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The Best Tools You Need to Conquer the Pet Hair Problem

If you love your pets but have just about had it with finding their hair everywhere—from the couch to the bed and even a hair or two with dinner—help is on the way! You can’t stop the shedding but there are a number of brilliant, inexpensive solutions for keeping a pet hair problem under beautiful and cat in front of white background

Here’s the deal: All mammals including humans shed some amount of hair. Even the non-shedding Sphynx cat and Poodles who earn their reputation for being none-shedders are going to drop some amount of fuzz, fur, and fine hair. Keeping the problem under control is an ongoing proposition.

Shark pet pro vacuumPet hair vacuum

Frequent vacuuming is the most reasonable way to pick up pet hair from large areas. But even our favorite Shark Navigator Pro Lift-Away vacuum can’t guarantee that it will remove all pet hair from the carpet. That’s because, by its nature, a typical vacuum rolls over the carpet creating static electricity. That can make the pet hair dig down and hold on tightly to the carpet fibers before the vacuum makes a return pickup pass.

When this happens every time you vacuum, it may appear that the vacuum got it all, but don’t count on it.

The Shark Navigator Zero-M Pet Pro is quite ingenious in that it has a “self-cleaning” brush roll that delivers nonstop hair removal. I’ve had this machine for more than a year and use it quite regularly. It really does pick up hair before it can get beat into the carpet.

If you have multiple pets and a super-challenging problem, you might consider investing in this vacuum. However, before you do, consider other less expensive ways you can control by removing—not burying—the pet hair problem. Like a carpet rake.

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rubber carpet rakeCarpet rake

This is pure genius. The FURemover is a rubber carpet rake/squeegee combo that makes quick and easy work of picking up pet hair—from carpet and hard flooring.

To remove all that pet hair that has become hopelessly embedded in the carpet which is quite possibly not visible, use the rake side with short quick strokes. You are going to be bug-eyed when you see what you pull out of the carpet. Don’t worry, it’ll be our little secret.

Use the squeegee side on hardwood, tile, and other hard-surface floorings. The natural rubber attracts pet hair like a magnet.

The FURemover has a telescopic handle that easily adjusts from 36 to 60 inches. And that rubber cleans up easily using soapy water.



Rubber glovesred rubber gloves perfect to remove pet hair

To quickly remove pet hair from upholstery or carpet, slip on a rubber glove and run it under the faucet so it is slightly damp (to quell the static electricity). Now, run it over the areas with pet hair and watch how the hair clings to the glove.

This is especially effective for crevices where vacuuming misses—like between sofa cushions and along the crevice where the carpeted floor meets up with the wall.

Prepare to be quite astonished by what a dampened rubber gloves will pull out of those crevices.


NTAG blue pet hair paperless rollerPaperless pick-up roller

I received this Self-Cleaning Pet Hair Remover as a gift. Someone out there knows just how much I love gadgets. And this is a honey!

This pick-up roller is not going to rid your entire house and car of pet hair. But it will come to the rescue when you notice you have pet hair all over your handbag or socks. Or that throw pillow is covered and company will be here any minute!

The operative feature of this handy pet hair lint roller is the nubby, prickly, fabric-like surface of the roller itself. We’ve seen this before on lint removers. But NTAG takes that concept and moves it up a few notches.

This gadget is self-cleaning (and so tidy about it). Here’s how that works.

  1. Untwist to open.
  2. Now working in one direction, grab all those pet hairs on your black pants or your kid’s car seat—from anything made of fabric like clothing, throw pillows, and upholstery—with a few easy strokes.
  3. Twist this baby closed a couple of times. Just that action magically removes the hair and delivers it to the interior reservoir to be disposed of later.
  4. Open to remove more hair or lint.
  5. Press the release on the top of the roller to open the reservoir.
  6. Dispose of contents into the trash.

This paperless pick-up roller works similarly to the sticky paper rollers—but so much better because, well … no paper. No refills required. No batteries, either. Comes in several colors.

NTAG Self-Cleaning Pet Hair Remover is so well-priced, you’ll want one in the car, in the house, in your handbag and desk—wherever you want to be able to do a quick inconspicuous tidy-up.

Here’s an idea: Christmas is right around the corner, and this cute roller would make a dandy stocking-stuffer!

NTAG pet hair lint remover



pumice stone on a ropePumice stone

Pet hair can be a somewhat different problem in a vehicle. Maneuvering a full-size pet hair vacuum in the back of an SUV isn’t going to work. Managing a carpet rake is equally unlikely. What’s more, automotive carpet is much different than typical residential carpet. Pet hair can get hopelessly stuck in a car’s interior. You can roll your heart out with a sticky paper lint roller and end up frustrated. And forget that weak car vacuum.

A pumice stone is an ideal solution for hopelessly “pet-haired” car carpet, seats, and maybe even the headliner. I know, how does pet hair get embedded in the ceiling of a car?!

Any pumice stone will do the job. This Pumice Valley pumice stone is well-priced, plus it has that little rope handle, which makes it easy to handle.

Running a pumice stone over these areas is going to be an eye-opening task. That pumice, being stronger than the tough carpet harboring the pet hair, will literally drag that hair and fur from the car’s surfaces. A quick treatment with a damp rubber glove to get into the cracks and crevices will complete the job!


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  1. Cyndy says:

    Mary, you have just got to try the Gonzo Yellow All Pets Hair Lifter from Ace Hardware!!! It’s so amazing and you can get it for less than $10. They can also be found on line, but going and supporting our local Ace Hardware is how we roll.

  2. Lei Marchand-Jacques says:

    I wonder if you would have a solution for a problem my sister has. She bought a new pair of leather birkenstock sandals, and the first time that she wore them, a dog urinated on her shoe, how can she get the smell out of them?


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