our world?  You bet. We need to celebrate wherever, whenever, and as often
A close up of a computer

Ask Me Anything: Eufy* HomeVac | Homemade Wrinkle Release | Is DIY Will Safe?

In keeping with the rules of the TV Game Show, Jeopardy, how about I give you the answer, then you respond

The Useful Life of Spice Plus How to Repurpose

When I packed up my kitchen for our big move a few years ago, I was embarrassed to discover what

Best Inexpensive Steam Iron

There's something soothing and instantly gratifying about a good steam iron with a heft of heat and steam gliding back and
female hands holding a one-dollar bill

22 Things You’d Be Smart to Buy at the Dollar Store

A dollar store is the place I go when I need something to last just until the end of the

DIY PooPourri Spray Makes Sure You Always Leave a Fragrance

I have something really fun to share with you today about fragrance, but first a story. About my friend, Herta.
Instant Pot with Beans Rice and Fresh Vegetables

The Best Accessories, Tips, Secrets of Instant Pot Rockstars!

Everyone, it seems, is talking about Instant Pot—the revolutionary electric pressure cooker that for all the hype, promises to turn

How to Deep Clean a Washing Machine—Top and Front Loading (and Why You Should!)

If you assume the inside of your washing machine is the cleanest place in your home because you put detergent
A close up of a plate of food, with Mouse

Ask Me Anything: Mouse in the House | Sheets on the Bed | Interest on Credit-Card Debt

I will admit to having an extreme aversion to mice. They give me the creeps and just knowing one is

19 Clever Ways to Use Bread Bags that Have Nothing To Do with Bread

As you know—and only because I write about it so much—I may as well be president of the Artisan-In-Five fan
A Shocked man holding some documents in the livingroom

Simple 15-Minute Projects to Slash Utility Bills

Outrageously high utility bills got you down? Check out these six simple things you can perform around the house to
A person holding a baby

How to Clean and Restore Carpet Even if It’s Old, Stained, and Disgusting

If you hate your carpet because it's old, stained, and bordering on disgusting, I have great news. There are steps
young girl getting help with gluing back together a broken white vase

These 9 Home Repair Products Promise You Can Fix Just About Anything

Maintenance and home repair are a never-ending reality for just about everyone. But it doesn't have to be painful or
Hand picked a wet wipes in package box, Wet wipes in a woman's hand

27 Ways to Use Baby Wipes That Don’t Require a Baby

Recently, in my never-ending quest to organize my home, I came across the half-full case of baby wipes I’d purchased

How to Use Castile Soap to Make Natural Cleaning Products

From time to time, I hear from readers who have sensitivities or allergies to our beloved Blue Dawn dishwashing liquid.
young casual woman with paint roller sitting on floor and looking at half yellow painted wall

Redecorate on a Dime

Changing your environment can greatly improve your outlook. And it doesn't have to cost a fortune. The key to great
restored cast iron

My Hate-Love Relationship With a Cast Iron Skillet

I really don’t know where I got the thing. It may have been a wedding gift. What I know is
Filter and Furnace123rf.com

Lately, Have You Checked the HVAC Filter?

Do I have a story to tell you—another lesson I’ve learned the hard way so you won’t have to. Truth
sparkling clean dishwasher

How to Make a Dishwasher Perform Like New (Even If It’s Old)

It doesn’t matter how old your dishwasher is. If it will turn on, spray hot water and go through a
Hostel dormitory beds arranged in room

11 Back-to-School College Dorm Essentials and Gear for 2022

It’s been years since I moved into a college dorm room. My memories of college life are both vivid and
DynaTrap and a big pile of dead mosquitoes

9 Ways We Can Wage War Against Mosquitoes—and Win!

Mosquitoes are nasty creatures. They bite, they transmit terrible diseases to people and pets, and have no redeeming value in the
best gadgets collage

8 Super Useful Kitchen Gadgets

There’s just nothing like a clogged drain in a tub, sink, or shower to get the day off to a
Toy r Us

