6 pc set white bathtowels

The Best Inexpensive Bath Towels in 2023

When asked to describe the perfect bath towel, most people include the words soft, thick, and thirsty. Cotton Incorporated, a trade association of cotton wholesalers, agrees that the best bath towel is a luxurious one that can also stand up to constant use and laundering for at least a decade!

100% cotton

A towel’s primary duty is to blot up and absorb water. One hundred percent cotton does the best job because cotton naturally attracts water. Synthetic fibers like polyester repel water, making a cotton-polyester blend less absorbent and to be avoided. 


The quality of a towel is determined by where the cotton is grown and woven. The heavier the weight, the thicker the towel— which translates to higher quality and greater durability as measured in GSM.

GSM is short for grams per square meter. All fabrics have a weight, and the standard measurement for the weight and quality of fabrics (including towels) is grams per square meter. This number refers to the density of the towel. High-quality Turkish cotton towels are generally heavier and are more absorbent.

Towels can vary anywhere between 300 GSM and 900 GSM. The lower the number, the lighter and thinner the towel. For instance:

300-400 GSM. In this weight, as noted, the towels are lighter and thinner. But, depending on its use, you might want a lower GSM for the gym towel or a kitchen towel. For instance, a lightweight, quicker-drying beach towel might be around 350 GSM.

400-600 GSM. This is a medium weight. This weight is great for beach towels, bath towels, guest towels, and so forth. Each consecutive gram weight –400, 500, 600– gets slightly heavier and more absorbent.

600-900 GSM. This is a premium, luxury weight. The towel will be denser, heavier, and more absorbent. It will probably take a little longer to dry.

Other factors that will influence the towel’s softness and absorbency are types of cotton, whether the manufacturer uses a polyester blend (please, no!), and whether the cotton is woven with a short or long loop (more on this in a bit).

Turkish Cotton

The highest quality towels are made of cotton grown and woven in Turkey with 800-gram (GSM) weight. Turkish cotton is grown exclusively in the Aegean Region of Turkey and is considered the highest quality cotton in the world.

Have you ever had a towel that stays wet long after use and develops a funky odor? This is precisely why it’s essential to have a quick-drying towel. Turkish cotton has just the right absorbency to effectively remove water from your body and then dry nicely and quickly.

When a towel dries quickly, there’s less chance of mildew, which is primarily responsible for that funky odor you may have noticed with other towels.

Turkish cotton has low absorbency, which is a great feature, especially for hand towels. You don’t want them to absorb all the moisture or the water and then wait hours to dry it again before you can use them. It has to be quick and effective. The fabric is created on spinning yarn to make threads with fewer “joins.” This leads to the thread being stronger, smoother, and more durable. Most people appreciate Turkish cotton because it gets stronger, fluffier, and smoother with excessive washing. 

Pima cotton

Pima cotton, grown in Arizona and California, is exceptionally soft and absorbent and is typically woven at 300 to 700 grams of weight (GSM).

Egyptian cotton

Next comes Egyptian cotton towels that weigh 300 to 600 GSM (grams per square meter).

Supima cotton

Supima is a trade name for cotton that is a blend of Egyptian and Pima cotton plants. 


If you look closely at terry cloth you will see it is made up of a series of loops. The length of the loop determines the fabric’s ability to absorb water. The longer the loop, the better the absorbency.

If those loops are shaved off or “cropped,” the result is velour. While velour makes the towel feel velvety, losing the loops dramatically reduces a towel’s ability to soak up water. A velour towel is pretty but not so useful. Short dense loops result in a thinner towel (preferred by some). Long dense loops make the towel thicker, increasing its absorbency and durability. 


Dark-colored towels will fade over time, and that cannot be avoided. If you want colored towels, opt for light colors. The best option, however, is to always go for white. You’ll simplify the laundering process and never have to worry about colors fading. Besides, white goes with everything. All the hand towels and face clothes match all the bath towels, which means you’ll save time. White bath linens never go out of style. 


The price of a medium-weight cotton towel is $10 to $12, but can go as high as $60 or more for a high-end Turkish cotton towel. 


Let’s say you pay $20 for a high-quality Egyptian cotton bath towel and use it once a week in rotation with other towels, for 10 years, or 520 uses. That works out to about 4 cents per use.

Now, let’s say you pay $10 for a lightweight, poor-quality towel in the same way. You’ll be lucky if it lasts for two years and will cost 9 cents per use—more than twice the cost of a high-quality Egyptian cotton towel.


Face it. Bath linens are exposed to soil, oil, skin cells, and germs. For good health, towels should be laundered in hot water, at least 120° F, with detergent and occasionally a small amount of chlorine bleach. You cannot do that safely with colored towels, but high-quality, white towels can take the most vigorous laundering and keep looking good year after year. 

Avoid fabric softeners of any kind when laundering towels. They contain silicones that will make towels virtually water repellent. Instead, add a cup of white vinegar to the last rinse to remove all traces of detergent—the culprit that makes towels stiff and scratchy.

