A car can be a money pit as well as a time-waster, guzzling cash out of your bank account and demanding extra hours of your time for maintenance. But by taking a few preventive measures and making smart moves with your time and money, you can make this four-wheeled resource work best for you every day.

From articles about Easy Ways to Cut Your Gasoline Costs, to 10 Ways to Make a Vehicle Last Twice as Long to No More CarPayments: How to Buy the Car of Your Dreams with All Cash this information will help you over the long haul. Some of these tips will even start to work before you leave the driveway!

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It’s Called ‘Hypermiling’ (Would You Go This Far to Save Gas?)

Hypermiling is a method of increasing your car’s gas mileage by making intentional changes in the way you drive. Sure,
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10 Purchasing Mistakes Keeping You Broke and in Debt

We Americans love to shop and spend money, don’t we? We feel entitled to have what we want right now
Protection of car with cheap car insurance

The Cheapest Car Insurance

Any car insurance company's cheapest premiums are generally the minimum coverage required by your state. This liability insurance covers property
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How to Detail Car Interior Using These Homemade Cleaners

Remember that pristine, fresh, clean feeling of slipping behind the wheel of your new car? Cleaning the interior of your car
Auto detailing of car interior on carwash service. Worker in gloves cleans salon with brush

Wash, Clean, Detail Your Car and You Can Keep $150 In Your Pocket

When you think of spring cleaning, you probably think of your home. But what about your car? It has served
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10 Things You Can Do to Make a Vehicle Last Twice as Long

Most cars and trucks are built to last far longer than we can imagine. And when all is said and
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No More Car Payments: How to Buy the Car of Your Dreams with All Cash

Let’s say that tomorrow morning you wake up to discover that overnight—gulp!—your car was destroyed beyond repair. You’re not covered
Question and Family

Ask Me Anything: Plastic in the Oven, DIY Spreadable Butter and More

I love my overflowing inbox filled with questions from my dear readers. What I don't love is not being able to
Before and after the leather seat cleaning service

How to Clean, Restore Dirty Stained Leather

Do you know what I love? Learning insider secrets. I'm not talking tabloid headlines, fake news, or conspiracy theories, which
Hand with microfiber cloth cleaning car headlight covers.

How to Remove Cloudy Film from Headlights Covers Plus More Great Reader Tips

Well, you’ve done it again! You clever readers have come up with another batch of fabulous ways that all of
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Simple Secrets to Buy a Car All Cash

An automobile is a major purchase—becoming more "major" all the time as prices for new and used cars are skyrocketing.
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How to Eliminate Odor of Gasoline Spilled Inside Family Vehicle

A message showed up in my inbox that made my heart sink. I couldn’t help imagine what it would be

When Driving a Lemon is Easier Than Getting Rid of It

Dear Mary: We have an aging car that is a lemon. We are keeping it going with bailing wire until
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The Cheapest Way to Own a Car

There is nothing quite so expensive as a brand-new car. There are times, rare though they be, when financing a new
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17 Ways to Cut the Price of Gasoline

Only a few months ago I paid $1.87 a gallon for gas in Thornton, Colo. That's less than half what
Drive trash bin

The Best Inexpensive Car Trash Container

I’ve always thought that a car should come outfitted with some kind of incinerator that sucks the accumulation of trash