Ask Me Anything: Toys R Us Gift Cards | Percale Sheets | Best Upright Vacuum

Childhood memories ... they can be both comforting and painful. I was reminded of that this past week when we
A woman wearing glasses and smiling at the camera

Worst and Best Ways to Clean Your Eyeglasses

You just paid a small fortune for new eyeglasses. On top of the cost for prescription lenses and fashionable frames,
A woman lying on a bed

Follow Up: Spring Clean Kitchen Challenge

Did you accept the challenge Spring Clean Kitchen Challenge? It’s been six weeks since I wrote about our big kitchen
A man sitting in a car

How Not to Feel Poor on a Fixed Income

It’s no secret that more and more people—especially seniors on fixed incomes—are sinking deeper into credit card debt. Why is

What Happens to My Good Credit Score When I Get Married?

While planning a wedding and their new life together, most couples aren't thinking about how marriage might affect their credit.
Dishwasher and IKEA

Best Inexpensive™ Dishwasher

Just this past week I heard from my dear reader Penny who is frustrated in the face of needing to

16 Surprising Ways Car Wax Can Make Your Life Easier

Chances are good that there’s an old can of car wax hanging out in your garage or basement. Now would
cleaning supplies: cleaning spray bottle with plastic dispenser, protective gloves, sponge

14 Ways to Use Cheap Rubbing Alcohol Around the House and Garage

Rubbing (isopropyl) alcohol is more than a medicinal cooling and soothing liquid for external application. Pour it into a good spray
salad greens in farmers market

The Best Way to Store Salad Greens to Make Them Last Longer

Has this happened to you? You open the refrigerator expecting to pull out the fresh, beautiful healthy salad greens you

My Annual Spring Clean Kitchen Challenge

On the one hand, these days, it can feel as though our lives have been turned upside-down. And right in
crispy skin chicken honey garlic salmon

Two Recipes on the Menu Every Week at My House

There are two meals I prepare nearly every week—Crispy Skin Chicken Thighs and Honey Garlic Salmon. These are my go-tos
Tired cleaning lady on white with spray bottle that won't spray!

Some (But Not All) Spray Bottles are Designed to Fail

Many commercial household cleaning products—glass and window cleaner for example—routinely come in a bottle with a handy sprayer. And that
smoke odor smelly home woman covering nose with bookshelf in background

How to Eliminate Stubborn, Horrible Household Odors—Pet, Smoke, Mold, Mildew

I love the smell of a campfire smoke mixed with the scent of pine trees on a cool summer night. In
A pink umbrella

Best Inexpensive™ Umbrellas

What we should expect are umbrellas that are waterproof, sturdy, and above all, reliable for a decent period of time.

How to Remove Scratches on Stainless Steel Appliances, Sinks, Counters

As sleek and sturdy as it is, stainless steel is not immune to picking up unsightly scratches in the course
Served table for breakfast with toast and fruit, on blurred background

Best Inexpensive Toaster in 2024

A toaster is just about the most basic piece of equipment in a working kitchen. Seems pretty simple, doesn't it? And
Woman washing produce in kitchen sink

How to Make Highly Effective Fruit and Vegetable Wash

To avoid illness from foodborne contamination, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration recommends washing produce thoroughly to help kill bacteria
3 bottles of Blue Dawn on blue background

Even More Brilliant Ways to Use Blue Dawn

I’m not certain when a subject becomes a saga, but I think we may have crossed over into saga territory
A close up of a hand

Money Leaks That May Be Draining Your Wallet Dry

Stop wasting money on goods and services that don’t matter in the long run and you could see the equivalent
A little girl standing in a kitchen

How to Deep-Clean Kitchen Cabinets and Keep Them Looking Gorgeous

Four methods to get your cabinets clean and gorgeous—plus a bonus for how to keep them looking that way!
A close up of text on a black surface

My Journey Into the Dark Web

I got up very early on Groundhog Day so I could be among the first to know  Punxsutawney Phil’s prediction
Woman with stinky shoe

It’s a Smelly World Out There—Thank Goodness for Nok-Out

Nok-Out and I met quite by accident. In searching for ways my readers could deal with offensive odors, we found
garage sale

9 Secrets of a Successful Garage Sale

Whether your goal is to purge your home of stuff you no longer need or you want to raise some
chicken tortilla soup

How to Turn Those Leftovers into Awesome Homemade Soup (Recipes!)

