This section contains many, many Great Reader Tips that Mary has amassed over the years.  From an ingenious tip for removing that cloudy film on your headlights to a simple tool to keep your garbage disposal clean to a no-scrub method for a sparkling clean coffee carafe, they’re all here in one convenient location.

Read on for hundreds of helpful tips, tricks and smart ideas submitted by people just like you!

tomato storage method using tape

How to Store Tomatoes Perfectly Fresh for 10-Days or Longer

I have tested so many ways to keep tomatoes fresh long enough to use them—on the counter, upside down, attached
car and driver

It’s Called ‘Hypermiling’ (Would You Go This Far to Save Gas?)

Hypermiling is a method of increasing your car’s gas mileage by making intentional changes in the way you drive. Sure,
Fresh green celery isolated on white

No More Flabby Celery and More Great Reader Tips

If you suffer the heartbreak of flabby celery, asparagus, and fresh herbs despite your best efforts to keep them fresh
a roll of aluminum foil on white background slightly unrolled and crinkled

26 Ways to Use Aluminum Foil to Save Time Money Make Life Easier

Using aluminum foil to line cookie sheets and to keep a steak hot while you finish getting everything ready to
Lightbulb and crumpled white paper balls on black background. Successful solution of problem. Think outside the box. Business motivation with copy space. Genius idea among failing ideas metaphor.

No More Sleeping Through the Alarm and More Tips and Great Ideas!

Surprise! Today, instead of sharing tips you’ve sent to me, I’ve decided to hog the entire column to share some
homemade bread

Ingenious Tips for How to Store Bread To Keep It Fresher Longer

Whether store-bought or homemade, is it asking too much for bread to remain fresh long enough to use it up
campsite at sunrise

19 Hacks to Keep Cool When It’s Super Hot Outdoors

Whatever hot weather adventures you have planned—the beach, pool, campground, or even your own backyard—these cool summer tips, tricks, hacks,
kitchen hack uses two glasses of water to test if eggs are rotten or fresh

31 More Kitchen Hacks You’ll Wish You’d Known Sooner

Here is a wonderfully creative collection of tips that spotlight my readers' resourcefulness and intelligence in the kitchen and pantry.

Cheap Source for Quality LED Lightbulbs and More Great Reader Tips

Think you can't get a better deal on quality LED lightbulbs? Well, think again! Look at this most unlikely resource
cleaning salt stains on leather boot with olive oil

Secrets for How to Clean Leather, Cast Iron, and Lots More

It's safe to say we're all aware that Italy is where one would find the best leather. I'd just never
A man working on a car

More Creative Ways My Clever Readers Save Time and Money

Sometimes I wonder how Everyday Cheapskate readers discover their handy ideas. I mean, who would have thought something that cleans
butter along side a knife that has cut it into small pieces sitting on a black cutting board

21 Brilliant Kitchen Hacks You’ll Wish You’d Known Sooner

Whether you are naturally gifted in the kitchen or had the pleasure of growing up with some talented cooks who

10 Incredibly Simple Travel Tips to Take Stress Out of Flying

It goes without saying that when traveling by air, you need to get to the airport early. But this summer
A pile of colorful letters and junk mail on a table isolated on greyish background

Readers’ Tips Often Come with More than Just Great Ideas

The only thing I love more than great tips from my readers are the words of love and thanks. Yeah,
Hand with microfiber cloth cleaning car headlight covers.

How to Remove Cloudy Film from Headlights Covers Plus More Great Reader Tips

Well, you’ve done it again! You clever readers have come up with another batch of fabulous ways that all of

How to Remove Scratches on Stainless Steel Appliances, Sinks, Counters

As sleek and sturdy as it is, stainless steel is not immune to picking up unsightly scratches in the course

Keep Kitties Out of the Kids’ Sandbox

Pop Quiz: What looks like water, is certainly inexpensive, has a pungent odor but is not toxic (in fact you
couple moving and thowing coins in a piggybank

How to Save Money and Get Financially Confident Starting Now

For a good deal of my life, I lived under a dark cloud of fear that I would end up
A close up of a flower

Ask Me Anything: Concrete Stains, Yellowed Whites, Power Toothbrush

Every day when I open my inbox, I find dozens, if not hundreds, of questions from the audience. Want to
Frozen food in the refrigerator. Vegetables on the freezer shelves.

Money-Saving Tips, Tricks, and Hacks to Put Your Freezer To Work

Whether yours is a stand-alone unit or part of your refrigerator, your freezer costs a lot in wasted energy or
A person posing for the camera

Simple Tool Keeps Garbage Disposal Clean Plus more Great Reader Tips

Some days I just have to smack myself in the forehead. Why didn’t I think of that?! Doesn’t it make sense
US Pennies shiny new

16 Facts and Uses for the One-Cent Piece That are Worth Every Penny

For some people, pennies are so annoying, they don’t even bother picking up strays that end up on sidewalks and

How to Remove Paint Stains from Carpet & More Great Reader Tips

Want to get latex paint out of carpet, upholstery, or any other kind of fabric―even if it's an old stain
Lightbulb sketched on a chalkboard

Take the Sag Out of a Closet Rod and Lots More Clever Tips and Tricks!

A sagging closet rod is so annoying but minor compared to clogging up your entire apartment building's plumbing system. Both
A person posing for the camera

The No-Scrub Method for Sparkling Clean Coffee Carafes and More Great Reader Tips

There exist all kinds of methods for cleaning glass coffee carafes—most of them brought to us by hard working, super
laundry vignette

17 Best Laundry Tips, Tricks, and Hacks of All Time

I love to do laundry. I’m crazy that way. Here are some of my favorite laundry tips that just might
A clear glass shower door, with Leak and Toilet

These Puppies Detect Water Leaks (and More Great Reader Tips!)

My readers do come up with the greatest tips, tricks, and ideas for how to save time and money every
A bird sitting on top of a wooden table

How to Squirrel-Proof a Bird Feeder Plus More Great Reader Tips

Recently, I had the occasion to shop for a bird feeder for a dear friend. I learned quickly that squirrels
Woman holds red suitcase in hands

25 Really Fun Tricks and Tips Every Traveler Needs to Know

Over the years I’ve collected a bunch of really great travel tips—some fun, some crazy, but all of them very

15 Ways to Cut the Cost of Owning a Pet

So how can you afford to care for your pet—in sickness and in health? Make prevention maintenance your top priority

Top Ten Signs a Website is Not Legit—It’s a Scam!

Every day millions of people get sucked into Internet scams and tricks that end up costing them dearly, something I
bird house in bottle

Rehab is for the Birds and More Great Reader Tips

If you’re planning a home rehab—or in the throes of that right now—just imagine how wonderful it would be if