A large bed in a hotel room

Best Inexpensive: Towels, Mattress Pad, Down Comforter

In my lifetime, I have spent way too much in an attempt to furnish bedrooms and baths with high quality towels and bedding. What I have discovered through a lot of trial and error is that the price does not always guarantee great results.

A large bed in a hotel room

Today I want to tell you about my picks for the Best Inexpensive bath towels, mattress pads and down (the real deal) comforters.


I’m sure you won’t be surprised to learn that when it comes to towels, my husband and I are picky. They can’t be too thin, but not too thick either. Towels need to be highly absorbent, 100% cotton. We’re not into bath sheets, preferring our bath towels to be somewhere around 30” x 56.” They need to be soft but not too soft, so as not to give an invigorating rub down following a hot shower.

I want towels that launder well—able to handle hot wash, vinegar rinse, and a high-temperature dry with wool dryer balls. We stick with all white linens, so our towels need to be able to handle an occasional bit of chlorine bleach.

My pick for Best Inexpensive bath towels is JCPenneys Liz Claiborne Luxury Egyptian Hygrocotton Loops 625 GPM Bath Towels hand towels, and washcloths. These are amazing towels. They do not shrink, launder beautifully and look gorgeous hanging in the bathroom. These towels come singly or in sets and in a choice of colors, including white.

Mattress Pad

Don’t be surprised when I tell you I am picky when it comes to mattress pads. I want them to fit well, like a fitted sheet with elastic all the way around that hugs the mattress tightly—and can accommodate a deep mattress plus a topper, if that ever becomes necessary. It needs to be soft and quilted to hold the filling in place so it doesn’t get all bunchy.

After a few expensive disappointments, I’ve discovered the mattress pad that fills the bill well at an inexpensive price.

Hanna Kay Extra-Deep Hypoallergenic Quilted Mattress Pads are fabulous and come with a 10-year warranty. I have these on all of the beds in our home. Our guests routinely compliment us on the very comfortable beds and how well they sleep here. Great sheets plus a great mattress pad and luxury down comforter come together to offer wonderful, restful sleep! Twin ; Queen; King.

NOTE: I launder these mattress pads in hot water, but dry them on low. Dryer Heat has a way of destroying the elasticity, which is what makes these pads fit so well.

DOWN COMFORTER. Speaking of down comforters, they’re not that easy to find these days since the invention of “alternative down.” I am not a fan at all of fake (aka polyester) manmade alternatives. I want the real thing—soft, natural, dreamy, cloud-soft down.

Pacific Coast makes the best down comforters, in my opinion, and they do this right in the U.S.A. I love that. Over the years, we’ve tested several weights and find that we prefer the light weight 300 thread count 550 Fill Power option.

This comforter is heavenly. It’s sewn through in a box construction so the down stays put. It doesn’t bunch up at the bottom, and the fuzzy little feathers cannot escape, either. Beautiful construction!

The nature of authentic, real down is that it keeps you cool in the summer, warm in the winter. Ahhh … pure luxury.

Pacific Coast Light Weight Comforter 300 Thread Count 550 Fill Power Down: TwinFull/Queen; King.

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  1. barbifi fiasc says:

    On your recommendation I purchased Lands End Supima towel sets. They were utterly disappointing. After 4 or 5 washings the hemmed edge was coming apart. They never became very absorbent. The bindings were puckered (improperly sewn) and the color was not as expected. Much too expensive to be such low quality. I could sew the edge and hope they would improve over time but decided to send them back. No free return shipping, but at least they accept the return even 3 months after my purchase.

  2. Beverly Roe says:

    By the way, we love our bamboo sheets this summer. They were a gift, so I don’t know where they were purchased. But they are so light and cool.

  3. Jenny Gallo says:

    So do you have opinions/recommendations for heated mattress pads and/or electric blankets also. Michigan winters deserve these!


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