A large brown dog standing in a room

Get Pet Hair and Fragrance Build-Up Out of the Laundry

DEAR MARY: I am one of your millions of fans. Your insight, tips, products and recipes are terrific. Thank you for your time and efforts!

A large brown dog standing in a room

I’m looking for something I can purchase or make myself to put into the dryer to extract dog hairs from fabric. Years ago I purchased a kind of fabric ball, which looked ordinary enough and worked great. Since then I’ve never seen anything like this. I’m desperate! Thanks, Anita

DEAR ANITA: I’m pretty sure you’re taking about a Dryer Maid Ball that removes pet hair in the dryer, while softening clothes and decreasing wrinkles. In the interest of full disclosure, I have not tested this product myself, because I do not have a pet. However, the customer reviews are positive from those who use this product to extract all that pet hair. What I have tested and love are Wool Dryer Balls. These dryer balls soften as well as reduce static without fragrance or chemicals—and I have noticed that they pick up stray hair that finds its way into the dryer. If you give either, or both, a try, be sure give us your review. I’m sure yours is a common problem within our big (and growing!) EC family.

DEAR MARY:  I am the recipient of some gently used bed sheets. They came with the odor of a detergent to which I am allergic and also dryer sheet odor. I have washed them several times in my own fragrance-free detergent but the odor still remains. Will Nok-Out take out the detergent odor? If so, how much Nok-Out should I  use in a wash load? Louise

DEAR LOUISE: This build-up of fragrance and laundry products can be tough to deal with. Manufacturers of many cleaning and softening products have trained consumers to equate fragrance with “clean.” But that odor is certainly offensive to some of us and is yet another source of chemicals entering our lives and bodies. I am confident that Nok-Out can take care of those odors that can be so offensive.

In general, add 8 oz. (1 cup) Nok-Out to your washer load. If you have a top loader, set it to use the minimum amount of water. Fill the tub first, add the Nok-Out, mix it up a bit, and then add the sheets making sure every part is fully saturated. Allow the machine to sit for 15 to 20 minutes, then complete the cycle, without adding detergent. Dry as usual. For a front loader, use the same amount of Nok-Out, in a pre-wash soak. If possible, stop the cycle during the soak phase for about 15 to 20 minutes. Restart and complete the cycle as normal.

Another option would be go low-tech. Use a wash tub or bucket. Put the minimum amount of water needed to cover the linens completely. Add 1 cup of Nok-Out, full strength. Add the sheets and make sure all of the fabric gets fully immersed, and then allow to sit for 15 to 20 minutes. Follow this by throwing the sheets into a spin cycle (no need to rinse) and then dry them normally. Don’t forget to use code DPL for 10% off your order when ordering Nok-Out at either NokOut.com or by calling Nok-Out HQ at 1-866-551-1927.

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