How to Make Ugly Soap Scum, Mildew, and Water Marks Disappear Like Magic

When all three messages landed in my inbox on the same day, the problem of soap scum, shower mildew, and hard water buildup grabbed my attention.

I’ve been told that if one person actually writes to me with a problem, that represents a thousand other readers with a similar situation. True or just slightly exaggerated, either way, three in one day tells me there’s a lot of this problem going on!


Ugly soap scum, mildew and water marks disappear like magic

How do you remove soap scum from shower walls and fl00r—and the hard water spots from shower doors? Diane

My shower mat has turned almost black. I have tried to clean it, but unsuccessfully. Can you help me? Ronnie

We recently remodeled our kitchen with stainless appliances. We have treated well water. The very first week we had a large water stain in the water dispenser area that I can’t get off. It looks terrible! Is there any way to remove it? Help! Pat


Quite possibly one of the best tips to ever land my mailbox came from a guy who is a professional property manager. He handles rental apartments and lots of them. As an apartment is vacated, his job is to see that it is thoroughly cleaned and made ready for the next occupants. 

This reader told me that the biggest challenge is always the bathroom, specifically the tub and shower. He kindly left specific details to my imagination but let me know that “gross” is not strong enough to describe what he often finds.

And that’s when he gave me his super magical potion—the only product he uses to return showers, tubs, tile, enclosures, faucets, and doors to their sparkling clean and sanitized selves.

I gave his unbelievably simple recipe a try. In what has to be more than 25 years since I got that letter (we’re talking pre-Internet, pre-Pinterest … maybe pre-historic), I’ve used nothing else to clean tubs, showers, sinks, toilets, patio furniture—just about anything that will stand still long enough to get sprayed, and can be rinsed easily. This must be rinsed off.


To make your own Tub Tile and Shower Cleaner you will need three things:

  • empty spray bottle
  • Blue Dawn dishwashing liquid
  • white vinegar

Outside soap, vinegar and spray bottle


To make

Pour one cup blue Dawn into a 32-ounce spray bottle; 1/2 cup Dawn if you are using a 16-ounce bottle. Fill the bottle the rest of the way with white vinegar. (Or one-part blue Dawn to three-parts vinegar, regardless of the size of the spray bottle.) Apply sprayer top; shake gently to mix.

Inside vinegar, spray bottle and soap

To use

Spray liberally on the area to be cleaned—shower and tub walls,* floors, doors and faucets. Allow to sit from 30 minutes up to overnight, depending on the severity of the problem. All of the offensive gunk and grime will break down and become soft and gooey. Simply rinse it away. For especially challenging situations—or if this is the initial treatment—use a sponge or brush to gently scrub the surfaces before rinsing.To treat mildew

While this Tub, Tile and Shower Cleaner works to loosen and remove most mildew, if you see a lot of black growth you will want to pretreat with full strength liquid chlorine bleach* before proceeding as above.

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To maintain

Here’s the best thing about this cleaner—if you use it weekly you will never have to scrub again. Once each week I spray down the walls, doors, tracks, faucets, shampoo caddy—everything within reach—with this magical cleaner while I am in the shower*. Before I step out, I use the handheld sprayer to rinse it all away. No scrubbing required. It dries sparkling clean without using a squeegee or wiping down with a towel. And not a watermark to be seen. Simply brilliant! 

By the way, this homemade product works in other areas of the house, too. I’ve used it to remove watermarks that show up on the refrigerator’s in-door water dispenser area (letting it sit for a while then rinsing very well), the sink and faucets, too.

I can’t wait to get your feedback once you give this super simple cleaning and maintenance homemade product a try. Before and after pictures would be great!

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*And now for three important cautions …

CAUTION: Never, ever allow chlorine bleach to come in contact with other products, especially vinegar. This could produce chlorine gas, which is deadly. Don’t panic. Simply make sure you rinse the chlorine bleach away completely before proceeding to clean with this awesome homemade tub, tile and shower cleaner.

CAUTION: Always make sure you are using a non-slip rubber mat in the shower or tub before attempting in-shower maintenance!

CAUTION: Never use this on granite shower walls or countertops as vinegar can damage the sealant that makes granite look so beautiful. Granite needs to be re-sealed annually. Don’t forget! Alternatively, in this recipe, you can substitute rubbing alcohol for white vinegar. Just don’t expect the same dramatic, magical results.

