Overhead close up photo of a woman putting money in her purse.

How to Give Yourself a $2,000 Raise in a Hurry

If there’s one thing that I love about you, my loyal readers, it’s how responsive you are. Sometimes you like what you read, other times not so much. Now and then you simply need more information. But no matter what, I can always count on hearing from you. Which brings me to what I wrote on pulling the plug on subscription pay-TV. It brought a huge response.

According to this 2012 article from NPD Group, the average pay-TV bill was predicted to hit $123 per month by 2015—more than $1,400 a year—and will hit $200 ($2,400 a year) in 2020. So far the predictions are right on the money.

For many, that’s money that could be better used to build an emergency fund or pay off debt. No wonder that column struck a chord with so many readers.

Overhead close up photo of a woman putting money in her purse.


The most-asked question had to do with the need for an antenna to receive free, local HD broadcasting. Which kind? Which one works best?

As I was fielding your messages, my husband and I were in the process of relocating. In 2015, we moved from California to northern Colorado. What a change from big city life in Orange County to a little village boasting a population of just 18,000. And what a perfect opportunity to test antennas to find the best way to enjoy free TV and quality programming in our new location.

To say there are many choices when it comes to TV antennas, would be quite an understatement. But not to worry. I’ve done the testing so you won’t have to.

The antennas that worked for us in California couldn’t do the job in our new, more remote area. My proving ground was the basement of our new home, where my husband had set up his workout area. Could there be a more challenging place to get great TV reception than underground, against a concrete wall, out in the boonies?

I’m happy to report that I found an antenna that’s up to the job and boy is it amazing.

FlatWave Amped Indoor Amplified HDTV Antenna by Winegard gets my vote for the best option. If you’re ready to pull the plug, this is a one-time purchase that can go a long way to giving you the equivalent of a huge after-tax raise.

With this antenna, we can get every HD broadcast channel from the Denver area and even a few from Wyoming. The picture quality is fabulous with very few—if any—dropouts. And here’s the funny thing: the FlatWave antenna is jammed behind a water pipe, up against a subterranean concrete wall—nowhere close to a window. And it works like a champ!



Is it time for you to pull the plug on your cable or satellite TV service? That’s a question only you can answer. If that’s just a bit too extreme for now, consider cutting back on your service by selecting a new plan. Find out if you can drop channels you never watch. Ask for a cheaper plan in exchange for not cancelling altogether. Do you research. Take a look at this excellent overview of options, especially if you are new to streaming.

I can tell you that with all of the local HD quality programming available to you for free, plus Netflix, HuluAmazon Prime, plus a streaming box like the Roku, you’ll be set with more TV and movie entertainment than you have time to watch.

What’s more, Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime Video aren’t your only options. A number of networks have standalone apps like the $15/month HBO NOW, which lets subscribers stream HBO without a cable TV package.

First published: 6-28-15; revised & updated with new information 9-16-19.

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208 replies
  1. Emily Booth
    Emily Booth says:

    I only watch specific shows on TV. I’m so happy Amazon.com added more channels for streaming. I can start and cancel service easily. When they had the TV card, it was economical. Because I love old movies, I recently added Criterion. I will try it for a year. There’s so many options available. There’s no reason to pay $2400 a year for cable.

  2. Mara Cain
    Mara Cain says:

    I ditched my cable and use a flat antenna. m My cable bill was killing me! I have plenty of channels to watch and I have also gotten back to reading and needlework. I have more time for friends and am enjoying my mix of things to do. I kept my internet and have a land line phone. My bill is 81.00 a month.

  3. Lisa Cauthon
    Lisa Cauthon says:

    We cut the cord three years ago and never looked back. We have an antenna that looks like a piece of paper that gives us all the local and pbs stations we want and we have amazon firestick. Saving money was never so easy and we have never felt like we are missing out.

  4. NancyLynn
    NancyLynn says:

    We dropped cable TV about a year ago in favor of YouTube TV. $45 a month, with the Apple TV streaming, saving about $75 a month from our Charter Cable bill. YouTube TV has an awesome array of channels, including all our local channels. We are in a valley under a limestone bluff so antennas don’t work for us, but cutting the cable was the best thing we ever did. Charter still supplies our internet, and we are pleased with both the price and service.


    We cut the cord about 2 months ago and so far we are delirious!! A local “guy” is well-known as an expert antenna installer – he installed ours for just over $200 and put it on the roof for more access. We found Fubo streaming service – LOVE IT!! $75/month for basically everything we were watching on cable, including Showtime. DRASTICALLY cut out bill – without losing anything.

  6. Amanda Richards
    Amanda Richards says:

    We cut our cable 5 years ago and I dont miss it at all! We use DVDs for entertainment, but spend most evenings reading, playing board games or (gasp) talking to each other! Oh, and I have 3 kids: 9, 13, &14.

  7. Kari
    Kari says:

    We live in a very rural area and a 50 mile antenna range would provide nothing for us. We did find a digital tv antenna on Amazon that reaches 100 miles and we can get approx. 24 tv channels with it. We’ve had it for about 4 months now and have not had any issues. Goodbye Direct Tv!!

    • cliff jones
      cliff jones says:

      Kari we live in a valley with hills around us. I don’t know if the antenna you bought would work for us. We live 45 miles away from closest tv station. Can you share the one you bought. THANK YOU.

  8. Lauretta
    Lauretta says:

    Keep the internet, buy your own Modem & router if possible. Buy a Roku or Firestick streaming device. And use an antenna if possible. There are plenty of antennas that can go inside as well as outside if one is in an area able to receive those stations.

