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News You Can Use • March 2024

Stay informed with our curated selection of March 2024’s top news articles, covering Capital One’s acquisition of Discover, IRS tax payment strategies, and the inspiring journey of a bikepacker turned entrepreneur. More top news articles to come throughout the month.

newspaper headline daily news man reading with coffee mug

Most Recent Top News Articles

Retired at 36?

After retiring at 36 from a successful career in data science, Yaron Goldstein found himself busier than ever, filling his days with a myriad of passions and pursuits. From traveling the US to writing a children’s book on data science, establishing a green tea business, and pursuing a physics degree, Goldstein’s structured daily routine blends learning, leisure, and social engagements, proving that retirement can be anything but idle. Read more →

Spruce Up Your Finances: 6 Steps to Spring Clean Your Bank Accounts

Just as you’d tidy up your living space, it’s time to give your bank accounts a good ol’ spring cleaning! Peek into those transactions for sneaky fees, bid farewell to unnecessary subscriptions, and take a big-picture look at your spending. Automate your payments, ditch the paper statements, and streamline your accounts to match your money goals. Whether you’re merging or opening new accounts, regular financial tune-ups keep your funds in top shape year-round. Read more →

Move over rainy day funds—here comes the “me fund”

Sure, emergency savings are crucial, but have you heard of the “me fund”? It’s like your personal stash for those not-so-necessary-but-oh-so-wanted splurges, from concert tickets to that killer pair of shoes. Rita Cheng, a certified financial planner, breaks down why having a “me fund” is smart and how to kickstart yours without breaking the bank. Read more →

Facebook’s ‘Poking’ Feature Makes a Comeback

Facebook is bringing back its classic “poking” feature, seeing a surge in activity, especially among young users. Originally a playful gesture, poking now offers a simple way to reconnect with friends as Facebook celebrates its 20th anniversary. Read more →

It’s been a very good week for your 401(k)

Despite a minor dip on Friday, US stocks wrapped up a robust week, with the Dow Jones Industrial Average marking its best performance since December. The surge was fueled by record highs, particularly in artificial intelligence stocks, and positive economic outlooks from the Federal Reserve. Read more →

Embracing Living Fences

Living fences, echoing centuries of agricultural tradition, offer multifaceted benefits for modern landscapes. From providing privacy to nurturing biodiversity, these vibrant barriers, built from various plants, trees, and shrubs, enhance both aesthetics and ecology. Read more →

Ruling to Reshape Real Estate Market Dynamics in the U.S.

An antitrust settlement against the National Association of Realtors (NAR) is poised to revolutionize the American real estate landscape. With commissions set to become competitive and negotiable, homebuyers stand to benefit from reduced costs, potentially saving thousands of dollars. While buyers may face changes in payment structures for their agents, increased transparency is expected. However, the shift could lead to a significant exodus of brokers from the industry, with implications for market dynamics and industry players. Read more →

It’s not you, it’s them: Engaged couples are cutting back on lavish weddings

The American wedding landscape is transforming as engaged couples opt for more modest celebrations amidst a decline in lavish affairs. Rising costs and shifting generational attitudes are contributing to this trend, with many couples prioritizing financial prudence and practicality over extravagant expenditures. As a result, wedding vendors are diversifying their offerings to adapt to changing consumer preferences, navigating an increasingly competitive market while striving to maintain the essence of cherished traditions. Read more →

California’s Spring Spectacle: The Superbloom Emerges in Vibrant Display

As winter rain saturates California, a stunning spring superbloom emerges, promising a vibrant display of wildflowers across the diverse landscape. While wet conditions set the stage for brilliance, challenges like extreme heat and invasive species threaten the blooms. Conservation efforts urge visitors to tread lightly, safeguarding these ephemeral wonders for future enjoyment. Read more →

March 18, 2024

America’s Condiment Craze: From Kranch to Truffle Mayo, Sauce Reigns Supreme

Delve into the sauce sensation sweeping the nation as food companies and restaurants inundate consumers with a plethora of condiments. From Jack in the Box’s “Munchie Sauce” to Kraft Heinz’s innovative “sauce drops,” explore how sauce preferences become deeply personal and sometimes overwhelming. Despite challenges like sauce shortages and overly sauced dishes, the condiment craze shows no signs of slowing down, transforming meals and relationships alike. Read more →

