woman renewing her mind

How To Renew and Restore Your Mind

Saving money is not only about finding ways to spend less. Living below your means depends heavily on attitude. We are what we think and the choices we make. We choose either to live under our circumstances or above them. From time to time, it’s good to do a mental reset to renew and restore our minds.

woman renewing her mind

Recently, I heard from an extremely negative woman. Her long letter revealed her life philosophy: “If I don’t expect anything good to happen, I won’t be disappointed when it doesn’t!”

She told me of all the devastating things that had happened to her over the years. She was afraid to believe anything good might happen. Because her thoughts were all negative, so was her life.

Maybe you’re like that woman; you’re avoiding hope to protect yourself from being hurt. Let me tell you something: Your negative attitude is setting you up for negative behaviors, and that’s setting you up for a negative lifestyle. Everything becomes negative because your thoughts are negative.

I want you to think about the tremendous power your thoughts have over your life. You have 100 percent control over your thoughts. You can focus on what’s wrong or be thankful for what’s right. Your actions are a direct result of your thoughts.

If you think negatively, you will act that way and make harmful decisions. The converse is true, as well. Force yourself to think positively, refuse to look on the dark side of any issue or action, search for what’s right about your life right now, and focus on it. You’ll be surprised how quickly your behavior begins to change.

It’s called renewing your mind. If you are habitually negative, this will be quite a challenge. But you can do it, I know you can. Want to practice? Using the comments area below, tell me ten good things about your life today.

Can’t think of even one thing? Well, you did wake up this morning. You are breathing. Your mind is clear enough to find the computer keyboard or a piece of paper. You have some method to press those keys or manipulate a writing instrument. You have sufficient eyesight to read this column. Your mind is processing at a level necessary to understand the written word. You do have the proper muscles in your face to turn your mouth into a smile.

Try it right now, even if you are convinced you have absolutely nothing to smile about. Have you reached ten yet? OK, so cheat. Start with the reasons I’ve just given above, making each one personal to you. Then end each with an exclamation point.


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5 replies
  1. Rhonda says:

    Being new to my area, I have a ladies Bible study to enjoy and new friends there. Being able to afford food shopping, having a reliable car, communication with children, grandchildren,
    Morning devtions, being able to swim outside for exercise, my tiny yard to dig in, and a bunch of great women friends from my former home who still talk with me every week.

  2. Carol says:

    1. I have a nice home, heated and air-conditioned when I need it.
    2 I have food to eat, and food choices.
    3. a husband of 53 years to share things with and enjoy especially the little things with.
    4. Fall is beautiful where I live, best time of the year.
    5. Jesus loves me.
    6. I can read my Bible and pray without fear of reprisal.
    7. God answers prayer
    8. I may be 76, but I can still walk unaided and travel some.
    9. My grandchildren, especially a dear little boy who just tuned 5.
    10.Two great granddaughters and another on the way.

  3. Robin says:

    I agree with everything you have written here! A practice I have begun is to hold a special rock I found each morning and think of 5 quick reasons to be thankful, trying to come up with different ones every day, which really focuses my mind on gratitude and positivity. Today:
    1. My dear husband is with me
    2. I slept in a comfortable bed all night
    3. A beautiful Fall day awaits me
    4. Jesus loves me
    5. My grandson’s ear infection is getting better

  4. Evelyn says:

    I woke up in a bed, in a house, with heat. I had food for breakfast and running water. I have a car to take me to my job which pays me good money. I am healthy, have a family and friends. Just a few of my blessings!

  5. Marie says:

    1) thankful for my loving husband!
    2) thankful for my children!
    3) thankful for my new and healthy grand baby!
    4) thankful that I woke with breathe in my lungs!
    5) thankful that I have a home!
    6) thankful for the bright sunshine this morning!
    7) thankful for friendships!
    8) thankful that I have food in my refrigerator!
    9) thankful that I have clothes to wear!
    10) thankful that I am healthy!


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