Woman texting on her smartphone

Best Inexpensive Smartphones Under $400

As technology improves, so have prices of high-end smartphones—many now breaking through that thousand-dollar price point. The good news is that today’s budget smartphones have nearly all the same technology and capabilities as their elite cousins—for less than half the price.

Woman texting on her smartphone

Apple iPhone SE

The NEW! Apple iPhone SE packs Apple’s most powerful chip into its most popular size—at a surprising budget price.

As pictured in red, also available in black and white, this new iPhone SE is available direct from Apple with fast, free, no-contact delivery. With 64GB, this model squeaks in right under $400.

Purchased from Apple, you have 14 calendar days to return an item from the date you received it, with a full no-hassle refund.

APPLE $399.00








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8 replies
  1. Diane says:

    Xfinity is my internet and mobile provider. I have a new iPhone SE and love it! I used to have an Xfinity landline and was able to keep the same phone number when I dropped the landline and switched to an Xfinity mobile plan. The mobile plans are very reasonable, especially if you are an Xfinity customer for other services. Xfinity uses Verizon towers – the best reception in my experience.

  2. Emily Booth says:

    I’ve been using Tracfone for years. I currently use a Samsung J7 Crown. I usually change cell phones every 2 years, and we’ll see how this phone goes, but if I can, I may stretch this one out to a third year. Tracfone uses Verizon. Verizon just bought Tracfone.

    I bought a Moto G6 for travel to Canada (Tracfone cannot be used outside the US) and was very pleased with my purchase. It was purchased via Amazon. Motorola, BTW, manufactured and sold cell phones for a long time. The Motorola Razr was hugely popular at one time. Motorola was sold to Lenova about 6 years ago. I used Google Fi as my cell phone plan. Not as cheap as Tracfone but way cheaper than T-Mobile and Sprint.

    I still have a “home” phone but it is no longer a landline. I switched from AT & T to Magic Jack.

  3. Red. Bear says:

    Susan, thank you for posting an additional option. And, Mary for some of the options she posted too. There are still many of us that must function with landlines, at least at home. We came very close to being forced to end our current carrier relationship due to their new security rules that customer service didn’t know could be changed from text to email. Unfortunately, we are being forced to change phones for the third time due to tower changes that will no longer support our current phone.

    These prices still are quite high considering that the phone is mostly used for emergencies while traveling. We don’t need, or have text although it seems many of the pandemic protocols seem to be unable to adjust to that fact, much less the absences of cell phone use in general.

    Rest assured we are not alone in becoming more and more annoyed by companies that insist on using mobile phones. And, our resistance is not due to a fear of technology but rather a lack of coverage.

    For example, we are unable to use Uber et al, or Chime simply because they rely on text! I’m sure there are others, and many more to come as security measures start to rely more and more on text. Who knew that in retirement we would be forced backwards in time, not just left behind!

    Now if we could get some of the

    • Julie says:

      I have some suggestions that might be worth checking out. I gave up my land line and went with Consumer Cellular but had to buy a phone from their website (they use the T-Mobile network). Then I learned more about prepaid MVNO mobile phone service plans. In 1918 I switched from Consumer Cellular to Tello (www.Tello.com) and pay only $14.40 / per month for unlimited talk, unlimited texts, and 2 GB data. They also have plans for $5 / month with no data! Unfortunately, I had to buy another cell phone that would work with Tello (Sprint network) so I went to Decluttr (www.Decluttr.com) to buy a refurbished cell phone under $200. I love my Samsung Galaxy S7 cell phone! They have GREAT bargains and ship for free. They BUY and SELL refurbished cell phones. I’m very happy with both and highly recommend Tello and Decluttr for saving money.

  4. Rhonda Morrison says:

    I have been buying Tracfone for years from HSN for my daughter’s caregivers to clock in. The phones weren’t the best several years ago, but now they offer great phones. I just got the Moto G7 with 32G with the 1500 Talk/Text/Data and year of service on sale for $120. After the year is up, you can request Tracfone to unlock it so you can use it with another carrier. This came in handy when my other daughter ran over her phone with the lawnmower and she needed time to research which phone she wanted to purchase. I plan on using the G7 as my phone once this year is up and transfer it to Verizon.

  5. Susan says:

    The best buy I have found is on HSN/QVC. For under $100, you can get a smartphone, 1500 mins of talk, text and web with Tracfone, plus 1 yrs service, chargers, etc. I have been buying Samsung smartphones from them for years, great buy!! They run specials on occasion, $79.99 for the above!


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