First published: 3-30-15; Updated 4-22-19

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126 replies
  1. Kristina m KInard says:

    This dawn solution did not work on the shower glass.
    Scrubbing Bubbles don’t work.
    Vinegar and baking soda doesn’t work.

  2. Alberta says:

    I have white tiles with a white porcelain tub, glass doors too! I am ashamed to say, I did not notice how bad it was until my husband pointed it out. Internet searches led me to your site last night. I saw the vinegar, Dawn mixture, had it on hand mixed it up, sprayed it and left it on overnight. Today, I rinsed with the intention of scrubbing the tiles and tub but no scrubbing needed. WOW! It worked, thank you.
    I made a new solution and will use it weekly going forward.

  3. Nicki-Brent Woodard says:

    I’m needing to mix up another bottle and couldn’t remember the exact amounts. This e-mail came just at the right time. We don’t use this every day, but when we do, my husband and I will spray the tub down after bathing and the next day it rinses out when we shower, or if he is taking a bath he rinses the tub before filling it. The vinegar smell is a little strong, but you get use to it and it is a great cleaner.

    We also invested in the Shark vacuum you recommend. We bought ours about 2 years ago, and last year when our church needed an upgrade, we bought the same one. The only drawback is it could have a longer cord in the church since we have to vacuum between the pews. We can lift it up and vacuum directly on the padded pews. Cleans beautifully.

  4. Ruth Cox says:

    just used this on top of refrigerator and the microwave (you know that greasy grime that accumulates?) It worked amazing. Other cleaning products left a residue that was just as sticky as the grime. I am soooo in love !

  5. April MacLean says:

    Oh my gosh– what just happened! I read all this with a little eyeroll “ya, they haven’t seen my tub”. We’ve bleached it, magic erasered it…the whole nine yards…nothing. This was so miraculous that at the first swipe I just stared in shock for a minute thinking I must have just hallucinated. Sir, you are a national treasure.

  6. Lia Minelli says:

    I have a walk-in shower with pretty black tiles and black grout on the floor, a contrast to the white/gray tiled walls of the shower. With my hard water and probably soap scum, big blotches of light gray started forming on the black grout. I have tried every cleaning product including vinegar, ammonia, soap & water but can’t get the black grout to stay black! Your solution worked beautifully and the grout is black again, completely removed the residue and was super easy, thank you!!

  7. Jennie says:

    i have dawn and vinegar made up in a bottle under the sink. I fill the $1 dish scrubber with it , it hangs in my shower. I scrub the shower and me in quick bath time routine!

  8. Scott Lyons says:

    Ok, I’m talking about soap scum thick enough to make “curls” if you scratch it with your finger nail.

    Also, the bottom of my “white” shower pan has this greyish dirtyness that won’t come off with any product or amount of scrubbing.

    Will this dawn/vinegar solution work on these things? Thanks!

      • Scott Lyons says:

        Because I wasn’t sure I had any dawn and would have gone and bought it. But I did have it and tried it.

        I wouldn’t say it’s the miracle that everyone else does. But it does work. Noticeably cleaner, but after three applications and lots of scrubbing, there is still dirt and scum.

      • Michelle Lemelle DeView says:

        You need to leave it on for a while for the real stubborn spots, but it does work. The beauty of this is once you finally get all the nasty scum off, once a week spray it all down leave for 20 minutes and rinse. You will seriously never have to scrub a shower door again!

      • Scott Lyons says:

        Well, this was a year ago. I tried this a couple times as I mentioned below, but it doesn’t really get it all. It gets it a bit cleaner, but not the magic I was hoping for.

      • Paul from Noo Zilund says:

        So I’m from New Zealand… we don’t have Blue Dawn. At all.

        So really is any detergent/dishwashing liquid fine for this process?

  9. G.Bobak says:

    I’ve got to agree. The formula is excellent. After trying to find something that cuts through the quick build up of soap scum on our new glass show doors and tile inside our shower and bathtub, without worrying about my lungs being destroyed by chemical fumes, this certainly does the trick. The Vinegar fumes are occasionally a little strong, but I’ve learned to hold my breathe a bit longer. Still no worries about the chemicals. My Arms, lungs, and family thank you!!!

  10. Todd Bryant says:

    This was a bad idea. It may work well to remove hard water deposits, but on my black sink and black counter top it left a white soap scum that was nearly impossible to remove.

  11. Donna Bosink says:

    I would love to use this, but my sister has physical/balance issues and is afraid of falling in the stall shower. I am afraid that the Dawn will make the floors too slippery for her.