    • Colleen
      Colleen says:

      I’m in the same boat—rural area/hills. I have tried one or two other indoor flat antennas that did not work for us. We are willing to install one outside and would love to know which one you purchased, please share if you’re so inclined!

  9. Shirley Miller
    Shirley Miller says:

    I have not had a TV for about 4 years and do just fine without one. I listen to news and weather on my computer or phone. Otherwise I listen to music and other radio programming. Or…..how about BOOKS?

  10. Cathy down on the farm...
    Cathy down on the farm... says:

    Trying to set myself up for retirement in the next few years as well – although doubtful I will ever completely want to go there – so I am going over every bill with a fine tooth comb to try and get an idea of what actual expenses will really be in retirement mode and what to cut now. We have nine months left on our cable contract and just recently- last week – got them down on the bill by $25.00. I told them that I was getting ready to let cable go. The farm house has a huge – very tall – antenna on the side that will need to be moved to put on a back deck. My husband wants to get rid of it and said it would cost a ton to move to the side of the house to re-hook it up.. If this antenna you have works so well, Mary, this would be great! I watch a lot of Christian t.v. channels and would hate to lose those. Other than that my grandson who visits a lot loves cartoons and such. The only t.v. in the evening that we watch are comedies for about an hour or so. Every thing else is “trash t.v.” by my standards. I would LOVE to cut the cord. Will need to check into this. Thank you.

  11. Miriam Kearney
    Miriam Kearney says:

    I use “tv” for entertainment and information. I have no cable connection and haven’t had for 10 years. I stream using an Amazon Firestick ($59) and I can view Netflix ($9.99 in Canada) and Amazon Prime (I’m a member for the free shipping and this was a bonus). I also (through the Firestick app) have access to a number of other streaming services. When we first switched, yes, we missed the programs we had been watching and even if they were on Netflix they tended to be at least one season behind. But once we got over the shock and then started watching other shows we didn’t miss the older ones at all. And sooner or later many of them showed up on either Netflix or Prime. And we discovered a whole world of British and Australian TV we had not seen before. Way superior to much of what is produced in North America. Our costs are less than $20 a month for both and I wouldn’t go back to watching commercial laden TV for anything. We also gave up on landline and found and an internet provider at half the cost of the big three here in Ontario, Canada. My internet costs $40 a month with unlimited download. My cable/tv/phone bill used to be about over $250 a month. With two cell phones, internet and streaming costs we are down to $140. A no brainer when it came to the decisions.

  12. aseries
    aseries says:

    No mention of ISP cost.
    I hate to be a wet blanket but one important factor was missing…the cost paid to an Internet Service Provider. Streaming from Amazon, Netflix or Hulu requires a speed somewhere up in the megabits per second. The vast majority of Americans get access bundled with their phone company or cable company. Please explain how this works to save $1400.
    Save $50 for a digital TV antenna by building one yourself. There are numerous plans on the Internet. I built a nice one with, literally, wire hangers, aluminum foil, cardboard, scrap wood, washer-head screws, bailing wire and an balun left over from an old VHF-UHF antenna. Cost…$1 for screws. The only issue for my spouse is the redneck ambiance. (BALUN… converts the 300 ohm balanced output from antennas to the 75 ohm coax input for modern TVs.)

    • Suzanne
      Suzanne says:

      This is my concern as well. We pay for bundled services that include cable TV, internet access, and a telephone land line. We must have the land line for our security system to work. I have no idea how to get internet access without my cable company, but that’s likely not an insurmountable problem. The real sticking point is local sports. I live with 3 men (husband and 2 sons) who are very attached to our local teams, 2 of which can only be watched on a cable channel. And they refuse to give that up, so I’m stuck. And I hate paying that bill every month.

  13. Alison Emery
    Alison Emery says:

    I’m in the process of dropping cable which includes the internet. Thank you for this information. I found this antenna at Costco and am enjoying using it.

  14. Chem Tutor
    Chem Tutor says:

    Winning this antenna would finally show my husband how much money we waste on cable, as we are already Amazon Prime members.

  15. Donna Ruiz
    Donna Ruiz says:

    We are in preparation mode to cut the cable subscription. Netflix account set up, check. Roku set up for the remaining old tube tv, check. Antenna give away entry made, check. Call the cable company to cancel — next on the list.

  16. Vicki R
    Vicki R says:

    We’ve never had cable. To quote my hubster, “Why would we pay to have garbage brought IN to our home? We pay to have it taken AWAY!” In spite of their dire predictions, our kids grew up to be normal, productive members of society without a moment of cable consumption. We use a flat antenna for our small kitchen TV, but would love to have another one!

  17. Anne-Marie Pfligler
    Anne-Marie Pfligler says:

    We have been cable free for over a year & need a good antenna. I would love to win this for my family!!

  18. Suzanne Harkness-Wood
    Suzanne Harkness-Wood says:

    I’d love to drop cable, but we are quite rural and our reception for the 3 networks prior to cable was poor. This would be great!

  19. cfraun
    cfraun says:

    I cancelled the phone portion of my Comcast bill to get it lowered from $130 a month to about $100 per month, but that is still too much! I would love to try this antenna, and be able to save a lot more money! Thanks for always keeping us informed about the best buys.

  20. Danella Schmidt
    Danella Schmidt says:

    Been looking at making a change for several months; especially now that our cable bill has gone up again and part-time job income has been reduced. Just not sure the right route to go yet. If we were to win this antenna; it would be a fantastic incentive to make the change that is need

  21. Sandy Yabu
    Sandy Yabu says:

    I have been trying to convince my husband to cut the cord, um cable…this would be a great selling point and ease him into the change!

