Ice coffee in a tall glass with cream poured over and coffee beans. Cold summer drink on a light blue background.

How to Keep Your Iced Coffee Strong to the Last Sip

The arrival of warmer weather marks the reappearance of various things, with my personal favorite being iced coffee season. It’s a revitalizing method to kick off the day and a refreshing afternoon energizer when hot coffee doesn’t seem appealing.


Ice coffee in a tall glass with cream poured over and coffee beans. Cold summer drink on a light blue background.

If you, like I, are a leisurely coffee sipper, you’re likely acquainted with how fast melted ice can transform an otherwise delightful iced coffee into a disappointment. If you’re not familiar with this predicament, consider yourself fortunate since nothing is more unpleasant than anticipating a large gulp only to realize that your formerly chilled beverage is now a distant memory, replaced with a diluted coffee-flavored liquid. Argh! Even when I brew an extra strong batch of iced coffee, I still dislike how conventional ice cubes dilute my drink.

Fortunately, we have a solution—coffee ice cubes. These ice cubes made with coffee preserve the rich, robust flavor of your beverage until the last drop by avoiding dilution as they melt.


Coffee Ice Cubes

Haul out a tray

You’ll need an old-style, regular ice cube tray, available at any dollar store, or online, if you can’t find one stashed in the back of a cabinet. Plan to mark it for coffee cubes only, as coffee can permeate itself into plastic, which could make clear coffee cubes have a lingering coffee flavor.

Grab some coffee

Leftover morning coffee is your most likely resource if you ever have that (I never do). Your other option is to brew a fresh pot.

Freeze it

Fill your ice cube tray(s) with coffee and freeze it for 3 to 4 hours. You can store the coffee ice cubes in a sizable freezer bag or leave them in the tray for convenience.

Woman taking tray with coffee ice cubes out of fridge


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3 replies
  1. Cally Ross says:

    another ice coffee fan here! I make coffee ice cubes, usually from a fresh pot, “leftovers” are for quitters! 😉 they’re also a nice little ice-pop when it’s hot outside.
    keep up the good work!

  2. Linda Wishart says:

    Like you, I do enjoy iced coffee. Love your shared suggestion for keeping it flavorful. Thanks much, enjoy your column!!


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