Clothing and Accessories

Keeping the family in quality threads is no mean feat these days. However, there are countless ways to stretch your clothing and accessories dollars while keeping a closetful of the latest fashions for every season.

From How to Remove Yellow Armpit Stains, to 7 Secrets for How to Make Jeans Last Longer  to Back to School Clothes Shopping, these articles provide some great ways to look fine with an eye on the bottom line.

how to clean suede shoes man cleaning mud from work boot

How to Clean Suede Shoes and Keep Them Looking Sharp

Suede shoes are a timeless fashion statement, but let’s face it: they’re not the easiest to keep clean. Whether it’s
female hands typing on white computer keyboard on white desk

Ask Me Anything: Groupon, Super Stain, Annoying Birds, Surprise Fees and More

My virtual mailbag is turning up questions and situations that I doubt are exclusive to only the writers. We all
Group of kids going to school together.

Back to School, Ready or Not!

Just when we’re getting used to the lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer, the compelling ads tell us it’s time
clothes shopping in clothing store 50 percent off sale rack

Spend Less, Dress Better: No More Back-of-the-Closet Mistakes

Cutting the cost of clothes is less about finding bargains and more about knowing what to wear, where to buy and when
consignment shop goods of purses, jewelry, shoes

How to Get the Most Cash for Your Unwanted (But Awesome) Stuff

If you're looking for ways to get cash for stuff you no longer need or want, there are a number
Fluffy white towels on table with shutter doors

How to Wash White Laundry to Keep It Looking Brilliant

In the same way that there are rules in life for things like how to drive a car, how to
laundry day with clean clothes on hanging rack and dryer in the background

Two Easy Recipes for Wrinkle Release Anti-Static Spray—Cheap, Easy

Unlike myself, not everyone I know loves to iron. I guess I’m crazy that way. There’s just something soothing, calming
shoe repair

Shoe Repair It’s More Than You Think

To some people, a cobbler is a lovely fruit dessert, best served warm. To others, it is a shoemaker who
kitchen drawer full of coffee mugs

7 Common Clutter Problems and How to Solve Them

Clutter. It's a problem for lots of us and not because we're slovenly or have hoarding issues. The problem is
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Ask Me Anything: Credit Reports, Storing Potatoes, Deadbeat Relatives and More!

I don’t really have a mailbag but it would be fun if I did. What I do have is a file
A kitchen with a sink and a window

12 Frugal Laundry Tips That Will Save You A Fortune

If you've ever suffered the heartbreak of stains, unbearable stink, or other kinds of annoying laundry issues—or just want to
Six pairs fashionably faded blue denim jeans neatly stacked

7 Simple Secrets to Make Jeans Last Longer

These days, jeans seem to rip and fall apart long before their time, a problem with simple solutions for how to

How to Remove Yellow Sweat Stains—It Really Works!

Yellow armpit stains on white shirts are a problem if my inbox is any indication, which I believe it is.
Cotton fabrics close up

This is the Most Reliable Way to Eliminate Mothball Odor in Fabric

I love fabric and fine textiles of all kinds, but mostly I love cotton—cotton yard goods, sheets, towels, and cotton quilts.
A group of people sitting at a table

Back-to-School Clothes Shopping

Your money is limited and time is short. Here is my best advice to make sure back-to-school clothes shopping doesn’t
woman removing clothes and towels from clothes dryer

This is Why You See Dryer Lint—You’re Drying Your Clothes to Death!

See all that lint in your clothes dryer trap? Yikes! It's proof-positive your clothes and linens are wearing out prematurely