  22. tjlacroix1992
    tjlacroix1992 says:

    I’m going to make a list of must see TV and see if I can do this ASAP. I spend over $200 a month with DVR’s!!

  23. annmarie
    annmarie says:

    The extra fees and taxes have really inflated my monthly FIOS bill. I primarily watch CBS and my husband enjoys a few of the cable movie channels. I have two tv’s on Roku to save on extra cable boxes and I’d love to get rid of cable altogether. I still have a VCR/DVD recorder if I want to record shows to watch later. This antenna would give us the boost needed in our NYC suburb.

  24. Allison
    Allison says:

    Thank you for offering the giveaway! We currently do Netflix and Amazon only, but maybe this would help us see some sports?? 🙂

  25. Karen Rowell
    Karen Rowell says:

    We live out in the country, too, and we really don’t watch enough TV to justify “paying” for it monthly. I’d like to see how this works.

  26. jane
    jane says:

    We currently have an inexpensive antennae, but I would love to try this one! Ours does not get the breadth of channels yours does, we would love to get more channels! We can’t even get PBS!

  27. Elle
    Elle says:

    My family has the Mohu Leaf antenna, which works pretty well, but I’d like to try this other as well. Right now we have basic cable because it was cheaper to keep it in the bundle with our internet than to cancel the cable and pay for internet service only. But that deal is expiring this month, so perhaps it’s time to go back to the antenna.

  28. Susan Wyatt
    Susan Wyatt says:

    Would love to be able to cut that bill so we could put it toward paying off other bills! Thank you for the opportunity!

  29. Anita Merritt
    Anita Merritt says:

    I am very interested in the antenna because we really do live out in the boonies and have not been able to get our local news channel since everything went digital. We can get channel 7 a few months of the year when the leaves are off the trees. We do have an antenna in the attic but it does not work apparently. We did not go with cable etc. because we could not afford the high rates and did not want to pay for all the programs we would not watch, especially when we used to get channel 5, 7, and 12 for free before digital. We did have to get a new TV but the boxes the government sent out did not even work on it. I tried to sign up for the free antenna but I am not sure I did because I do not want to be on facebook or twitter. I love your emails and magazine but I don’t like having to go to places( like facebook) when I wouldn’t to try to win something. I did visit facebook, but I wouldn’t sign in so I couldn’t leave a message. You have had some wonderful advice over the years and I hope you keep it up on just the regular emails. Thank you for this information on alternative TV programming and the antenna. By the way, I live in Maine, way across the whole US from California where you use to live and in a community of about 800. Maybe the company would like us to try out the antenna for them in a really rural area. Thanks, Anita

  30. Becky Lee
    Becky Lee says:

    We have an outside antenna but with the digital switch we only receive 3 of the 7 local broadcast stations. since we’re between 25 – 30 miles from the transmitters, it’d be great to find an antenna that would pick up the stations that are farther away. We used to get Chicago stations when they were analog but finding an antenna that can pick up their digital signals is just wishful thinking. Would love to give the Winegard a try.

  31. Janice LeBlanc Martin
    Janice LeBlanc Martin says:

    I would love to ditch the cable company. Now if we can find a less expensive alternative for our internet access!

  32. Barbara
    Barbara says:

    I bought an expensive newer type HD TV antenna that did not work, supposedly because of the trees outside my house. My daughter uses it in town just fine. I would love to try this antenna so I could get the local channels again. I do get to watch a bit 3 mornings a week during dialysis so not in total withdrawal. I love your blog and try to get my daughter and grand-daughter to follow it. It is nice to see concepts my mother and grandfather taught our family being introduced to the younger generation as they never go “out of style”. It is always best to be an everyday cheapskate.

  33. Ruthie
    Ruthie says:

    hi Mary, I have been following you since the days of Larry Burkett. We would appreciate receiving the antenna because we are retired, my husband is visually impaired, and we would like to completely cut the cable! We have cut most of it but would love to not depend on cable at all. Thanks for all your advice!

  34. Cathy Taylor
    Cathy Taylor says:

    I have cut off cable but my current antenna does not have the best reception. The new tv season is starting and we are scheduled for El Nino rains so I would like to get a better quality antenna

  35. Leslie
    Leslie says:

    I would like to win this antenna to help me on my journey to financial freedom. I’ve been a DPL follower for years and this seems like a great next step. Thanks for telling us about it, and for offering the chance to win!

  36. Terri
    Terri says:

    I did get the nerve to drop my cable 3 minutes my months ago. Best thing I’ve decided nev I share wifi with my neighbor $20 and Netflix and Hulu with my son. Now if only my local channels would come in but my antenna is strong enough. Would love to win. Thanks for the chance.

  37. Tmbg16
    Tmbg16 says:

    I really want to cut the cord. Just need dh on board. He’s a major sports guys, so that I s his main excuse.

  38. Diane
    Diane says:

    We have been cable free for years, but struggle sometimes w bad reception. Do you need more than one antennae if you have two tvs?

  39. Victoria
    Victoria says:

    We’d love to get rid of the cable company! Thank you for letting us know how to do it. We’re close to retirement, and every cent counts! 😀

  40. Pamela Williams
    Pamela Williams says:

    Since being on my own, for over 23 years now, I’ve never spent money on cable. As a child, my parents did and I saw how much time and money was wasted on it. Thanks for posting about this antennae and for the chances to win one!

  41. Paula Hansinger
    Paula Hansinger says:

    I would like to see Mary Howald win, after reading her post. I am a single mom, two adult children now, but I struggled with no child support. I know what poor is, and now tat the children are adults life is easier, but I still need to be frugal. Food luck to you, Mary Howald! And God bless you.

