Health and Beauty

Whether you want to look good or just to feel better, reaching your beauty goals traditionally comes at a significant cost. But not if you’re a dedicated cheapskate! While medications and beauty products you use must be safe, there’s no reason that you have to pay exorbitant prices to ensure such quality.

Here are some fascinating and functional tips for saving time and stretching costs on skin and hair products, straight from our most popular posts: Best Inexpensive Skin Care Products,  Stop Making These 5 Costly Hair Mistakes, and The Costly Mistakes You Make with Your Choice of Shampoo.

Cetaphil anti aging bundle

Cetaphil’s New Anti-Aging Collection: A Review

Say goodbye to pricey serums and creams and hello to Cetaphil's Healthy Renew collection. In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore
Blond little boy having a haircut at hair salon

Be Brave and Save … on Haircuts!

If you or someone in your family could use a haircut but you’re a little short on cash this month,
Food grade diatomaceous earth in the garden

14 Genius Uses for Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth—from Health and Beauty to Home and Garden

Diatomaceous earth is an inexpensive, readily available powder made from the sediment of algae that has been fossilized in bodies
eyeglasses closesd sitting on closed laptop

Best Places to Buy Eyeglasses Online and In-Store

There are a number of ways to buy eyeglasses, including from local opticians, independent optometrists, optical departments in big-box retailers,
centerpieces featuring cranberries

9 Fabulous Ways to Use Fresh Cranberries Starting Now and Throughout the Year

Fresh cranberries are available in supermarkets and grocery stores from October thru December—a very short season! Stock up on fresh

8 Pleasantly Surprising Reasons to Decorate with Houseplants

Experts call it "interior landscaping" and it's becoming increasingly popular not only in homes but in offices and other commercial

How to Make DIY Dry Shampoo

Listen, we've all gone a few too many days between shampoos. Some of us frequently rely on a good dry

How to Liquefy Crystallized Honey and Best Way to Store It

It's discouraging when you reach for the honey, only to discover it is no longer a smooth liquid, but all
shave foam defog eyeglasses

8 Ways to Stop Glasses Fogging Up

If you wear eyeglasses, I’ll bet you’ve encountered a most annoying problem while wearing a mask—glasses fogging up. That makes
chicken noodle soup

The Healing Power in Chicken Soup

How to make simple, rich, hearty, healthy and flavorful chicken soup in about 50 minutes—from scratch!—start to finish.
Body Scrub and Coconut oil

5 DIY Body Scrubs to Keep Your Skin Vibrant and Healthy

Skincare professionals out there recommends exfoliating to keep our skin looking vibrant and healthy. While there are plenty of pricey
Womans hand cleaning smartphone screen with alcohol. Concept of Cleaning dirty screen phone for disease prevention from virus Covid-19.

How to Clean Your Phone and Why You Need To Do It NOW!

I don't mean to gross you out, but here's the truth: It's 10 times dirtier than a toilet—and you're touching
Image and Cleaning

How to Make Disinfecting Wipes

To prevent the transmission of the virus, pandemic experts are saying that we must ensure that our hands are free
fearful woman looking out window

How to Keep Calm and Carry On

Life is uncertain. We know that. What we don't want to admit is how quickly uncertainty can morph into fear,
A glass, with Hand sanitizer

Can’t Get Your Hands on Hand Sanitizer? Make Your Own

My mailbox has filled up the past couple of days with letters from readers who find themselves on the verge
a collage of makeup products from the drugstore

Best Inexpensive Makeup to Replace M.A.C. Favorites

Overall, I figure that I’ve cut the cost of makeup by more than 60%—without sacrifice—by switching to what I consider
A couple of people that are standing in the grass

How to Improve Your Life: Join a Group!

Joining a group is one of the best ways to reduce stress. A church, athletic team, or support group—anything that
diy white teeth beautiful model hand on face

DIY White Teeth—It’s Safe, Cheap, Easy!

What's the one thing most of us want to change about our smiles? It's the whiteness of our teeth. DIY
A person smiling for the camera

Finally the Mystery of Hair Conditioners Solved

Hair conditioners fall into general categories according to what they do and the problems they solve. Using the wrong product for

14 Uses for Old Coffee Grounds That Could Make Your Life Better

If you love your morning cup of Joe, it's a pretty good bet you're throwing out spent coffee grounds on
pickles in a jar and a bowl

16 Brilliant Reasons to Stop Throwing Out Pickle Juice

A friend asked if she could borrow some pickle juice. Huh? Who keeps pickle juice? The purpose of pickle juice
Confused woman doesnt know what to buy in supermarket

You’re Not the Only One Confused by Date Labels on Packaged Foods!