Soup is a great frugal, potentially delicious meal that can successfully be made from leftovers. It’s a great way to

That Bed Sheet Pet Peeve, How to Soften Hard Water for Laundry

It may not show up in The Top Tens Biggest Pet Peeves (yes, there is such a thing), but getting
old family photos in brown cardboard box

How to Organize Old Family Photos Without Losing Your Mind

Old family photos. We sure can’t get rid of them. But we’re not quite sure what to do with them,
stinky ashtray

Help! My Apartment Stinks Like a Stale Ashtray

What do vacuum sealers and apartments that smell like a stale ashtray have in common? Absolutely nothing other than these two

Keep Kitties Out of the Kids’ Sandbox

Pop Quiz: What looks like water, is certainly inexpensive, has a pungent odor but is not toxic (in fact you
A group of people posing for the camera

Ask Me Anything: Formica Restore, Silverfish Relief, Party Pressure

Recently, I reached into the pile known as my mail and pulled out a great question, “How can I restore
Bed in a box

Best Inexpensive: Mattress, Bed Pillows, Duvet Cover

The idea to buy a mattress online and have it shipped to your home is still rather mind-boggling. It seems so

25 Remarkable Ways to Use Blue Dawn Outside the Kitchen

Take a look under the sink where you keep your cleaning products. See a bottle of Blue Dawn Dishwashing Liquid?
Countertop and Kitchen

The Case for Quartz Countertops

In a previous post, I suggested to a reader that quartz countertops would be a good choice in her quest
water filter made sparkling clear water filling drinking glass

Best Inexpensive Water Filters | Pitcher, Under-Sink, Countertop

Having some method for the water you drink and cook with pass through a water filter is the best way
percolator coffee pot sitting on table

Ask Me Anything: Why is Dip-It No Longer Available, Laminate Floors, Unscented Dawn

Growing up in Boise, Ida. (shout out to all my Gem State readers) my parents had a percolator. I can
A glass door, with Hard water

Surprising Trick Removes Stubborn Hard Water Stain from Glass Shower Doors

Got stubborn hard water marks and stains on your shower doors that simply will not budge no matter what you
A table with wine glasses

Best Inexpensive Dinnerware, Drinkware, Stainless Flatware

Recently, when one of my staff turned 30, I quipped that I have dishes older than he. It’s true. Sometime
heated mattress pad

Heated Mattress Pad: Effective Cozy Way to Cut Winter Heating Bills

Until several years ago, I didn’t know something called a heated mattress pad even existed. It makes sense since I’d lived
A large bed in a hotel room

Best Inexpensive: Towels, Sheets, Mattress Pad, Down Comforter

Here they are—Mary's updated picks for the Best Inexpensive bath towels, sheets, mattress pads, and down comforters!
US Pennies shiny new

16 Facts and Uses for the One-Cent Piece That are Worth Every Penny

For some people, pennies are so annoying, they don’t even bother picking up strays that end up on sidewalks and
A group of people sitting at a table

Ask Me Anything: Vacuum Cleaner and Home Chef Packaging Material

In elementary school, I was one of those kids who would get so excited raising my hand and jumping up
flank steak sliced on wood platter

Flank Steak So Tender and Delicious They’ll Think It’s Filet Mignon

From time to time my supermarket runs a special on beef flank steak. It’s a very lean piece of meat,

Take My Mobile Phone, Please!

Recently, I inherited a new-to-me iPhone 6. It’s lovely, I’m grateful but I didn’t really need a new phone. My
Lightbulb sketched on a chalkboard

Take the Sag Out of a Closet Rod and Lots More Clever Tips and Tricks!