  42. Paula Hansinger
    Paula Hansinger says:

    I believe cutting the cable is the way to go. I would live to enjoy TV without paying insane cable costs for shows that are repeats, have commercials, when tat was the purpose of paying for cable, to avoid so many commercials! Wow! What a beautiful picture. I’d love to win this antenna.

  43. Dawn The JOY Lady
    Dawn The JOY Lady says:

    We live out in the boonies too. I would love to be able to watch some TV now and then. This antenna sounds fabulous!

  44. Diane Willardson
    Diane Willardson says:

    I too am hesitant because we like certain channels and I have no idea if this would get those channels along with the Roku we have. I’d love to find out.

  45. tinacramer
    tinacramer says:

    Would love to cut down my costs by saving $$ using the Winegard Flatwave Amled Antenna instead of subscribing to cable channels I never watch!

  46. tboofy
    tboofy says:

    That’s about what we pay. But with two families (3 generations) living together, a disabled father, a mother who loves HGTV, and kids who love to record their favorite shows, it’s a favorite thing at our house. I split all the expenses with my parents, and this is one we’re going to hold on to. It’s all about priorities for your money, and this one seems stuck near the top for us.

  47. Karen Elizabeth King
    Karen Elizabeth King says:

    what a great giveaway and yes I would love to win! My bill is too high. I never would have thought of trying to get it down without your great ideas

  48. Karen
    Karen says:

    we currently do not have cable or satellite tv (or internet access at home, just as part of our cell plan). with our current antenna we do not receive many channels and they tend to go out on us a lot. unfortunately we can’t take advantage of the “raise” but we’ll continue to do what we can to keep me home with our soon to be 2 children.

  49. Julie Brown
    Julie Brown says:

    I have tried wireless antennas where I live which is about 50 miles away from the TV stations in Madison, Wisconsin, and never had any luck with them. I wonder if this one would do the trick. I would love the opportunity to try it out so I can kick satellite and cable to the curb!

  50. Deborah Iseli Reames
    Deborah Iseli Reames says:

    We have been looking high and low for a suitable antenna that will bring in all of our channels in Raleigh, NC, without much success.

    We currently have tangles of wires coming out of our TV, computer and several of the walls, with multiple A/B switches to link us to the multiple varying antennas we have inside and outside of the house and also in our attic, crawl space and garage – all in my husband’s search for an answer to antenna TV! Help us. please so I can cut all of these ugly cords and get my house looking more civilized, and so we can actually watch and enjoy uninterrupted non-pixelated TV in peace!

  51. Karen Halstead
    Karen Halstead says:

    I have thought about going with an antenna except that we live on the out in the country surrounded by mountains (which is wonderful) but the closest town with a population over 4,500 is 30 miles away, and the closest “city” is 90 miles away. Maybe that doesn’t matter, but it’s made me hesitant to go that route. If it worked, I’d be ecstatic I swear I’m getting rid of satellite every month when I pay the bill! I would be very appreciative if I were to win.
    Thank you – and good luck to everyone! 🙂

  52. Jessica
    Jessica says:

    I have free basic cable as one of the perks of living in my apartment. However I don’t watch TV enough to make it worth my while, as I prefer to listen to my radio or go online. I’ve seen something similar to the Flat Wave in my local CVS store in their “As seen on TV” area, so I’m thinking that if I move from my apartment I may just get that.

  53. Bonnie
    Bonnie says:

    I would LOVE to get rid of our outrageous cable bill, and Sling TV just doesn’t offer any of the hockey games my wife wants to watch.

  54. KJ Dante
    KJ Dante says:

    Once I got a Kindle Paperwhite, I dropped my TV completely! I prefer reading to watching TV and I have Amazon Prime if I miss TV. Still, with a good antenna, I might return to TV

  55. LinBar
    LinBar says:

    Comcast has been hitting me up for at least $145.00 per month since we too moved from Orange County to the foothills of the Sierra Mountains. Surrounded by trees, there is no way to get Dish, and Comcast, for the most part are the only game in this small town. It would be a miracle if this wonderful antenna would work at my location.

  56. Bob Ames
    Bob Ames says:

    I would love to cut the cord! Have been looking for a good antenna for a long while, nothing I find seems adequate. Although this works for HD TV, do you have any suggestions for radio???

  57. Carolyn
    Carolyn says:

    I love this website! It’s one of my favorites! I would like to win the antenna because we don’t watch a lot of TV, so we don’t subscribe to cable. But when we want to watch, we can watch it for free. 🙂

  58. Cathy Carlstrom
    Cathy Carlstrom says:

    We have consistently resisted the “draw” of cable, but our antenna is from 1972 and fails frequently!! We’d LOVE to win a new antenna! Thanks Cheapskate!!

  59. Trezlen
    Trezlen says:

    I want to win because I know there are local channels that I could watch if I had an antenna, but I depend on finding them online or Hulu, which doesn’t always work. If I could get those channels, I might get rid of Hulu and save money since I can go weeks without watching tv.

  60. Ivette Medina
    Ivette Medina says:

    We own property on a campsite and get little to no reception on the antenna that came with out RV. Winning this antenna would be amazing for those rainy days that we can’t be outdoors and since we have no internet connection we can’t use Roku or similar products either!

  61. Kay Keisler
    Kay Keisler says:

    Would love to try this antenna. I have tried three different ones and have not met the need. Would love to win it.

  62. Angie t
    Angie t says:

    I would love to use this as we live in the foothills and are constantly struggling with TV reception. Thanks for the opportunity.