    • Mary Hunt says:

      You would definitely want to completely rinse the shower very well before her use. As with any cleaner we should always exercise caution, especially when living with someone who is disabled or other wise physically challenged! I see no reason why your sis’ particular challenge should preclude you using this cleaning method, assuming you exercise good common sense and reasonable caution.

    • Rebecca says:

      I rinsed my full sized shower/ tub enclosure for a total of 5 minutes and it was not slippery. Are you worried about her doing it herself or it being unsafe after it is finished being cleaned? I had no slippery residue (I refuse to use shower mats)

  12. Lesa Marie says:

    I cannot explain how amazed I am that this worked! Our tub was in such bad shape. I spent 45 minutes with straight bleach and only had one small spot scrubbed clean. After two rounds of spray (and a little scrubbing) it is cleaner than when we bought our house 8 years ago! We also have a window in our shower that had terrible black mildew-almost 100% gone after one spray. My advise though- LET IT SIT AWHILE! It’s tempting to want to rinse and see, but the second time I sprayed I waited longer and I got better results.

  13. Tandy Harvey says:

    OMG This stuff is fantastic. I have bought and tried everything. My husband kept saying please don’t use anything else just use the soft scrub in the cabinet. I told him we need to try it. We were both amazed. 2 ingredients could do such a great job. We are now buying a bigger spray bottle to put our new found dream clean product in.

  14. Chrysti O says:

    I use this on my son’s baseball pants. Gets the red clay out as well as grass stains. I cant wait to try it on the shower. Losing my mind trying to get the soap scum off.

  15. Lynn Bradley Clogston says:

    Didn’t have any vinegar on hand but had some dollar store lemon juice that I had been using on rust stains (with salt) so I mixed it with the blue Dawn. Worked very well, even if the acid content might have been a little different. I imagine it wouldn’t keep as long, but might be a good alternative for those who can’t tolerate the smell of vinegar.

  16. Angelique Denner says:

    hi im from Cape Town South Africa. We unfortunately dont have Dawn. Everyone or should i say most South Africans use Sunlight Dishwasher. Im going to try using it with the vinegar and see if it works in my bathroom. i will let u know if it works. ive been trying for months to get hard water marks off my shower doors.

  17. Meg H says:

    This stuff works really well. For five years, soap scum has been building up in my tub. Comet, bleach, scrubbing bubbles, nothing has cleaned it until now. I honestly thought it was impossible to get off. Two applications of this stuff and 90% off the brown scum is gone. My son’s exact word’s “wow! This tub is squeaky clean! “

  18. PattyG says:

    I found Dawn 3X and original Dawn at my store. Which Dawn does your recipe call for? Also, I used your recipe (with the 3X Dawn) on the 13-years-ground-in dirt in my shower, and it worked wonderfully!

  19. ArtW says:

    Will this work on UNGLAZED porcelain tile without damaging it, especially the floor and walls of my walk-in shower enclosure??

  20. Karinna Sanchez says:

    I did exactly as you suggested and it worked beautifully. My bathroom shower never looked better. I will only use this going forward. Thanks again!

  21. Sandee Conn says:

    This sounds great! I can’t wait to try it. I have a cleaning business and the vinegar smell may to too strong for my clients liking….Can I add essential oils to help with the vinegar smell, or will they ruin the effects?

  22. Bob says:

    Hi – All I could find was Dawn 3 in blue – states it has 3x the grease cutting power…should I be using a different ratio of this with the vinegar? Could you guys chime in on how well it works with bathtub mildew? How about shower tile grout mildew? Thanks!

  23. GiftofGalway2015 says:

    This also works as an excellent way to kill houseflies. Just be careful where you spray it. If it happens to be the windows, when you wash it off, you get the sparkly clean results described above. Dilute it in water, wash your dog with it, let it sit a few minutes, rinse it off and the fleas go with it, plus you have a lovely shiny clean dog. Is there anything blue Dawn can’t do?

  24. Jefferson says:

    Dawn contains Methylisothiazolinone. This is a potentially dangerous chemical, and certainly if it is inhaled. When you spray this, unlike using it as it was designed, it atomizes. You will then breathe it in. If you spray this, especially in the confined space of a tub or shower stall, I recommend you use a respirator.

  25. Karen Cutler says:

    I don’t have the strength in my hands to use a spray bottle for the whole shower, so I mixed a big batch in a garden sprayer, pumped it up, and was able to clean two tub/shower combinations in no time. It’s a miracle!