Wash white towels separately. If drying by hanging on a clothesline, shake towels once while still wet, and again after they are dry. This will fluff the terry loops. Do not iron towels, as this, like fabric softeners, will reduce their ability to absorb water. 


A close up of a towelThink of bath towels as a ten-year investment, then buy accordingly. Once you know how to determine the right towel for you, wait for those towels to go on sale.

Buy the most quality you can afford, and you’ll save the most in the long run—and enjoy the luxury of quality bath towels in the process.  

Having owned, tested, loved, and often loathed an untold number of brands and types of bath linens over the years, I am confident to continue recommending JCPenneys Liz Claiborne Luxury Egyptian Hygrocotton Loops Towels as the best quality, luxury bath towels consistently at the best price—especially when they’re on Sale!—our pick for Best Inexpensive value for quality, luxurious bath linens.

Hygrocotton uses a special weaving process by which the fabric’s yarns have either a low twist count or untwisted loops. This method increases the surface area of the individual fibers, resulting in much more absorbent items. Ideal for shower and bath towels, and face cloths.

NOTE: These towels often sell out. But for now it appears that JCPenney is replenishing stock. We’re keeping our eyes on this an suggest that you check back often. When we have a substitute to suggestion, it will post here! Thanks.

EC Picks for Best Bath Towels

We understand that not everyone has the same taste or standard regarding bath linens. With that in mind, we’ve chosen a “best” in several categories. Please note that while prices and availability are changing rapidly these days, the following were readily available, and that price is shown at this update.

Best Overall

6-pc Bath Towel Set

Liz Claiborne 6-pc Luxury Egyptian Hygrocotton Bath Towel Set 600-800 GSM


NOTE: These towels often sell out. But for now it appears that JCPenney is replenishing stock. We’re keeping our eyes on this an suggest that you check back often. When we have a substitute to suggestion, it will post here! Thanks.


Purely Indulgent 100% Hygrocotton Towel Sets 600-800 GSM

COSTCO from $22.99

Not a Costco member? You can order this item online as a non-member with a 5% added non-member fee. Or do yourself a favor and join HERE.


Best Value

blush turkish towels from target








6pc Solid Turkish Cotton Bath Towel Set – Brooklyn Loom Set 550-800 GSM

TARGET from $62.99


Best Waffle Weave


100% cotton waffle weave bath towel from Target

Casaluna Waffle 100% Cotton Bath Towel GSM not-stated



Best Fast-Dry

Bath towels in multiple colors folded in a stack

Organic Quick-Dry Turkish Cotton Towels 550 GSM

POTTERY BARN $15 to $59


Best Luxury

6 pc set white bathtowels

100% Long-Staple Turkish Cotton 6-Pc Towel Set 700 GSM




First published: 4-24-17; Updated again for 2023: 5-18-23



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  1. JanetA says:

    I purchased the Liz Claiborne towels in aqua color several months ago (on sale at Penney’s), and have been very happy with them. They really are thick and luxurious. My only concern is having to be very careful that I don’t get the loops caught on my rings!

  2. OkelyDokely says:

    Hi Mary! Thanks for such a great article, very interesting and informative.
    I just wanted to say I guess we are a weird couple, because we don’t like thick towels, especially those overly thick towels that most would consider luxurious. Still using a Bed Bath and Beyond set of Turkish cotton, going on gosh, close to 20 years! Oh, I’ve tried buying new ones at all price levels, but still return to the old favorites.

  3. Cally Ross says:

    And, remember, when your towels are to be replaced… after you cut them into a good quantity of rags around the house, donate the rest to humane societies. They go through a lot of towels!

  4. Lynne Chollar-Stevenson says:

    We purchased the Liz Claiborne towels. Amazing. They are huge and so luxurious. I feel like I’m in a fancy hotel. If I have any complaint, it’s that they take up a lot of washer space so I feel like I’m washing towels more frequently – not as many towels fit in one load. With all that said, I’ll be watching for another deal and order four more.

  5. Alysa says:

    Thanks atk, I bought some of the Charisma grey ones at Costco and they were awful and are not absorbent at all. The color washed out of them in spots on the first wash and now I have big pink spots, so I returned all the ones that still had the tags on. I saw the white ones and had not thought of this perspective. The Charisma and that other brand that had the white towels were both very reasonable. The towels recommended in this article are so expensive. We are replacing Utica towels I believe I got at JcPenney more than 25 years ago.

  6. atk says:

    I have white towels from Costco, and they are great. They are at least six years old, if not older. I use white vinegar as a rinse and wool dryer balls. The dryer balls are from Walmart and come two in a package for a very reasonable price. I’m very happy with my Costco towels.


    The prices for these towels are beyond my budget. I’m sure you have to figure the cost per use but Costco has beautiful, thick towels and they seem great for $7 or $8. What about these?

  8. Nelibeleo says:

    Would LOVE to hear your recommendations for absorbent, long lasting dish towels. I purchased some heavy woven cotton towels in 1993 in NYC and they lasted until about 2013. Haven’t been able to find anything that comes close since and anything I have purchased in the last 20 years are either poorly made, fall apart, get holes early, and don’t last at all.

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