Memorize This 10-Minute Rescue Plan

The phone rings. Surprise! Long lost friends will be at your front door in ten minutes. You have no time to clean the house or even to panic. Instead, move into high gear with this 10-Minute Rescue: 

1. Set a small pan of water over medium heat. Add spices like cinnamon, allspice, and cloves and leave it to heat.

2. Grab a box or grocery bag and clear all coffee tables, end tables and kitchen counters into it. Stash it in a closet. 

3. Gather and deposit all bathroom clutter, deposit it in the tub or shower and draw the curtain. 

4. Pull out a special basket (prepared ahead of time and stashed under the sink) with a couple of pretty holiday towels and guest soaps tucked in it and place it on the vanity.

5. Clean all flat surfaces you cleared with furniture polish or all-purpose cleaner. 

6. Starting at the front door vacuum the visible areas. 

7. Light the candles and the fireplace. Switch on the stereo and turn down the lights. Ta-da!

Plan to keep one room sparkling clean just for visitors, and don’t let anyone in it before the guests arrive.

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  1. PJ says:

    Peg Bracken of (“I Hate to Cook” book fame) used to live in Hawaii. Here’s her 4-step rescue plan when unexpected guests come calling: Sweep the deck, turn on the pool lights, set out the ice and lock the house. LOL


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