Blond little boy having a haircut at hair salon

Be Brave and Save … on Haircuts!

If you or someone in your family could use a haircut but you’re a little short on cash this month, don’t let this challenging economy keep you from looking your best. Check out these tips and tricks for saving cash on haircuts and other salon services.

Blond little boy having a haircut at hair salon


Check out the barbering and cosmetology schools in your area. If you are lucky enough to have one located nearby, you and your family can save as much as 50% to 75% off the cost of haircuts and other salon services, too. Just keep in mind that this is a learning institution so services may take a little longer than you’re used to.

All cuts and other salon services at a school of barbering and or cosmetology, including color, are supervised by a state licensed instructor. These schools welcome the public as students learn their craft and how to service. Honestly, the feedback I’ve received over the years from readers who’ve embraced local beauty schools has been outstanding. Hint: Request an appointment with a senior student. 


Whether your hair is long or short stick with a style that is manageable and low maintenance. This goes for all family members.

Strive for three months

A good haircut can last as long as three months. The more you get chopped off, the longer it’ll take for you to feel like you need another trim. So, be brave and get more off the length to make it last.

 Consider bang trims

If you’re happy with the rest of your cut, it’s worth asking hairdressers about any discounts they offer for a simple bang trim. Some salons even offer complimentary bang trims between haircuts.

Extend the time

Cut back on the number of trips to the barber or hair salon by extending the time between appointment.. Many hairdressers will have you believe that you need a cut every six weeks, but this is may be more to keep them in a job than anything else.

Learn to DIY

Trim your bangs yourself. is loaded with step-by-step tutorials for how to trim your own bangs and others’ too. Search “How to cut hair,” and you’ll have plenty of material to choose from!

Consider a simpler hairstyle

You can try a new style “virtually” first before attempting it for real. The Hair Styler has thousands of haircuts to choose from. How that works: Go to the site, upload your photo, choose a style, and then “try it on!” It’s a lot of fun, and who knows? You just might fall in love with a new simpler style you’d never considered before.


Try skipping the highlights, lowlights, and any other unnecessary hair coloring. Dyeing your hair can be quite costly, often exceeding the price of a haircut. If you keep up this routine along with regular trims, the expenses can accumulate.

While changing your hair color is fun, it’s not a budget-friendly choice in the long term. You might want to think about going back to your natural hair color to see how that works for you financially.


Invest in hair clippers

For $25 or less at a store like Walmart or Amazon, you may be able to eventualy eliminate your family’s trips to the hair salon altogether when you learn the simple skill of cutting hair. You will save hundreds of dollars a year on haircuts—plus time and gas money. 



Start slowly saving on haircuts—perhaps with the kids. Choose basic hair styles that are easy to maintain. Don’t worry! Most clippers come with an instructional video, DVD, and/or manual. And don’t forget You’ll find tons of videos for how to give a professional looking haircut. Follow directions carefully and remember that practice makes perfect. 

Remember, come what may it will grow back!



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Blond little boy having a haircut at hair salon
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2 replies
  1. Sheri says:

    I have been cutting my hair for years and now I have been cutting my adult son hair for a few yrs now and boy does it save money!

  2. Sandra says:

    My husband has been cutting his thinning hair himself with clippers for many years. $15 for the clippers vs. $15 for one haircut. Huge savings! About a year ago I found a beauty school nearby and have been going there for haircuts. $12 per haircut but it does take longer as you said because the instructor checks the student’s work at each step. Now I can afford to go every six weeks to keep it neat looking.


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