shiny granite counter top

Homemade Granite Cleaner

Granite, being a natural stone product, requires that it be sealed properly, and then resealed at least annually. Granite that is not kept well-sealed, is subject to stains, especially from highly acidic drinks like red wine or vegetables like beets and so forth.

shiny granite counter top

Here is my Homemade Granite Cleaner that is a fabulous daily cleaner, and is itself not acidic so it will not damage the stone or sealant.

Used with a good microfiber cloth, it works like a champ to clean and shine these natural counters. This, however, will not preclude the need to reseal granite at least once each year. 

You will need:

  • 16-oz. spray bottle
  • 1/4 cup rubbing alcohol
  • 5 drops Blue Dawn dishwashing detergent
  • 5-10 drops essential oil
  • water

To make:

Pour cup rubbing alcohol into a 16-oz. spray bottle. Add a few drops Dawn liquid dishwashing detergent, 5 to 10 drops of essential oil (this is optional, but will add a nice fragrance) plus enough distilled water to fill the bottle. Apply the spray top and shake to mix.

To use:

Spray liberally on countertops. Scrub a needed with a sponge or dishrag. No need to rinse. Wipe and buff dry with a microfiber cloth


You can use this cleaner to clean and shine your appliances as well.

This homemade solution costs about 25 cents for 16 oz. Compare that to Granite Gold ($28.31/128 oz.), or Method Daily Granite, ($19.95/two 28-oz. bottles) 

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