  26. Guest says:

    I’m allergic to Dawn and my husband,doesn’t care that our white shower looks like an abstract painting. Is there something else I can use?

    • Mary Hunt says:

      Try it … just know that the original blue Dawn has a proprietary formulation that P&G keeps secret. I don’t know why, but it’s different in a very special way 🙂

      • Mary Hunt says:

        I’ll give that a guarded yes … with the stipulation that you test it in an inconspicuous place. I’m not certain what “vinyl” walls you’re talking about. So test, assess and if all is well, then go for it! And let us know.

  27. SteveH says:

    Kudos the the gentleman that came up with this concoction, and to you for publishing it. This stuff is nothing short of amazing. It might take a second application for particularly stubborn spots. I used this for the first time today. I sprayed down the tub at lunch time, and let it sit until early evening. Stuff that I would normally have to scrub till my arms hurt using the commercial cleaner and a brush took a minor brushing and came right up. What I like the best is that you don’t need to wear a gas mask or scuba gear while using it. Even my wife’s sensitive nose wasn’t offended in the least by it. Thank you!

    • Jen says:

      LOL… Thank you for this comment. I thought I was the only one who needed a gas mask or scuba gear while cleaning. I hope this product works, because my tub gets seriously neglected and it is gross and embarrassing but I get bronchitis when I clean and am sick with it for MONTHS!

  28. Marilyn B says:

    So Jules (below in thread) asked what do you use on granite. My shower has 2 large glass sides and 2 tiled walls. BUT I have a granite floor in the shower stall. My shower has had 25 years of hard well water. I can see using your formula on the vertical walls but HELP …. My floor of granite is not to have vinegar on it. (I’ll lay towels down)

    • Mary Hunt says:

      This cannot damage the granite itself … but if you are careful to keep it well sealed with granite sealer (once a year is recommended) the vinegar will eat away at the SEALANT. If you don’t care about that, go ahead and use this on granite It will make it dull and even show a kind of haze like unpolished granite!

  29. Sage0925 says:

    Well, just made my first application. The shower wasn’t too bad to start with (spent the day scrubbing it, which is why I’m now on this website), but I have one stubborn corner in the downstairs shower. I hope this stuff is as advertised, because both of my bathrooms are tile, and I don’t fancy having to spend an entire day in each scrubbing it down.

    I don’t ever take anybody’s word for anything on the internet. but I researched other sites and their comments, and seems this is the way to go.

    30 mins later, well, I’ll give you that it’s good with soap scum. Easy removal. Removed some of the hard water stains, but not most, so I’m giving it another go. In defense of this product, though, I will say that I don’t know how long that stuff has been there (just bought the house last September, and I don’t use that shower, and my husband just doesn’t pay attention to that sort of thing), nor how badly the previous owner may have scratched up the tile in attempt to clean it. Does a bang up job on soap scum though, very easy to remove.

  30. Adam Sant says:

    Duuuuude! Thank you! 10 years of soap scum gone!!! We had tried so many products and I found this recipe, we had the ingredients on hand and whipped some up. We doused our (fiberglass insert) shower with it, waited only 30 minutes and all the soap scum that had been so stubborn for years was all jellied-up and gooey and with a bit of gentle scrubbing, it came right off! Like the couple below, we spent the rest of the day marveling at our re-born shower. And all the shower fixtures are free of hard water stains and look re-born as well! Again…thanks so very much for posting the recipe and how to use it!

  31. WW says:

    I followed your directions and it left a white glaze, looked like soap scum. It was worse than when I initially started and it was very difficult to remove. I tried to scrub it off and I tried to scrape it off with no luck. I ended up going back over the tiles in the shower with another shower cleaner, scrubbing bubbles and it helped. Any feedback on what would have caused this?

  32. Joy says:

    We just used this recipe and it was amazing! My husband and I kept walking back into the bathroom all day to admire the long lost white in our tub. He earned years of recognition for finding your post and giving me a “like-new” bathroom. Good for our marriage. 🙂

    • Tracy says:

      I did some checking and found in Europe and Australia, Fairy and Texol brands are the closest. I don’t know if you have those but Dawn is formulated to cut grease and fats from dishes using just a drop or two then people found out it could do tons of other things. I have no connection to the company but do like the brand.

    • Saty14 says:

      Dawn is liquid dishwashing soap — the kind you use when you wash dishes by hand. Dawn seems to be a tiny bit stronger than other brands here in terms of cutting grease, but it does dry out your hands more than other brands too.