A sagging closet rod is so annoying but minor compared to clogging up your entire apartment building's plumbing system. Both

Ask Me Anything: Toilet Rings, Co-Signing Student Loans, U.S. Census

Last week we kicked off a new feature, Ask Me Anything, in which I invite you do just that. Lots of readers
eufy robovac 11S black vac on wood floor showing how it picks up debris

The Best Inexpensive Robot Vacuum (It Really Works!)

Vacuuming sucks. Literally. One year, my idea of giving our adult sons robot vacuums for Christmas was intended to help them with that
A close up of a logo

Ask Me Anything | Power Dissolver, Deck Cleaner, Hotel Rooms

As you may know, and only because I mention it so often, I get a lot of mail. And up

Magical Solutions for Challenging Situations

Sometimes it's the most unusual thing that turns out to be the magical solution for a  household problem. Things like a
A bird sitting on top of a tree

Make Your Own Natural Non-Toxic Ant Spray

If you’ve ever had to deal with an invasion of ants, you may know the meaning of exasperation. While the
gardening dirt and tools

How to Make Dirt: Compost 101

Some home gardeners call it "black gold." I understand, it is truly that amazing. But really, it's just dirt. Rich,
A desktop computer sitting on top of a desk

Best Inexpensive Computer Printers

With so many technologies and capabilities available, choosing a printer isn’t easy. And don’t assume you’ll find the perfect printer
Instant Pot Duo

Instant Pot Quick Start Guide: Best Tips, Recipes, and Accessories

Instant Pot comes with an owner manual and recipe book. Both should be considered required reading but honestly, I found them
Black and Decker Handheld Vac

Still The Best Inexpensive Cordless Handheld Vacuum

Can't anyone make a decent cordless, handheld vacuum cleaner that is convenient to use, holds a charge well, runs for
A bunch of food sitting on top of a wooden table

Dinner-in-a-Box is Not at All What I Thought!

Over the past year or so I’ve been hearing a lot about a new way to get dinner on the table.
Surprised man looking at store receipt after shopping, holding a paper bag with healthy food. Guy in the kitchen. Real people expression. Inflation concept.

Highly Effective Food Cost-Cutting Strategies for Every Lifestyle

Ever wonder why you never have enough money to consistently save some of it for emergencies? I'm talking about consistent,
Gift and Retail

Many Happy Returns

What to do with three extra coffee grinders and charming needlepoint “Puppies in a Basket” throw pillow—gifts received and much
oman shredding a piece of paper

How to Protect Yourself from ID Theft and Why You Should

Identity fraud is a serious issue as it is responsible for the theft of $112 billion stolen from Americans in
An open laptop computer sitting on top of a desk

Chromebook Laptops Better Than Ever—Cheaper, Too!

Only a few months ago, I told you about what was happening in the world of Chromebook—a laptop computer that
A piece of luggage sitting on top of a suitcase

How to Clean and Condition Leather

There’s nothing quite so lovely as soft, supple, beautiful leather. I’ll take it in a handbag, shoes, car seats, jackets,
Open dishwasher with white clean dishes after washing in modern scandinavian kitchen. Clean kitchenware in open dishwashing machine.

7 Things You Need to Know About How to Clean and Operate a Dishwasher

If your dishwasher is not turning out beautifully clean, cloudless, spot-free, sparkling dishes, pots, glassware, and flatware—without handwashing them first—don’t
induction cooktop GE-Cafe

Are You Ready to Make the Switch to Induction Cooking?

I have to tell you that receiving the message in today’s post put the biggest smile on my face. Induction
man inspecting HVAC system filter

How Often Do You REALLY Need to Replace Your HVAC Filter?

