A close up of a plant

Residential Rehab for the Birds

If you’re planning a home rehab—or in the throes of that right now—just imagine how wonderful it would be if all it took to make the place like new was a spritz or two of our favorite odor-eliminating, disinfecting, and cleaning spray. That’s all it took for some very lucky birds!

A close up of a plant

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FRESH HOME. I have another use for Nok-Out. I have a gourd birdhouse and I thought it was getting too full of nesting material so I cleaned it out thinking the birds would start over the next spring building a nest in it. I was wrong. I went two years and still no bird nested. I decided to spray it with Nok-Out because maybe a bird could smell the prior resident, so to speak. I sprayed it; let it dry in the sun, hung it back up and now I have a new resident. Love your column. Kathy

Nok-Out is an amazing product, and proven safe for all things aviary! Something else amazing? EC readers get 10% off when they use code: DPL at checkout -mh

CAST IRON RESTORE. Just read your article on cast iron pans. These are better than any non-stick cookware on the market. An easier way to get rid of rust on an old cast iron pan is to fill the pan or pot with Coca-Cola and boil it. This will take the pan down to bare metal and ready to be properly seasoned. Jim

REASONABLE FACSIMILE. I read your article about Soilove Laundry Stain Remover. It isn’t available in Minnesota but we do have Greased Lightning Super Strength Cleaner and Degreaser. It works great as a laundry stain remover as well as many of the other uses that you mentioned for Soilove. Greased Lightning is especially effective on greasy or oily stains on clothing, even items that have gone through the dryer. I’ve rescued many articles of clothing from the rag bag with Greased Lightning. I don’t know how it compares to Soilove but I’ve been very impressed with the results. Cindy

PICK IT CLEAN. I hate deboning a roasted chicken or Thanksgiving turkey. Seemed to take forever, until … I put on a clean pair of rubber gloves and instead of utensils, used my hands to pull everything off. Roasted chicken takes about 10 minutes to pick clean. The gloves are tacky enough to grip, and I don’t get my hands slippery and messy. I can get every morsel—Fast, no frustration, and simple. Kay

MAKE IT GREEK. Create your own Greek yogurt by folding a full-size paper towel into quarters, placing it on top of plain yogurt and it will absorb the sour-tasting whey. Replace the towel when soaked or each time you eat some yogurt. The more often you replace the towel, the tastier the yogurt becomes. We buy the larger size tubs and after a couple of towels, it tastes a lot smoother and less tart. Be sure to buy yogurt that is stiff and not runny or the towels will stick. KC

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  1. ABC says:

    Re: paper towels to make Greek yogurt: Don’t paper towels have lots of chemical residue left over from their manufacturing process?

  2. Susan says:

    Whey drained from yogurt is a precious item. I use a few spoons of it in soaking water for grains and beans. It can be used to start veggie ferments. It is full of the good organisms that our guts need. I just drained a quart of yogurt to get a supply of whey. Don’t toss the stuff!


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