  63. mtgrlatheart
    mtgrlatheart says:

    i made the change a couple years ago. The only thing I miss is sports on the cable channels but not enough to go back to paying. I would love to try this antenna as I still struggle with reception using the antenna I have now.

  64. Connie
    Connie says:

    Turning off satellite is exactly what I have been thinking of doing. I am hesitant because I would probably lose my classic tv channel.

  65. R Galloway
    R Galloway says:

    Mary, this is awesome! I was wondering if you’ve checked into purchasing a DVR to record favorite shows. Would a DVR work with the antenna?

  66. Katti Baney
    Katti Baney says:

    I’d love to win! We have tried the antenna route and cant seem to get more than 2 channels. Would love to try this one and saving money is great! I love your emails and your advice!

  67. Michelle Welter Wonderling
    Michelle Welter Wonderling says:

    I’m trying to convince my husband that we can live without cable TV. This would sure help my cause.

  68. Jackie Morales Herrera
    Jackie Morales Herrera says:

    i’ve been hesitant about making the change to do without cable because of the shows we currently watch. However more and more I am hearing that it is possible and we would still be able to watch the same shows. Winning this antenna would kick start me into this new way of living.

  69. Kristy
    Kristy says:

    I went tv free a few years ago and am happy with it, but my husband periodically wants to go back to cable (until he sees the cost). Having an antenna like this would end the debate once and for all.

  70. Cindy
    Cindy says:

    I would love to win this antenna. We have cable and it is very expensive, but my tv in the bedroom is still hooked up to one of the big tall antenna towers on the end of the house. It is very old, but I refuse to give up my local PBS station. Love your column and have learned so much.

    • Mary Hunt
      Mary Hunt says:

      Pretty sure the FlatWave would bring in your local PBS station. It does mine and as I wrote, we live in the country now. Seriously … In. The. Country. I just got an email from the mayor telling us the dates and scope of work that will be going on soon (weather permitting). This is a BIG DEAL here. They are going to be putting in (are you ready?) … sidewalks! Oh, and they installed a new, fancy, modern street light at the corner of County Highway 4 and County Highway 6. Gave the village a good 30 day notice after it was installed before they actually turned it on. Didn’t want anyone being caught off guard by a red light. Oh, I am just loving this so much. Cannot wait until Christmas. I’m thinking a Norman Rockwell kind of holiday is in my future.

  71. Sharon E Allgood
    Sharon E Allgood says:

    this would be so awesome to win…we live on the outskirts of Nashville, TN and we don’t want cable because it’s too high priced…this would be the perfect thing for us.

  72. Kathleen Gansert
    Kathleen Gansert says:

    This sounds like the perfect alternative to cable. Our antenna is in the attic of our 3 story house. All of our neighbors have cable, but we have stuck with our antenna because of the high price of cable. The signal is terrible so we usually rely on DVDs borrowed from the library. Thanks for offering the giveaway.

  73. LouAnn Crook
    LouAnn Crook says:

    Oh my this would be so great to win! We live out in a rural area. We currently have one of the satellite systems. So expensive! Would love to be able to save money!

  74. Melanie Corbin
    Melanie Corbin says:

    I’ve been trying to muster up the courage to do this for ages. When was the last time I watched a decent show on TV? I almost never have the darn thing on.

  75. Francis
    Francis says:

    I don’t think one antenna is going to be enough. Looks like there are lots of people who would like one. We’ve never had cable and get enough broadcast TV, but the wires in the wall are thirty years old. My husband says its too much trouble to replace them. (Of course, he’s not about to pay someone to do it.) You might also have to re-think what is truly a “small” town.

  76. labbie1
    labbie1 says:

    This sounds perfect…not only for our home but we also camp a lot and it would be super in our campers! I bet it is much better than the anntenna on the top of the camper that you have to crank up and then turn and turn and turn to try to get the perfect signal! Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  77. clifford jones
    clifford jones says:

    Our dish bill is over 150 each month. I think you have a great way to help get our bills down. Question for me is our location is out in western Kentucky we live in a valley with hills around so don’t see how this would work. Hate to spend money then have it not work!

  78. crabbyoldlady
    crabbyoldlady says:

    Our cable bill is 150 per month. This includes high speed internet which i will NOT go without. Any suggestions for that?

  79. aprilabtbalance
    aprilabtbalance says:

    I gave myself that raise nearly 2 years ago and have not regretted it! However, I never got an antenna. Still sitting on my Amazon Wish List.

  80. Gina
    Gina says:

    Would love to win one of these antennas! We are currently using a homemade antenna that my husband made with wood and wire. It picks up about 7 local channels, but sometimes not that clearly. We have to move the antenna around. We have been looking at this one online thinking about purchasing it, so would really be happy if we won it!

  81. Izzyschatzimom
    Izzyschatzimom says:

    My husband tried various HD antennas as well and none seemed to do the trick. I would love to try this one out and if not a winner for the free one I will definitely be purchasing one to give it another go. We cut the cable cord some time ago and haven’t missed it at all. I can’t bring myself to cut the cable internet service though but the ever increasing cost is taking me closer to that conclusion.

  82. Karen
    Karen says:

    We keep saying we’re going to cut the cable TV, but haven’t done it yet. This antenna would be great to see how reception would be without having to invest in one!

  83. Kyron
    Kyron says:

    We cut the cord about a year ago, but still don’t have an antenna! Definitely would be a valuable addition since hulu doesn’t carry CBS shows, and I miss them 🙂 We are rarely without something to watch, and it makes our viewing habits much more thoughtful.

