40-Day Challenge Day 10

You probably have enough food in your pantry and freezer to feed your family for a week or two. Plan now to skip the grocery store for a couple of weeks between now and Christmas. Eat up what you have already. It might be odd but you won’t starve. Stash the money you don’t spend on groceries in your Christmas money.


Listen …


How much do you think you could redirect to your Christmas money if you skipped grocery shopping for one week? 

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  1. Vivian Freppon says:

    My mom and I live together and we have been using what was in our pantry for a while now….I was amazed at the things I already had! For Thanksgiving I only had to purchase 2 cans of corn, 2 cans of green beans and crescent rolls! I had everything else I needed including the turkey! It was so satisfying to put that dinner on the table for my kids and nieces and nephews.


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