The dirtier the HVAC filter, the less efficient the system can be—and more likely to develop problems. According to the

Best Inexpensive Sewing Machines

Turning 7 years old is a big deal on its own but for me it was even better because I

How to Create the “Dirty Denim” Look

Are your teens hounding you for the hot look known as “dirty denim?” Okay, so you like it too. I won’t
vacuum sealer

Best Inexpensive Vacuum Sealer and Best Room Humidifier for DIY Fumigation

What do vacuum sealers and apartments that smell like a stale ashtray have in common? Absolutely nothing other than these two
A couple of people that are wearing glasses

The Simple Science of Eliminating Bad Odors

Some of my fondest childhood memories have the name of my sixth-grade teacher written all over them. Mr. Migaki loved
closeup of female hands pouring hydrogen peroxide into a clean cloth

31 Remarkable Ways to Use Hydrogen Peroxide to Improve Your Life

In today's post I've identified 20 ways to use hydrogen peroxide around the house. Something tells me I may have
scary halloween vignette of pumpkins and ghosts

Spooky Tales of Scary Tricks Waiting to Be Played on You

Blood-curdling stories, tricks. and treats are all part of Halloween fun. But the last thing we expect are spooky tales
Ugly, grimy, black lines on carpet that are from filtration soil

How to Clean the Dirty Edges of Carpet

My Dear Readers ... Dark, shadowy, dirty lines on the carpet along baseboards, under doors and draperies, along the edges,
A double bed in a room

For the Love of a Good Steam Iron

While it’s true that life is uncertain, there’s at least one thing of which I am very sure: I will
A house with trees in the background

DIY Copper Cleaner That is All Natural, Non-Toxic

There are so many good reasons to make your own household cleaners. It’s cheaper, healthier and greener, too. The homemade household cleaners I share
kitchen with green painted floor

The Best Way to Clean a Painted Wood Floor

A message in my inbox this week came from Joan who asked, “What is the best way to clean a
A close up of a keyboard

How I Book Really Cheap Travel

Recently, while packing up files and expense records, I came across a file for a  business trip that could have
collage showing bedbugs in bed on sheets and mattress

Bedbugs: How to DIY to Get Them Out and Stay Out Naturally

Got crawling insects like centipedes, spiders, bedbugs, ants, silverfish, cockroaches, fleas and all other creepy crawlies trying to take over
A person using a laptop computer

Super Inexpensive Chromebook Laptop Gets Another Rave Review Plus More Reader Feedback

Somedays I stare at my email inbox the way a meteorologist stares at a barometer. While the meteorologist counts on
A close up of electronic equipment

You Paid How Much for Your First Computer?!

I just read something that made me laugh out loud—mostly because it’s funny, but also because it is poignantly true.
Stinky kitchen sponge

Ask Me Anything: Smelly Sponges, Linx Stick Vac, Wood Cleaner, Kids’ Savings Accounts and More

Once again, it’s time to reach into my inbox and pull out a handful of questions from you my dear
free stuff resources on computer screen with bright window background

3 Free Life-Improving Resources

If you are generally wary of free stuff, I’m right there with you. Most of the time, I’ve found that
A close up of a tree

Immersion Therapy for Mobile Phone Droppers

A mid-west sewer authority did a study and came up with data alleging that 19 percent of people admit to
counter top covered with prepped ingredients for once a month cooking

Cook for a Day, Eat for a Month

The title, Once a Month Cooking, made me laugh. Cook once a month? I didn't need a book to do
DIY muffin liner homemade tulip baking lavender cutting board shadows

DIY Tulip Muffin Liners: A Genius Hack for Perfect Muffins Every Time

I'm about to give away all my secrets for how to make muffins that are so great your friends and family will
A flock of birds flying over a beach

10 Ways to Say I Love You That Don’t Cost a Dime

Long ago in my stupid days I went nuts with credit cards. I ran up a 6-figure debt over a
A plate of piles of various spices used in making a taco seasoning blend.

How to Make Taco Seasoning Mix and What to Do With It

Seasoning packets from the supermarket may be convenient, but they have drawbacks—not the least of which is they’re relatively expensive!
A person posing for the camera

Easy Ways To Boost Your Income

Of all the people I know and love, I can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t welcome a small income boost
American Freight Sears Outlet Store showing discounted appliances

How Does $500 Sound in Exchange for a Scratch or Dent?

DEAR MARY: I love your columns that I read in our local newspaper. We need to purchase a new washing
Shark vacuum collage 3

How to Clean a Shark Vacuum and Why You Should

I'm pretty sure you know by now just how much I love my Shark vacuum cleaner. And given all the
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Best Space Heaters (That Won’t Burn Down the House!)

