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Simple Secrets for the Perfect Home Manicure

Good Morning My Dear Readers …

Yesterday, as my husband and I continue to self-quarantine, I read something that made me laugh out loud. It went something like this … “We’re about three weeks from learning everyone’s trehair color!’ Oh, how true!

I’m not laughing so hard this morning as the reality of vanity is setting in. I know, this is not the time for trivial things like hair and make up. And manicures. Or is it?

I’m the first to admit that when I look good, I feel good. And when I feel good, I do good. Truth. Knowing how to do my own home manicures has a lot to do with that.

I’ve shared this ini past years, but recently updated my routine, including the products I use and the steps I take. Everything I use is readily available on Amazon. If you’re interested you could have all you need in a few days without ever leaving your home.

There are lots of things we can be doing while homebound, and honestly, a fresh manicure is not such a bad idea. It has the ability to lift spirits and contribute to determination to hang in while we get through this. And with any luck, this might turn into a new money-saving habit.

It’s a beautiful day in spite of all the uncertainty in the world. Take heart my dear friends. We will get through this, I’m certain of it. And we will be better for having stayed the course. And learned new ways to be self sufficient.

See you there!

Love, xo m


How to Disinfect Your Phone, Device, Laptop, Keyboard

If there’s one thing we’ve learned in recent days, it’s that our health is closely tied to things we touch throughout the day. And what’s the one thing we touch more than a few times a day? Our phones! Or as the Journal of Hospital Infection refers to them, our portable Petri dishes. It’s not certain […]


How to Make Disinfecting Wipes

To prevent the transmission of the virus, pandemic experts are saying that we must ensure that our hands are free from germs by simple handwashing with soap and water. But sometimes there’s no soap or water to be found!

Apart from handwashing with soap and water, are there other effective options for good hand and surface hygiene for when soap and water are not available? Yes! Antiseptic wipes for hands, disinfecting wipes for surfaces. (Disinfecting wipes, while not harmful, can be harsh on sensitive skin and or when used frequently.)

But good luck trying to find them in any drugstore, market, or even online. Sold out everywhere!

Not to worry. You can easily make your own effective hand wipes. I’ll show you how in today’s post! See you there … and stay safe! Love, xo m


Social Distancing: This is What it Means Plus FREE Printable

This week, in response to the rapid spread of this new global virus, we are being directed to practice “social distancing” immediately, as the only way to slow and reverse the rapid spread of the pandemic. But what is social distancing? What does it mean? Social distancing means reducing close contact between people. The way […]


Can’t Get Your Hands on Hand Sanitizer? Make Your Own

My mailbox has filled up the past couple of days with letters from readers who find themselves on the verge of Purell panic! Purell is flying off the shelves as people are hoarding gel-based hand sanitizers (Purell is just one brand) in response to seasonal virus. My sources report that hand sanitizer has mostly disappeared […]


These Hair Products Guarantee No More Bad Hair Days

A past post in which I wailed and whined about my very bad hair day started it. You may recall how I mentioned volumizing, styling techniques, and a great can of hairspray.

That brought an avalanche of desperate queries, suggesting to me that perhaps I’m not the only one dealing with an occasional bad hair day …


Best Drugstore Makeup Products I Truly Love

For years, my makeup of choice was M.A.C., sold online; at cosmetics counters in high-end department stores and in exclusive M.A.C. stores, worldwide.

It’s been some time since M.A.C. and I parted company and for one reason only—the ever-increasing cost of the M.A.C. line of cosmetics was enough to give me a heart attack!

It took a while, but with considerable research and many trials (and errors), I replaced each of my M.A.C. items with a drugstore product. My criterion was that the replacement had to be cheaper, but of an equal or better quality.

While my new choices are available in drug and discount stores like Walgreens, CVS, Rite Aid, Target, Ulta and Walmart, I order online. I can get everything on this list at Amazon, in a single order. I routinely check and continue to find that Amazon’s prices are very competitive, and routinely cheaper. I have all the details for you on the blog!

See you there … xo m


7 Ways to Cut the High Cost of Prescription Drugs

These days the skyrocketing cost of prescription drugs is enough to give you a heart attack. If medication drug costs have got you down, cheer up! Then check out today’s seven ways you can save money on prescription medications—plus where to get some medicines (antibiotics!) for free. Meet me at the post and I’ll show you how to do that.

See you there! xo m