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3 Ways to Clean a Bathtub While Standing

Cleaning the bathtub is one of those housekeeping chores that’s more pain than pleasure for those with health issues that make bending and kneeling difficult. So hard on the back and knees, that it just doesn’t get cleaned well. Here to the rescue are three very effective and efficient ways to keep any bathtub sparkling clean while standing—even a tub that is deep and or jetted.


clea white bathtub

1. No-Bend No-Kneel

Use this method to deep clean a bathtub while standing so it sparkles!

You’ll need:

✅ Blue Dawn dishwashing liquid

✅ a clean broom

  1. Make sure the broom is super clean or you’re just going to transfer its dirt to the tub and that makes no sense. A new broom you’ll dedicate to bathtub cleaning makes a lot of sense. Check the dollar store.
  2. Get the broom wet, shake it out, and set it aside.
  3. Squirt Blue Dawn around the bottom and sides of the tub, doing your best to hit any visible dirty spots. Using the broom, scrub the soap all around the surface of the tub.
  4. Last, rinse all of that soap, dirt and scum down the drain. If you have a handheld shower wand, use it. If not use a bucket or other receptacle you can fill and wash down the sides and bottom of the tub.

You can substitute another kind of dishwashing liquid, but nothing cuts through grease, dirt, and scum like Blue Dawn.


2. Spray, Walk Away

For the best ever bathtub cleaner, you have to try this Dawn dish soap and vinegar mixture.

You’ll need:

✅  Blue Dawn dishwashing liquid

✅  plain white vinegar

✅  spray bottle

  1. Open the bathroom window or turn on the ceiling fan. Or both.
  2. Add equal parts of dish soap and vinegar to a spray bottle, shake it up, and spray all over the tub and tile—sides, floor, even the faucet fixtures.
  3. Close the door and walk away. Come back in an hour or so (longer if you have really tough stains). Rinse, no scrubbing required.

Look at that sparkling, clean tub!



3. Jacuzzi-type Jetted Tub

Jetted tubs are particularly difficult, as hoses and internal plumbing can harbor mold and gunk that just sits inside—out of reach and out of view—between uses.

Before proceeding, make sure you clean the tub floor and walls using one of the standing methods above. Then proceed to clean the jets and internal plumbing to keep it all sanitary and free of gunk and debris that could be reintroduced into the tub on the next use.

jacquzzi bathtub clean white

You’ll need:

✅  Cascade Complete automatic dishwasher powder

      1. Fill the tub with hot water so that the water level is at least 2-inches above the highest jets.
      2. Add 2 cups Cascade Complete powdered automatic dishwasher detergent.
      3. Turn the tub’s air jets on and let it run on high for at least 20 minutes or until it appears that all debris from the internal plumbing has stopped washing into the tub.
      4. Drain the tub, refill with hot water a second time, at least 2-inches above the highest jets. Turn the jets on let run for 5 minutes to make sure all of the residual dirt and detergent are flushed thru the system.
      5. Drain, rinse well.



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12 replies
  1. Nata Etherton says:

    Mary, I moderate a group of Canadian and American folks with Rheumatoid Arthritis who would really benefit with this information. May I share this with them?
    Thank you,
    Nata Etherton

  2. Mary Norton says:

    I used the vinegar and Dawn mixture at a thee to one ratio on the tub in my upstairs bathroom. I let it sit for 5 hours and then used a broom to scrub. It was a really dirty tub. The results were magical. I will be using this once a month to keep the look.

  3. Anne Hodapp says:

    I started cleaning my tub with a new/clean sponge mop last year! With COVID, I haven’t had my home health aide I have an autoimmune disease, and it feels like an unnecessary risk.) and I was desperate to clean the tub, but didn’t have the energy to do so. That’s when I remembered the new sponge mop head. It conserved energy while saving my back and knees.


  4. randi w. says:

    This post about washing the tub and shower with a broom and Blue Dawn has saved my back and knees if not my life! I clean and flip a huge vacation rental with 6 bathrooms, 5 of which have showers and tubs, one of which is more like a pool. It takes me hours to clean the place with the bathrooms taking the most time. This is what I did to try this out:
    I used the vinegar/Dawn solution (3:1, vinegar/dawn) on 3 of them, and the Dawn alone on 2 to see which worked best. I used a new nylon broom. I sprayed down the vinegar/Dawn tubs about an hour later, and the straight Dawn baths immediately. It helps to have removable hand-held showers to wash down the walls.
    My thoughts: both work well but prefer the straight Dawn mainly due to time. The latter works better for my work load, and you can clean and move on quickly. The outcome is AMAZING!!!! The walls are spotless as are the tubs. They PoP! which is super important in this biz. And it’s easy…No more cleanser or windex or leaning over the tubs. I’ll add that for the straight Dawn method, you don’t need to use very much, just a quick squirt across the bottom of the tub or shower. But like Mary said, make sure you either get the broom wet or squirt down the tub/shower in advance. I do the latter.
    I ended up using the vinegar/Dawn solution ( again, 3:1 ) to clean the bbq’s and covers which were covered in tree goop and grease from use. I just sprayed them off afterwards with water. Again, amazing!
    Thank you for posting this and thanks to whomever it was who thought this up!

    • Mary Hunt says:

      You dare not run the jets “dry” which means the water level needs to exceed the highest jet. Performing this deep clean occasionally is not a water guzzler in the big scheme of things. I’m guessing you don’t use your jetted tub often? This cleaning process would equal to two luxurious baths in your jacuzzi tub.

  5. Pat Turner says:

    In this article you say use half vinegar half dawn, but in previous articles you say 1 part dawn and 3 parts vinegar. It seems like 1/2 and 1/2 is way too soapy. I’ve been using the 1 to 3 ratio and it works just fine.


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