tomato storage method using tape

How to Store Tomatoes Perfectly Fresh for 10-Days or Longer

A perfectly ripe, fresh, slightly crisp tomato elevates so many things from salads to BLTs. But here’s the problem: At my house, we frequently cannot consume them in the short window of a couple of days before they turn mushy and slightly spoiled …

tomato storage method using tape

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I have tested so many ways to keep tomatoes fresh long enough to use them—on the counter, upside down, in a closed container in the fridge, attached to the stem, to name a few. None were super satisfying. But this method? Now my absolute favorite and the only way I will ever store tomatoes.

The theory is that simple cellophane tape applied tightly (with the green “top” left attached or removed—I can’t see where that makes any difference at all) creates a barrier to hold moisture in and potential bacteria and mold out.

Using this method, I can leave an unwashed, “taped” tomato on the counter for 10 days, and it’s the same as it was on day 1. To use, simply remove the tape, wash it, and enjoy. That’s it!

Best way ever to store fresh tomatoes long enough to actually use them, without any detectable change in texture or flavor. Amazing.




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5 replies
  1. Sheri says:

    Ok, I have the been doing that for a while now. BUT How can you keep the tomato once you cut a slice out of it.
    Or even How do you keep avocados once you slice it in half with out having to put lemon on it.?
    I have tried putting it in a Ziploc and suck the air out of it. Also Food Saver bags that you can put produce in and such out the air. I am the only one that eats avocados.


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