Best Inexpensive Phone Charger Plus More to Keep You Powered Up

It’s hard to imagine how we’d live our lives without all of the electronic devices we’ve come to depend upon. I’m talking about everything from mobile phones and phone chargers, to portable computers, watches, tablets, headphones, earbuds, fitness and GPS trackers; eReaders, too.


It’s not just an adult thing. These days, kids have their own bevy of electronics and learning devices that need to be powered.

The challenge is more than staying powered while on the run. The trick is to keep electronic devices fully charged and ready to go. The more people in the household, the greater the challenge and the greater potential for a big fat mess.

The best way to make sure you’re always powered up and ready to go it to make charging convenient. Not necessarily expensive, but well-thought-out.

Today, I thought I’d give you a quick tour of the phone charger and other charging gadgets I depend on and wouldn’t want to be without.

Portable phone charger

Tired of running out of power and frantically searching for a place to charge? This Anker PowerCore 10000 external battery bank is one of the smallest and lightest 10000mAh portable chargers around. It’s like having an extra battery for my mobile phone, which I can actually charge from completely dead more than 3 times before I need to recharge the battery. Compatible with iPhone, Samsung and more.

Just plug your phone into it, and you’ll be charged up in no time flat. I don’t have to search for a public electrical outlet in the conference room, restaurant, or airport anymore because now I carry my own power.


Anker PowerCore 10000 portable phone charger

USB charger

This RAVPower charger requires only one electrical outlet but charges six devices at the same time via USB 60W 12A with iSmart technology.

Most mobile phones, tablets, and various other devices are USB compatible. Compatible iPhone SE 11 Pro Max XS XR X iPad Pro Air Mini Galaxy S10 Note 10 Tablet and more!

Love this little thing because I can take it with me on the road and no more fighting over a precious outlet. 

black wall charger with six USB ports


Battery recharger

Panasonic’s Eneloop battery charger kit is fabulous. Just take a look. This starter kit comes with 18 rechargeable batteries in all four battery sizes that can be recharged up to 2,100 times!

I’ve never been a fan of rechargeable batteries until now. These are the only batteries I need for remote control devices and all the other things around the house that require batteries. It’s convenient and works like a champ. This set makes a great gift, too.

kit for rechargeable batteries Eneloop Panasonic


Surge protector

I’ve had to learn the hard way about electronic devices and power surges. I only had to fry a computer one time to gain tremendous respect for a surge protector. Now that is all I use when charging devices at home and the office.

This Anker Power Strip Surge Protector has a 3-line 4000 Joule surge suppression rating which is more than adequate to protect your devices. Includes12 outlets and 3 USB ports with flat plug and 6ft extension cord. Now you have a reliable place to power up your phone charger and everything else, too!

Anker is so confident in this power strip, the company includes a worry-free 18-month warranty plus $300,000 insurance on connected equipment!

Anker power strip surge protector with space 15 connections


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4 replies
  1. Marvi says:

    Hi Mary,
    Thank you for mentioning the Enloop batteries. My family has been using these exclusively for about 3 years now. Got them from Costco, which sadly no longer sells them. We have never had to change or replace them and they have been charged. To give you an idea of how well they last, I gave a teenage son who loves to play video games. These have been powering his games this whole time.

    We loved them so much that I bought them for work. Hated tossing batteries after one use. At first the girls were skeptical because they had to charge them, but now it’s just part of our daily cleanup/prepare for next day routine and we haven’t ordered C batteries in a long time. Wish the rest of the hospital (system) would go to these. Imagine the savings!

    Thank you,again, and thank you for all your wonderful suggestions!

  2. Shelly says:

    Patriot Power Cell 4 Pack – on is a backup portable charger with built-in solar panel that charges in the sun and fits in your pocket. This power bank has a “ruggedized” build that can withstand drops, splashes and spills. Here is the information.
    Uses rechargeable, lithium ion battery
    Dimensions: 5.4″ L x 2.9″ W
    Weighs less than 7 ounces
    Capacity: 8,000 mAh
    Built-in, 5-inch deluxe crystalline silicon solar panel
    Compatible with any USB-compatible device
    Each solar charger is equipped with two (2) USB charging docks
    2-LED flashlight with S.O.S. flasher option
    Passes TSA regulations for carry-on lithium batteries
    FREE Shipping & Handling
    I bought one for everyone in my family as a Christmas gift last year after having several days with no electricity. Hope this information is helpful.

    • Beverly Navara says:

      Yes, I agree. Living in CA, we’ve lost power for days due to fires. I’ve been searching online to purchase a solar phone charger.


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