  33. Melissa melech says:

    I cant use dawn due to an allergic reaction. Its too harsh on my skin. I have used vinegar to get body oil out of bed sheets. I spary the bad spots with half water half vinegar let sit for a few hours. Then into the wash with more vinegar my normal soap and a little dish soap. I let it soak on the longest hottest setting. Then i wash normal.

    So its no shock that these two works great on bathroom. It cuts through so much. I love vinegar i use it for so many things even fabric softener.

    • Danny Smith says:

      You can use baking soda and vinegar and it works perfectly! Just finished using it in my tub and I am blown away at how clean it is. Feels brand new! Pour some baking soda in a bowl. Slowly add vinegar to it to make a paste. It will foam up like a volcano so pour slowly and let the fizz slow down before adding more. Rub this into the soap scum and let it do its thing for 15 minutes then scrub with a soft brush. Rinse and watch it disappear!

  34. Chippy says:

    I have used all the name brand cleaners, nothing has worked. Even the ones that burn your skin don’t work on my soap scum. I had given up hope – even thinking of buying a new tube! I found this and decided to try. WOW, two treatments and it’s like a new tube. Thank you.

  35. AeshA says:

    Great stuff want to try asap. Just one question. Can I use seventh generation or Castile soap instead of dawn? Just wanted to be lil natural due to my lil one. Thanks in advance.

    • Mary Hunt says:

      Nothing else works as well as Dawn. I wouldn’t waste my time and money on anything other than blue Dawn unless you live in a country where blue Dawn is not available. Procter & Gamble owns the formula and it is carefully held secret. So my best advice is don’t try to improve on perfection. Use blue Dawn.

  36. Annette Krznarich says:

    Thank you! I tried today on our shower which was sooooo bad, I wish I would have taken a before pic. sprayed down and let sit a few hours. Worked great! I no longer fear the shower!

  37. Juan R says:

    Thank you very much for this information. The soap scum on the bath tub floor melted like jelly and was super easy to clean. No more “elbowgrease” needed.

  38. Chewbacca2000 says:

    Also, used on glass surfaces and a lot of mirrors. Used newspaper instead of papertowel. Looks like a professional cleaned. Tooth paste, hairspray, god knows what else is gone. Zip, zero nada.

  39. Chewbacca2000 says:

    Let it sit for 10.mins on some old soap in the shower scum. I’m not going to lie, my shower looks new. 10 minutes. Perfect portion for me seems to be 1 part soap to 4 or 5 parts vinegar. I used the concentrated dawn, shook it up then squeezed out the bubbles. In flippin’ credible. I’m doing the other 2 bathrooms in the house now. Works on shower curtain, sinks, tubs, you name it I have a house of 4 females and me. Beauty products, moisturizers, hair spray you name it. This is a miracle In a bottle. Don’t recommend buying the @$ndex brand of vinegar cleaner as it doesn’t hold a candle to this concoction. There is a smell, no doubt, but it dissipates soon after rinsed away. Bravo!

    • Mary Hunt says:

      Yes vinegar has a strong smell … but it is not harmful. So happy your a new fan of this magical formula. Maybe you should start a cleaning business. Haha. Just an idea.

  40. Jodie Cohen says:

    GREAT!! took the ring right out of the bathtub, and the haze off of the wall tiles. I let it site about an hour. A little light help from a scotch brite sponge (really no muscle needed)
    Thank you!

  41. Donna says:

    I have a stall shower with black tiles. The hard water stains and soap scum are a major chore to remove. It takes days to clean it. I tried the vinegar and dawn, scrubbed a little with a scouring pad, and the stains came off! I am amazed! Thank you so much! As an added tip, I keep a spray bottle of vinegar and water underneath the sink in my bathroom to clean the mirror, faucet and vanity. It’s cheaper than buying what’s out there and works great.

  42. Nick the plumber says:

    As a plumber for 23 years I ve heard many tales buuuuuut using auto PASTE wax on every thing after its clean prolongs maintenance to infinity and beyond, not really, but a long time. Shower glass , faucets, ss sinks especially oil rub bronze because it’s a LIVING finish it wears off quickly leaving a BRONZE finish

  43. Elle says:

    I have glass windows in the shower. After A LOT of hard work, using different products, they now “feel” clean, but still have the white spots. Will this take care of that?