  84. BSBishop
    BSBishop says:

    There’s also the slightly cheaper Amazon Basics version:


    Something I recently went back to was TiVo for recording over the air broadcasts. Something I was pleasantly surprised at is how they have OnePass now where you can put in a show and it’ll go out and either record it or list where you can watch it via streaming.

    Let’s say you like Bob’s Burgers. You can setup a OnePass for Bob’s Burgers and it’ll record it off of your local Fox station. Then in your list of OnePass shows you can go to Bob’s Burgers and in one list see each show you can watch and from where (Hulu, Netflix, Amazon, Vudu, etc.). Then you just click on the episode and you’re watching.

    I like that a lot more than trying to organize it on Hulu or Netflix, separately. It’s just “there”.

    Also, TiVo is having a refurb/lifetime deal on their Roamio Basic units (they’ll do OTA or cable). Go to tivo.com to see. $50 for the unit + $350 for the lifetime subscription and you’re recording OTA (or Cable, if you like) and everything is nicely organized.

  85. Michelle Rawl
    Michelle Rawl says:

    I didn’t know you could still do this. I’ll have to look into what channels I would get. My husband is a sports guy and loves to watch ESPN. I would love to not be paying so much for cable!

  86. Mary Edgett Oakley
    Mary Edgett Oakley says:

    We said bye bye to our cable about a year ago and can’t believe the better quality of our picture just through our rabbit ears antenna, but the rabbit ears are not doing a good job, we get a lot of dropped or interrupted programs. I’d love to win the Winegard antenna!

  87. Markie
    Markie says:

    We canceled our cable over a year ago and haven’t missed it (maybe a little during football season). Glad to see your article today. We have talked about a new antenna as we occasionally have weak signals. We currently have our antenna attached to a vent pipe in the attic .

  88. Lorrie Palmer
    Lorrie Palmer says:

    We have recently cancelled our satellite and have been using the Roku for a while now. We also do Netflix, Amazon Prime, and have added Sling TV and Feel’n. We honestly don’t need any more than that. We currently have an outdoor antenna that works pretty well, but I would be interested in trying the indoor one!

  89. Mary Howald
    Mary Howald says:

    I could use this antenna for our household. We don’t have cable, dish or
    anything like that. We do have Netflix but may not have that for much
    longer as AT&T has raised the price of internet and they have a
    monopoly here. I am a single mother with 6 kids in the household and
    live in a small town with a population of 508. We don’t have a home
    phone, but I do have a cell phone (not the smart phone kind–I refuse to
    buy a phone only to have to pay “rent” for it to be on the plan each
    month!). I do have an antenna to get PBS and some local channels but
    they only come in when the sky is overcast here….if you are lucky.
    Thank you for your newsletter each day. I have learned to be more
    self-sufficient by following much of the advice.

  90. Sara Connell
    Sara Connell says:

    My husband and I have talked about this for a long time, and this would be just the boost we need to cancel our cable!!

  91. Brooke Z
    Brooke Z says:

    As I posted on your FB page, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for this post! I’m still trying to convince my hubby that we don’t “need” cable tv. I think this will help a lot! =)

  92. MaggieWright
    MaggieWright says:

    Dear Mary, I have been following your site for over a year and have been able to share it with friends and family. I’m working on our debts and it’s getting there. My family and I would love to win the antenna so that it would help knock out another debt for us. We appreciate all you do to help us folks. Keep up the good work! Thanks, again!

  93. Marion Munnich
    Marion Munnich says:

    I have been using antenna tv for years just like you Mary. My kids bought me a Roku for my birthday so it was free to me. My daughter and her SO recently cut the cable cord and they have all kinds of hookup hand me down antennas which work only occasionally. This antenna would be just what they need to be able to really enjoy FREE TV!!

  94. Gia
    Gia says:

    I am in the process of purchasing a home. After living in an apartment for so many years (with cable included), I will now have to seek new means of watching television. This antenna would save me a bundle. The money I save could probably help me build a contingency account.

  95. Shawna Underwood
    Shawna Underwood says:

    I have been looking for an antenna that would work on a ground floor apartment in the middle of several apartment complexes. I can’t afford to pay for tv and miss the local and national news.

  96. Cheryl
    Cheryl says:

    Would love to win the well rated antenna as we live in the country and have difficulty with
    reception. Thank you!

  97. Robyn
    Robyn says:

    Looking for ways to save money. Although our cable is bundled through a locally supported cable/phone company, saving that amount of money each month would be a blessing.

  98. Bonnie Schlink
    Bonnie Schlink says:

    I am always looking for some way to cut the cable cord. Not getting any raises at work anymore, so I am always looking for some way to cut expenses. This antenna would help immensely. I so appreciate Mary’s column and all her great advise and tips! Thanks so much for giving me a chance to win!

  99. MimiB
    MimiB says:

    Thank you Mary! Now I know which antenna I need. My husband has been out of work for almost 2 years so based on your recommendations we cut cable, purchased Roku and subscribed to Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu. We have a cheap antenna but only get a couple local stations and would like to pick up a few more for news. Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu have so much to offer that we do not miss cable and especially do not miss the huge bill!
    Thank you for testing and recommending top quality products that save us money.

  100. Kristy Nix
    Kristy Nix says:

    My husband and I have been talking about this for a little while. We are planning on making the switch from cable, but need to do the research to see what other options will fit our family best and what antenna would work best.
    Thanks for a chance to win!

  101. Judy Kalley
    Judy Kalley says:

    We unplugged 2 years ago. We only pay for internet NOT the TV and we have a computer hooked up to the TV. We get Hulu FREE from Bing.com as a reward, We have Amazon prime, and we pay a small fee for Feelz (or something — a hallmark movie channel) A LOT of the time we use You-Tube also so we save a lot there. I would LOVE to get your antenna as there are shows we do enjoy that simply are not (yet) available elsewhere!