Empowering Entrepreneurs: Women Lead the Charge in Business Growth

Explore the surge in female entrepreneurship, driven by women like Bernadette Corbeil, who defy traditional norms to excel in male-dominated fields like construction. With insights from experts and data analysis, discover how women are reshaping industries, seizing opportunities for autonomy and flexibility, and addressing gaps in skilled trades. From founding successful businesses to advocating for diversity, women are driving innovation and economic growth. Read more →

Financial Support for Grown Children: A Growing Trend Among Parents

A recent report reveals that nearly half of parents with adult children over 18 provide some form of financial assistance, averaging $1,384 per month. While this support reflects the evolving economic challenges faced by millennials and Gen Z, it also poses risks to parents’ retirement security. Experts advise setting boundaries and balancing parental aid with personal financial goals, emphasizing the importance of fostering financial independence in adult children. Read more →

Boeing’s Troubles: A Crisis of Confidence and Accountability

Once a paragon of reliability, Boeing now faces a tumultuous future marred by mid-flight disasters and a declining reputation for quality. Recent incidents, including a Dreamliner’s sudden descent mid-flight, have shaken regulators, airlines, and investors. With Boeing’s stock plummeting and federal investigations underway, questions loom about the company’s accountability and its path forward. Explore the complexities of Boeing’s challenges in this insightful analysis. Read more →

Discount Dilemma: Family Dollar & Dollar Tree Close 1,000 Stores Amidst Retail Turmoil

Dive into the retail turmoil as Family Dollar, plagued by mismanagement and store conditions, announces the closure of nearly 1,000 stores. Dollar Tree, its parent company, faces the aftermath of fines and dwindling profits amidst economic challenges and reduced government benefits. Explore the implications for shoppers and the retail landscape, highlighting the rise of discount competitors like Dollar General. Read more →

SpaceX’s Super Heavy-Starship: Triumphs, Trials, and Future Endeavors

Witness SpaceX’s monumental third test flight of the Super Heavy-Starship rocket, a groundbreaking endeavor marked by successes and setbacks. While the rocket’s ascent and space journey were awe-inspiring, both stages met their demise during descent. Despite this, SpaceX celebrates significant achievements and gathers crucial data for future advancements. Delve into the highs and lows of this historic flight, illuminating the path forward for space exploration. Read more →

Race to the Moon: NASA Teams Up with SpaceX and Blue Origin for Lunar Missions

NASA is collaborating with SpaceX and Blue Origin in a quest to return American astronauts to the lunar surface as part of the Artemis program. While facing challenges such as cost concerns and technical hurdles, the ambitious endeavor aims to establish a sustainable presence on the moon and pave the way for future missions to Mars. Read more →

The Generation Z Financial Trap: Why Young Adults Are Falling for Online Scams

Discover why Generation Z is surprisingly susceptible to financial scams, as experts delve into the factors driving this trend. From targeted online advertisements to a culture of trust in social media, learn how young adults are being lured into fraudulent schemes, resulting in significant financial losses. Read more →

Job Market Juggernaut: February’s Labor Report Breakdown

February’s jobs report showcases resilient growth, with 275,000 jobs added, despite a slight uptick in the unemployment rate. Sectors like healthcare and hospitality continue to drive expansion. However, revisions to previous months’ figures reveal nuances in the recovery. Read more →

TikTok No More? Inside the Latest Battle Over the App’s Fate

House lawmakers are pushing forward with a bill that could spell trouble for TikTok in the US, requiring it to separate from its Chinese parent company or face a ban. As tensions rise over national security concerns and free speech rights, here’s a breakdown of what’s at stake. Read more →

Popping Potential: How Popcorn Empowers Those with Autism

Discover the heartwarming story of “Popcorn for the People,” a non-profit initiative by Sam Bier, a 33-year-old with autism. Through this venture, Bier is not only providing employment opportunities but also fostering independence for individuals with autism and developmental disabilities. Learn more about this inspiring endeavor in CNN’s report. Watch video →

March 9, 2024

Coming Soon? Applebee’s-IHOP Combo Restaurants Set to Revolutionize Dining Experience