The most efficient and easiest way to reduce your home heating cost is to heat only the rooms that are
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Give Your Washing Machine This Extremely Critical Check-Up Now

As wonderful as a washing machine is when it comes to saving time and effort, it can also be a

Top Ten Signs a Website is Not Legit—It’s a Scam!

Every day millions of people get sucked into Internet scams and tricks that end up costing them dearly, something I
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Solved: Laundry Problems, Mistakes, and Mysteries

Laundry challenges come in every size, shape, and intensity. Giving up tossing that item into the rag bag may not
Filling up a glass with clean drinking water from kitchen faucet

Do I Need to Drink Filtered Water or Is the Tap Okay?

These days, a trip to the grocery store requires nerves of steel. The cost of everything, it seems, is soaring.
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Perfect Homemade Vanilla Extract

Every year about this time I start scrambling for gift ideas for my long list of friends, neighbors and colleagues. I
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Now is a Good Time to Join a CSA for Your Health and Wealth

Being a savvy consumer means a lot of things. It can refer to a person who knows how to get
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How to Give Yourself a $2,000 Raise in a Hurry

If there’s one thing that I love about you, my loyal readers, it’s how responsive you are. Sometimes you like
woman stressed out waiting for things to return to normal

What to Do While You Wait for Things to Return to Normal

Every moment that you mourn the passing of the way things were, is a moment lost in the present. Concentrate

How to Make Ugly Soap Scum, Mildew, and Water Marks Disappear Like Magic

When all three messages landed in my inbox on the same day, the problem of soap scum, shower mildew, and
Young girl geting help with fixing a broken vase

19 DIY Non-Toxic Natural Pest Control Recipes and Solutions

When asked by friends what to do for their flea-infested home, I grabbed my collection of natural, non-toxic pest control

The Scoop on Free Ice Cream

Is there anything better than ice cream on a hot summer day? Well, yes there is—FREE ice cream! And I’ve
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The $150 Starter Kitchen

For less than the cost of a week’s worth of restaurant meals, I can show you how to set up

How to Keep a Keurig Coffee Maker Making Coffee (Even if You Think It’s Broken)

If you own a Keurig coffee maker and if it started out brewing a full cup of coffee then turned
coffee carafe before after cleaning with salt and ice

Try This Old Restaurant Cleaning Trick

Ever leave the coffee pot on overnight only to wake to a blackened, disgusting, burnt-on mess? Can't get rid of the
cut cucumber in plastic wrap to extend useful life

Cucumbers in Plastic Wrap, and More Great Reader Tips!

It’s universally understood that a red flag means to stop or some variation of caution. A green flag, on the

The Story of Soilove

Everyday Cheapskate participates in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for
high gas price, arm and leg

17 Ways to Cut the Price of Gasoline

Only a few months ago I paid $1.87 a gallon for gas in Thornton, Colo. That's less than half what

How to Buy Carpet—What You Need to Know to Make the Perfect Decision

It’s not something you buy every day. But when it’s time to buy carpet, you'll want to know your stuff.
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Help! I’m Too Tired to Cook

Some time ago, I got a letter that took my mind back to the years when our boys were small,

How to Give New Life to an Old Eyeglasses Case

Recently, I dropped off several out-of-prescription eyeglasses at a Walmart Vision Center, just one of many collection centers around the country

It’s Only Too Late if You Don’t Start Now

I love to knit. That is not to say that I am a fast knitter or even that good at
A kitchen with a lot of furniture in it

Dreaming of an Organized Garage

I really like an organized home. When things get all chaotic and messy, I find that my mind kinda’ gets
quick dinner recipe italian cheesy meatball bake casserole dish

Quick Dinner Recipe: Italian Cheesy Meatball Bake for Busy Cooks

Got unexpected guests or need a quick dinner idea? Look no further than this Italian Cheesy Meatball Bake recipe! Easy,
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Hope and Help for Troubled Debtors

Dear Mary: A year ago, I emailed you about the mess I was in with payday lenders. Although I had