  102. Chrissie
    Chrissie says:

    Does it work well in the city as well? I live in Chicago and can get some channels with my antenna with no problem, but some come from a direction that is more blocked by buildings so they don’t come in as well.

  103. Ruth Green
    Ruth Green says:

    Thanks for the chance to win this antenna. I am 83 and lived in a very little town where the reception is not very good so I had to get sattlelite for $150 a month which I can’t afford so this would definitely help my butget. [email protected]

  104. Stephanie Hansen
    Stephanie Hansen says:

    We are currently stuck in with a satellite contract. Which at the time was fine, then my husband lost his job. We’ll be cancelling and switching to Hulu as soon as the contract is up. This is a great giveaway to help save us money. Thanks for all of your tips and recommendation Mary!!

  105. Tanya Kubicar DeBraal
    Tanya Kubicar DeBraal says:

    We just reduced our cable down to basic and got Hulu, so with this antenna, we can ditch the cable for good! Thanks for the chance to win!

  106. Dotty Strickland
    Dotty Strickland says:

    Thanks for the chance to win this antenna- my husband keeps hinting he wants to give up cable due to the expense!!

  107. Sherri McEarchern Bailey
    Sherri McEarchern Bailey says:

    We cut the cable cord last year and bought a Roku. While I love having it, we do miss local channels. This would be wonderful to win!

  108. Remembrances BacktoBasics
    Remembrances BacktoBasics says:

    I don’t watch much TV, but my husband likes to watch ball games and some DIY shows. I am nearly ready to retire and we plan to move to our property “up north” permanently. While satellite TV is available up there, we will be on a very strict budget, so I would like to be able to use an antenna like this to reduce our monthly expenses.

  109. Sandi Clements
    Sandi Clements says:

    I would love that antenna!! I need to release my cable company and stop paying their ridiculous rates.

  110. Donna
    Donna says:

    I live at the bottom of a cul-de-sac and can’t get any local reception. It’s like being in a big bowl surrounded by trees. No other antennae has worked so far….

  111. Joanne
    Joanne says:

    My husband and I have been looking at antennas for awhile now and haven’t gotten one because we’ve been watching less TV without it. However there have been some pain points and he would love to get some “regular” broadcast channels.

  112. Nancy H.
    Nancy H. says:

    I would love to win the Winegard Flatwave Amped Antenna because I’m tired of paying over $200 a month on cable, of course it’s bundled with my phone and internet but thats the only way to get the “low” price that I have for all three.

  113. Johnna
    Johnna says:

    But, I think my Daddy would like this–I don’t want it just to save ME money; that’s just a bonus! (Just wanted to clarify!)

  114. austintch
    austintch says:

    We’re on a fixed income, so the only way to get a raise is to reduce expenses. The next step is to get rid of cable. My bill with internet wifi is $200 a month! And my husband doesn’t watch tv at all. So I would love to win the antenna. I was locked into a two-year contract which ends this month, so goodbye Century Link!

  115. Johnna
    Johnna says:

    I want one of these antennas for my dad; since I pay his Direct TV bill, this would save me a good bit of money!

  116. Stephen Prado
    Stephen Prado says:

    Would love to have an antenna! I also have a cheaper antenna that loses our favorite channel every once in a while.

  117. Diane A
    Diane A says:

    Love you daily e-mails and sometimes I share them with friends and family! Please enter my name for the antenna contest. Thank you for your wonderful e-mails. 🙂

  118. Amy
    Amy says:

    I have a cheaper antenna right now that does not work at times & we would love to get an upgrade! We have been using an antenna since December and the picture quality is better than with basic cable (when it works & does not need to be adjusted)! Thank you for this recommendation for the Winegard!

  119. Angela Nicole
    Angela Nicole says:

    I would love to be able to give up my satellite tv show service for good. This looks like a great option. Thanks for all the money saving tips and products!!!

  120. Darla
    Darla says:

    We live in rural ND and would love to have better reception on the TV stations we get! We aren’t interested in all the options of satellite, but it would be nice to be able to count on the networks coming in.

  121. Raychel Sandstrom
    Raychel Sandstrom says:

    We stopped paying our cable company and got rid of our dish a year ago now and are loving the savings by also using Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime for our TV needs. An antenna is all we are missing! Thanks for the tip!

  122. NanS
    NanS says:

    We have tried another brand of antenna, and here in Phoenix, it’s not acceptable. We’d love to try this to get off the cable band wagon!

  123. Birgit Nicolaisen
    Birgit Nicolaisen says:

    Have only used cable for years. I hardly watch any TV at all, so probably wouldn’t even miss whatever we wouldn’t get with this antenna. I’ll look into it, but there are shows that the rest of the family really like, so wouldn’t want them to miss out. This sounds like a really good option. Would love to win one, then would sing it’s praises loudly if it worked as well as you say it does.

  124. Sally Davison
    Sally Davison says:

    For years we’ve tried various solutions and it is difficult to cancel satellite entirely due to just a few programs. We are on a fixed income and it would be wonderful to save money. I am always looking for ways to cut expenses. Great offer!

  125. Beck
    Beck says:

    We have never had cable and use an outdoor roof antenna we do sometimes have lost signals this sounds great. Thanks!

  126. Lee
    Lee says:

    This info came just at the right time,as we are talking about cutting the cable next month. Would love to win this antenna but also just glad for your info.