No doubt, you've noticed that some food products come with dates and codes printed on them. Does that mean it
A cat sitting on a chair

11 Everyday Uses for Nok-Out—the World’s Best Odor Eliminator

I’ve used Nok-Out and now its companion SNiPER continuously in my home for longer than 20 years, and have recommended
apple cider vinegar small image

20 Surprisingly Effective Ways to Use Apple Cider Vinegar

It makes a terrific vinaigrette for salad, but apple cider vinegar (ACV) is good in many other ways around the
A woman looking at the camera

Stop Making These 5 Costly Hair Mistakes

No one knows your hair better than you do. But is it possible that in your efforts to keep it
spa day at home mother daughter manicure hot rollers on couch

DIY Spa Day at Home: 6 Easy Treatments to Pamper Yourself

If you don’t happen to have an extra hundred bucks to enjoy a day at the spa, don’t sweat it.
male using Blue Dawn shampoo in the shower

A Most Unusual Frugal Use for Blue Dawn Dishwashing Liquid

There are days when I open up my mailbag and have to sit down because I'm laughing so hard. Some
A woman surveying the apples in a grocery store

Three Apples a Day to Lose Weight

Now, while apples are plentiful and super affordable, it's a good time to save some dough. And you'll be saving
drugstore hair care products aisle

Best Drugstore Hair Products—Superior Quality, Super Affordable

From time to time I see these products at stores like Walgreens, King Soopers, Target, Walmart, but never all of
A close up of a flower pot

19 Surprising Ways Epsom Salt Can Improve Your Life

I can recall vividly—and count on one hand—the migraine headaches I’ve had in my life, all of them before age
affordable skincare products bright white bathroom mirror woman washing face

The Best Skincare Products Recommended by My Dermatologist (Surprisingly Affordable!)

If the high-price of quality skincare is enough to give you a rash, good news. You don't have to spend
A close up of a girl smiling for the camera

The Costly Mistakes You Make With Your Choice of Shampoo

There are lots of myths out there about shampoo and hair care—and here's the truth to counteract them!
Redhead with messy hair covering her face with hands

A Very Bad Hair Day

Apparently, my hair is my life. Believe me, I am as surprised by this fact of vanity as anyone. Had
wool dryer balls hand placing into laundry dryer

How Wool Dryer Balls Really Work to Save Money and Protect Family Health

A previous post, on why laundry softening products are a real problem continues to strike a chord with thousands of readers.
laundry softeners collage

Commercial Fabric Softeners are the Problem (Here is the Solution)

When it comes to doing laundry, most of us are prone to overkill. We want beautifully clean, brilliantly white, soft,
closeup of female hands pouring hydrogen peroxide into a clean cloth

31 Remarkable Ways to Use Hydrogen Peroxide to Improve Your Life

In today's post I've identified 20 ways to use hydrogen peroxide around the house. Something tells me I may have
Healthcare cost concept using US Dollars with white medicine pills spilling from medicine bottle.

8 Easy Ways to Slash the High Cost of Prescription Drugs in 2024

If you haven't heard, you'd better sit down for this: The cost of prescription drugs is increasing at more than
Stinky kitchen sponge

Ask Me Anything: Smelly Sponges, Linx Stick Vac, Wood Cleaner, Kids’ Savings Accounts and More

Once again, it’s time to reach into my inbox and pull out a handful of questions from you my dear
natural healthy female nails and hands

How to Break the Acrylic Nail Habit and Help Your Nails Recover Beautifully

Anyone who's ever had acrylic nails knows that they absolutely ravage your natural nails if removed incorrectly or worn for
Handsome man at dentist's office in clinic

Put a Beautiful Smile on Your Face with a Dental Savings Plan

Dental Savings Plans are membership plans, similar to the way a person becomes a member of Costco, pays an annual
Filling up a glass with clean drinking water from kitchen faucet

Do I Need to Drink Filtered Water or Is the Tap Okay?

These days, a trip to the grocery store requires nerves of steel. The cost of everything, it seems, is soaring.
Beauty and Manicure

Simple Secrets for the Perfect Home Manicure

I wish I had all of the money I’ve spent over the years on salon manicures. It would be quite

Think You Can’t Eat Healthy on a Budget? Sure You Can!

I could almost feel the panic in Barbara’s message. It seems that her teenage son has taken up bodybuilding and
A close up of a person wearing glasses

All You Need to Know to Get Prescription Eyeglasses Online

Honestly? When I first heard about ordering prescription eyeglasses online, I scoffed. I rolled my eyes. What next? Mail order surgery?
banana and carrot gluten free muffins

The Best Homemade Gluten-Free Muffins

I thought this matter of gluten-free was pretty solid—that some people are truly allergic to gluten, others have celiac disease
Pharmacy and Generic drug

With Generic Drugs, You Gotta’ Speak Up

I want to tell you about a shocking encounter I had recently at my local Rite Aid pharmacy. But first,