Confessions of a Compulsive Chopper

Not long ago, I did something I hadn’t done in years. I took a weekend off. It was wonderful. Had friends over. And I made fresh salsa…Pico de Gallo fresh ingredients chopped with Chop Wizard

I used my absolute favorite kitchen gadget, the Chop Wizard to chop the stuff that needed chopping (tomatoes, onions, bell pepper, jalapeno, garlic, cilantro). This thing is amazing and super inexpensive.

It chopped the tomatoes fast and uniformly—without launching seeds and pulp across the room or turning the whole thing into a squished mess. I chopped onions, garlic, and peppers, too.

The ingredients for my Pico de Gallo salsa need to include freshly chopped onion, tomato, jalapeno (go easy!), green bell pepper, fresh garlic, and cilantro. Mix together and add the juice of one lime, salt, and pepper; all to taste. That’s pretty much it!

This Chopper

I love my chopper so much that I look for things to chop just because it’s so much fun. I’m a chopping fool! And the results are always so amazing. I even took Chop Wizard to the office a while back and held a demonstration for my tolerant staff.

I know I run the risk of this sounding like I’m a paid spokesperson for Chop Wizard (if I were, I’d be out of a job). It’s just that this gadget is such a time saver. Given the fact that it makes me want to make things from scratch, it’s a money saver, too.

I bought my Chop Wizard years ago in response to a late-night TV infomercial. Sadly, the original Chop Wizard has been discontinued. But there is at least one excellent, seriously upgraded option I can recommend if chopping is your jam.

I can’t say that everything I’ve purchased through an infomercial or PBS special has turned out as well. I’ve been burned a number of times when my compulsive nature met headlong with a weak moment. It makes me queasy to think back over the years—all the junk, all the money I’ve wasted.

Cheat Sheet

When I say I am compulsive, I mean that with a capital C. How do I deal with it when it comes to buying stuff? I have these specific questions written on a flowchart that I keep close and force myself to answer:


Design and Font


    1. Do I need it?
    2. Can I afford it?
    3. Do I already have something that will do?
    4. Can I wait for a more reasonable alternative?
    5. Am I certain I have located the best deal?
    6. Am I willing to submit to a self-imposed cooling-off period to think it over?

You wouldn’t believe how many times these simple questions have stopped me short—forcing me to stop and think and then saving me from making a foolish purchase.

And there have been just as many times that this exercise gave me the confidence I needed to make the right purchasing decision.

Updated 5-5-23


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  1. Susan Sharp says:

    I used to buy a ton of stuff from catalogs. Years ago I started dog earring those pages with items I “had” to have and put it aside. 99% of the time I forget about it and end up throwing out the catalog. Compulsive catalog shopping conquered!

  2. Amanda Richards says:

    I love my chop wizard. I’ve had it about 5 years now & I use it mainly for my radishes. I eat Keto & love hashbrowns, but they have too many carbs, so I sub radishes.I use the matchstick cutter & it makes the perfect size to fry.

  3. Lori M says:

    Vidalia Chop Wizard is amazing! I use it all the time, especially for onions. I even bought one for my sister and mom. It is such a time saver!

  4. Sally Davison says:

    Mary, you are an influencer! After reading your blog I ordered my very own Vidalia Chop Wizard. I spend 30-45 minutes every day putting a salad together for our lunch. MY Chop Wizard is supposed to arrive today (even though it is my husband’s birthday) so I am very excited and can’t wait to try it out! Thanks for your great ideas.

  5. tboofy says:

    Sounds like there are a lot of us who love our chop wizards! I’ve replace mine a couple times, too. I always use it when I bottle salsa. I also like to take onions or green peppers and chop them and put them in the freezer so I have them whenever I want them.

  6. Rachael Schueler Sutherland says:

    I have to admit that I don’t have a Vidalia chop wizard, I have an Alligator chopper. Same thing, different brand, in stainless steel. I love that thing. It was a bit pricey but I think of all the hours it has saved me over the years and it was totally worth it. Best kitchen investment ever!

  7. Esther Andrade says:

    I can’t repeat it enough times, “The Vidalia Chop Wizard is my new best friend”. I love it and use it whenever possible and like you, look for things to chop. I bought it on a whim and fell in love. My family thinks I’m crazy but, I intend to give it as a Christmas gift to all the women in my family.. Iknow they will love it as much as I do. Well worth what I paid for it.

  8. Betty Thomas says:

    I hate hauling out (and cleaning afterwards) my food processor to make a batch of salsa. This sounds wonderful. One of my tricks to keep me from impulse buying is to bookmark the item I want and put it aside. I revisit it in a week or so and usually I don’t care or want it anymore. Works for me!

  9. riva roffman says:

    I love my chop wizard! My kids use it more than I do, and it really gets them to eat more salad. I use it also for soup. Much quicker this way! Do not buy the generic brand. It’s half the price but no good at all!

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