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Readers Share Even More Brilliant Uses for Blue Dawn

I’m not certain when a subject becomes a saga, but I think we may have crossed over into saga territory on the subject of terrific ways to use Blue Dawn dishwashing liquid that have nothing to do with washing dishes.

Seriously, these days, I can’t wait to open my inbox to see if there could possibly be any more.

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And the saga continues …

Dear Mary: In response to the reader who wrote to you reporting that he uses Blue Dawn for both shampoo and body wash, I decided to try it myself, even though my hair is color-treated and I was slightly hesitant. I raved about the great results to my husband and now he’s hooked too. But here’s the most amazing thing: I have been plagued with eczema on my hands and arms for years. Nothing would take it away. Since showering with Blue Dawn, my eczema has completely disappeared. I am thrilled beyond belief with this wonderful product. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts! Elizabeth

Dear Elizabeth: This is amazing and I do not say that lightly! I’m not only stunned by this news but so happy you have found this relief with Blue Dawn. Who would have guessed?

However, and I must be very clear about this—I am not a doctor nor a medical professional. I can in no way suggest to anyone, anywhere that Blue Dawn should be used as a treatment for eczema or any other medical condition or that anyone might possibly experience the same relief from eczema as you have.

Now I can get back to my Happy Dance.

Dear Mary: I just finished reading your page of Blue Dawn uses, and I have one more for you. Every Christmas season, we cut two fresh trees and grab extra branches from discard piles at the tree farm. I make them into swags, and between my creative work and just putting up the tree, I get plenty of sap on my hands and clippers. Blue Dawn eats through the sap and I don’t have to use nasty chemicals that eat at my skin. Viveca

Dear Viveca: Good one! Adding tree sap to the list.

Dear Mary:  A clogged toilet can be unclogged with a generous squirt of Blue Dawn. Just squirt two or three seconds worth down the toilet, wait a little while, then flush. J.D.

Dear J.D. Yes! Blue Dawn helps to melt the fats in the “clog” and makes it more likely to flush. I’ve also learned that adding a few cups of very hot water can help break the, um, offending material causing the clog. This makes unclogging the toilet with the plunger much, much easier.

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Dear Mary: We live on 40 acres with an abundance of Poison Oak. After working outside with the probability of exposure we generally wash off using a pricey special cleanser to cut the oil from the leaves. What about using Blue Dawn on body, shoes and gardening implements? Mary P.

Dear Mary P: Yes, yes, and yes! We know that Blue Dawn cuts through grease and oil like butter, so it has every likelihood of cutting through that nasty Poison Oak residue as well. I think you should try it and then prepare to be amazed. Be sure to let us know your outcome.

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