    • Mary Hunt says:

      Those are hard water marks and if they didn’t come off with this formula, you have a more serious problem—minerals in the water over a long time can actually etch the glass. But don’t give up yet: Get a can of fume-free cold Easy Off Oven Cleaner. Spray that on the glass and let it stand overnight. If that doesn’t do it … check the last letter in this post:

  44. Lolliemouse says:

    I have been using this combo for EVERYTHING ever since I read this article. My elderly kitty had bowel accidents on a friend’s rug where we were staying and THIS. DID. THE. TRICK – it was magic! Now I am in an apartment where the well water runs high in magnesium. High magnesium = blue bath tub! The landlord suggested “Lime Away” but hey, I already had my handy bottle of Dawn/Vinegar mix and I cleaned every bit of blue away effortlessly. Thank you so much for sharing this recipe with us!

    • Mary Hunt says:

      Yes! Cleaning Vinegar (you can get it at Home Depot etc. pretty cheap) is 30% acidity whereas White Vinegar in the grocery story for cooking is 5% acifidty. That means cleaning vinegar will make this magic product much more powerful. I’m talking super miracle! Just make sure you don’t try to make vinegarette with 30%. It won’t be harmful but it will be way toooooo strong. Crazy strong.

  45. Celine Seguin says:

    Hello Mary,
    I tried this mixture in my shower which is made of 2 big glass panels and it really didn’t do a good job! I have soap marks residue from this mixture which I didn’t have before. My shower needed just regular maintenance since it’s a new house I built in 2012. Now I don’t know what to do to remove the soap marks. I tried with a gentle scrub sponge, water, windex… nothing works. I’m thinking of scrubbing bubble, but it’s really agressive, and I don’t know if I will make things worst. Help!

  46. Jane Berry says:

    amazing! I just cleaned my 40+ year old white tile in my shower with this and they look fabulous. thank you so much!!

  47. Michelle Clark says:

    This mixture was way too soapy. It took forever for me to rinse it out of the tub. Next time I will use a lot less Dawn.

    • Judy says:

      Michelle if when you rinse use warm water then getting the last of the suds out, use cold water to do the final down the drain…that will get rid of any suds…you really ought to stick with the recipe that’s what makes it great…just saying

  48. NF says:

    This works great on vinyl siding, also, as long as u don’t have a heavy buildup of algae/mildew.I’ve been told by several contractors not to heavily pressure wash vinyl siding as it could lift/damage it. We use a hose end sprayer or apply it with a hand held pump sprayer, let it sit a few minutes and rinse gently with clear water. U may have to scrub some areas before rinsing. Works great with no real damage to plants, pets and humans. Does not work well to remove lichens but does halt their growth somewhat. Dirt cheap to make, too. I always have vinegar and dawn somewhere around the house.

  49. Greta says:

    Mary, this is great stuff, but don’t forget to use Nok-out on the mold/mildew — it is MUCH nicer than chlorine bleach….ugh.

  50. disqus_5H7xNwNl8Y says:

    I just want to say that the first time I heard about this I was simply told “dish detergent” not specifically Dawn, and it still works great (which is a good thing because I live outside the USA and can’t buy Dawn).

  51. ABC says:

    I’ve been using this for a couple of years, but I’ve been mixing it 50/50 because that was what the “recipe” was wherever I saw it (thought it was here). I’ve always thought it was a little too thick…and it doesn’t “melt” the soap scum away, I always have to give a little more than a “gentle” scrub. Maybe too much Dawn and not enough vinegar?

      • Carolin meadors says:

        I was told the vinegar dissolved the grout. Want to make sure it can be used on tile in my shower. It was great in my fiberglass shower though. I dreaded cleaning that shower as it never ever got that clean. Now spotless. Thanx and let me know about grout. Carolin

  52. Gena says:

    Yes! It works on fiberglss! I read about this wonder cleaner here on EC and it is all I use! Also, if you have very hard to clean area, heat vinegar first (be careful putting into plastic spray bottle… Don’t overheat!) it will literally melt the stuff away!!! I keep a bottle of the original blue dawn. Cheaper and it works great!

  53. Qu says:

    After cleaning, I have used Gel Gloss to coat the shower. You CAN’T use it on the BOTTOM because it’s SLICK though. It helps keep the surfaces clean because ‘stuff’ doesn’t stick to it. Good on mirrors too, esp. in a bathroom. Lasts several months, takes about 15 minutes to apply, dry and wipe off to a sheen.


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