  127. Chris Copeland
    Chris Copeland says:

    Currently have two of the Winegard Antenna’s and they work great. Receive all the local channels including weather and my favorite Public Broadcasting stations. Have not had a tv subscription (even though there is a dish on the roof) for the past 2 years and find that I do not miss tv as I get more done around the house and exercise more. Not to mention the stress relief of one less monthly bill. I see saving money as a challenge that I gratefully accept! Bring it on!!!

  128. Julie
    Julie says:

    Your product research and recommendations have become very trust-worthy and I always look to Everyday Cheapskate before buying products. Keep doing what you do so well!!!

  129. Q
    Q says:

    I have 2 of 2 different types of indoor OTA antennas; the picture is brilliant. Winegard is highly rated along w/ Mohu Leaf and Terk.. Make sure you get the one that goes 50 miles, not the 35 mile one. Read the description, if it doesn’t say 50 miles, it’s probably not 50 miles. The tricky part is getting it in the correct place to pick up the signal. A basement usually isn’t good because you want to face it high and toward the towers from which the signal is emitting, i.e, the closest big city. Once you get it in the best place, leave it. Even an inch can change which channels are received. Don’t buy knockoffs but you can buy refurbished as I did. The indoor OTA antenna is also good if you are using cable w/ boxes (for which you are paying) for guest rooms where the TV is used less. An outdoor OTA antenna costs more but has a 100+ mile range. Again buy name brand. They can come w/ a remote to change the direction from indoors. I have heard good things about them as well, but you mount them somewhere outdoors. Using mine have been a pleasure and I haven’t looked back.

  130. Ancient Pagan
    Ancient Pagan says:

    I have used an antenna before, in the city (Columbus, Ohio). I’d love to have one that would work in the rural area where I live now.

  131. Jennifer Stanley
    Jennifer Stanley says:

    I’d really like to win because I have been through three antennas in my family room and lose channels quite frequently. It has been so frustrating. I don’t watch a ton of TV but when I just want to relax on the couch it’s agitating to get through half a show and then have the signal disappear…not very relaxing! Ha.

  132. Pat
    Pat says:

    I love your column & have saved with many of the helpful articles. I would love to try this antenna even if I don’t win. My daughter cut the cable awhile ago and went Netflex. She has 2 teenagers & one close to being one and the change didn’t bother them at all.

  133. Ginger Whitworth
    Ginger Whitworth says:

    We’ve been considering dropping our pay tv, (almost$1600/yr), but didn’t know where to start. This antenna sounds like just the thing!

  134. Tiffany 'Tarrant' McCann
    Tiffany 'Tarrant' McCann says:

    We made the switch from cable a couple of years ago and I’m so glad we did! We don’t have an antenna, but are considering it because we do miss live sports and local news. Thanks!

  135. Bonnie
    Bonnie says:

    We also live out away from anywhere and have tried a couple of antennas, with varing success. There are always a few channels we are unable to receive, most of the time, so would love to win the Wineguard antenna. Thank you so much for the information and opportunity.

  136. Christine L in VA
    Christine L in VA says:

    I would love to put this antennae to work! We’ve tried out 2 others but I can count on one hand the number of channels they pick up and none of them are in English!

  137. Sandra
    Sandra says:

    I’d like to win any antenna that would give me a television signal in my extremely remote valley. The nearest television station is about 35 miles away, the next nearest about 65. I gave up satt t.v. 18 months ago and have never looked back. I use Netflex but limited band width doesn’t allow for heavy computer downloads. As an aside, a grouping of 18,000 is a town; villages are much, much smaller.

  138. Sharon Storey Alvarez
    Sharon Storey Alvarez says:

    Would love to have one of these to try but do you know of one with more than a 35 mile range? I’m 60 miles+ from a TV station…now that’s rural. :o)

  139. Melissa
    Melissa says:

    We’ve got a wedding, braces and a knee surgery with physical therapy! An extra $100 per month would go a long way towards paying for these. Thanks!

  140. Janet Watson
    Janet Watson says:

    We use Comcadt for our TV and Internet and the rates are constantly increasing. Having seen the photo of what TV reception looks like for you, I would be thrilled to own the same setup that you are using. I have my fingers crossed that we are the lucky winners and could then use our savings to help us get closer to retirement. Thank you!!!

  141. Laura Magee
    Laura Magee says:

    I’ve been looking for a good-quality antenna. So many people have so many recommendations that it’s hard to know where to start. I’ll definitely be checking this one out.

  142. Clint
    Clint says:

    Not a cable tv subscriber. We use Netflix on DVDs since we also don’t have internet access at home (except on our smart phones).
    Would be interested to see how many free channels we can get.

  143. Dana
    Dana says:

    We live in a canyon- have a hill on the south side of our house. We have an external HD antannae and with it get one local channel and even it is glitchy. I’d be interested in trying this antannae instead.
    We’ve never paid for cable- just not worth it to us.

  144. kele55
    kele55 says:

    moving to a small town in CA and would love to save some money! We already have cut the cord on cable TV, but would like to get some local news and sports.

  145. Christine
    Christine says:

    Sounds great, I get mad every month when I hit send on the payment for my tv service. Love reading your column every day!

  146. Martha Davison
    Martha Davison says:

    I cancelled my cable service several months ago, but I surely do miss seeing some news. I’ve been trying to decide what kind of antenna to purchase. Thanks for helping me know what direction to go. Even if I don’t win the free one, I have an idea of which kind to buy now.

  147. MaryM
    MaryM says:

    Inspired by that post, I called Comcast and discovered that they FINALLY uncoupled TV and high-speed internet, so I was able to drop my subscription by more than half! $64 down to $25! Woo-hoo! Would love to try this antenna as I do occasionally need that local news feed…


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