Get ready for a dining revolution as Applebee’s and IHOP contemplate combining forces in dual-branded locations. With successful prototypes already in Mexico, this innovative concept promises increased revenue and enhanced dining options. Read more →

Octo-Olympics: Female Octopuses Showcase Precision Seashell Throwing Skills

Female octopuses in Australia display remarkable behavior, hurling seashells and debris with precision at other octopuses. Caught on camera for the first time, this intriguing behavior sheds light on octopus interactions and social dynamics. Read more →

Shadow the Warrior Dad: Big Bear Bald Eagle’s Heroic Wing Slap

Meet Shadow, the protective father eagle at Big Bear Lake, who demonstrated his parenting prowess by executing a flawless ‘wing slap’ to ward off a swooping raven from his nest. Biologist Sandy Steers shares insights into the eagles’ vigilant defense strategies. Follow the gripping saga of Jackie and Shadow’s nest on the 24-hour webcam. See video →

March 8, 2024

The Rising Cost of College: Balancing Demand, Administrative Expenses, and Debt Forgiveness

Despite recent loan forgiveness initiatives, college tuition continues to soar, with average costs increasing by 155% between 1980 and 2023. Administrative expenses, driven by a growing number of staff and demand for degrees, contribute to the financial burden. Institutions like Pomona College, with yearly tuition reaching $62,326, grapple with balancing expenses while providing financial aid. Analysts stress the need for students to weigh costs against benefits and for institutions to reevaluate their financial structures. Read more →

Biden’s Blitz: Credit Card Late Fees Capped

Biden’s administration takes aim at junk fees with a $8 cap on credit card late fees, saving families over $10 billion annually. Learn more about the new regulation here: Read more →

Cookie Monster’s Crunch: Shrinkflation Sparks White House Response

Cookie Monster’s outcry over shrinking cookies sparks a high-level response, with President Biden calling for an end to shrinkflation. Read more about the muppet’s complaint and the White House’s reaction here: Read more →

Earlier Top News Articles

AT&T’s Response: $5 Credits for Customers Hit by Service Outage

In response to last month’s widespread cellphone service disruption affecting over 70,000 customers, AT&T pledges $5 bill credits to affected individuals. The company acknowledges the frustration caused by the outage and vows to prevent future occurrences. While the credit may take two billing cycles to apply, it offers a gesture of goodwill to impacted consumers … Read more →

Economists Paint Rosy Picture for 2024: Growth, Stability, and Fed Moves

Economists foresee a promising year ahead for the U.S. economy, with faster growth, easing inflation, and robust job creation on the horizon. The National Association for Business Economics (NABE) anticipates a 2.2% rise in gross domestic product (GDP) this year, a significant uptick from previous projections. Expectations of declining inflation and the possibility of Fed rate cuts add to the positive outlook, buoyed by a bullish stock market and strong employment market … Read more →

Lights, Camera, Netflix: Your Ultimate Guide to the Must-Watch Movies of 2024!

Dive into the excitement of 2024 with Netflix’s impressive lineup of new movies! From gripping thrillers to heartwarming comedies and captivating documentaries, there’s something for everyone. Check out the full list of over 50 titles in Joe Allen’s comprehensive article on what’s coming to Netflix this year … Read more →

Capital One’s Bold Move: Buying Discover for $35 Billion

Capital One’s proposed acquisition of Discover Financial Services for over $35 billion has sparked discussions about its potential impact on consumers. While the deal awaits regulatory approval, experts suggest minimal changes for customers of both companies … Read more →

Avoiding IRS Interest Snowballs: Why Paying Taxes on Time Matters

With interest compounded daily, delaying payment can quickly escalate your tax bill. Columnist Michelle Singletary offers practical advice on navigating tax debt, from setting up payment plans to avoiding dubious tax debt settlement companies … Read more →

From Pedals to Profit: How a Bikepacker Turned Adventure into Income on the Road

Tristan Ridley’s journey as a full-time bikepacker spans continents and life-threatening moments. With a budget as low as $6 a day, he transformed his passion for cycling into a thriving business, offering coaching services and growing a popular YouTube channel. Learn how Ridley and others like him are turning their unconventional lifestyles into successful online ventures, inspiring a new wave of digital nomads … Read more →


Check back regularly for updates! We’ll be adding new top news articles throughout March 2024.


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