Jar and bowl with corn starch on table

Amazing Ways to Use Cornstarch Around the House to Save Time and Money

Cornstarch is a low-cost, readily available, humble miracle found in the baking aisle of just about every supermarket and grocery store in the country, and online. Extracted from corn and then processed into a very soft, white powder, cornstarch is sold in boxes and canisters.

Usually, we think of cornstarch as a pantry ingredient used to thicken gravy. That’s true but there are so many other household uses for cornstarch.

Jar and bowl with corn starch on table

13 Household Uses for Cornstarch

Used around the house, cornstarch can be so useful because it is a remarkable absorbent with the ability to absorb up to about 10 times its weight in grease and liquids up to 203F, while still remaining a powder.

Remove stains

Dry or mixed into a thick paste with water, cornstarch can remove many kinds of stains on rugs, furniture, clothing, and other fabric items. Leave it there and allow to dry because as it does, it will also absorb the stain. Once dry, brush or vacuum. A cornstarch paste even works to remove blood and grease stains. Repeat as necessary if a single application doesn’t completely remove the stain.

Soothe bites and stings

If you or your kids find yourselves on the receiving end of an insect bit bite or sting, make a thick paste of cornstarch and water and apply it to the bite. Allow it to dry, then brush or wash it way.

Grease, oil

Oil stains are some of the worst, and if you don’t get the oil out before washing and drying, they become nearly impossible to get rid of later. If you get oil splatters on your clothes, sprinkle some cornstarch over the oil as soon as you can. It lifts and absorbs the oil from the fibers of that shirt, towel, apron.



Untangle loosen

Got stubborn knotted shoelaces,  messy old kite string, or fine necklace or bracelet gold chain? Sprinkle some cornstarch on the problem to reduce friction and make it easier to wiggle the knots out.

Refresh stuffies and more

Do this to freshen grubby fleece hats, mittens, stuffed animals: Pour a cup of cornstarch into a large paper bag, add dirty items, and shake well. Leave a few hours if the items are stained. Remove items from the bag and brush, vacuum, or shake off excess cornstarch.

Creamy scrambled eggs

To make extra creamy scrambled eggs, whisk cornstarch and milk together before adding the mixture into your eggs. A quick online search turns up many ways to do this. After several trials, I found a clear winner in this 15-second method!

Musty books

Books that smell musty can be revived with a sprinkle of cornstarch.

Polish silver

If you’ve ever pulled out the silver, only to find it’s lost its shine and luster, make a paste of cornstarch and water, spread it over your silver, and let it dry. Wipe it off with a damp towel and then buff the pieces to bring out the natural shine.

Scorch marks

If you ironed a bit too long and scorched the fabric, hope is not lost. Try wetting the stain with cold water and sprinkling with cornstarch. Once it’s dry, brush it off.

Glass cleaner

Make an exceptional glass cleaner known as Alvin Corn (cornstarch is the secret ingredient) and you’ll have one of the best DIY glass cleaners known to man. And woman! Full recipe with instructions.

Dry shampoo

Don’t feel like washing your hair? A sprinkle of cornstarch absorbs grease and will help you look presentable at that next meeting. Sprinkle it on, work it into the roots with hour fingers, allow to sit for a few minutes then brush it out. See what I mean?


Because it is such an amazing absorbent, you can use cornstarch to remove some odors. Dust the insides of smelly shoes or boots or liberally sprinkle cornstarch over a dog’s coat (avoiding the face) and leave for a few minutes or longer before shaking to remove or brushing it out.

Ease sunburn

While it’s better to focus on preventing sunburns in the first place, you can soothe the pain of one by applying a paste of cornstarch and water to the burned areas. Give it time to dry.



Question: Got any other fun uses for cornstarch to add to this list? Leave them in the comments below.


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7 replies
  1. Francine says:

    I fill an old sock halfway with cornstarch tie it up and than pat it over my baby buttocks and front area keeps the moisture off them and the odor off ass well..no diaper rash…old trick my nana used and passed it down to us….

  2. Cally Ross says:

    Wow! who knew cornstarch was so handy throughout the house, not just the kitchen! thank you for the tips.


    you forgot the best use for corn starch that you gave us. Use it to make air freshener! I use it and love it. Cheap and lasting.

    • Jean says:

      I cant use regular deodorant at all (i am allergic to regular deodorant) But i use cornstarch under my arm pits with mix of regular powder and very satisfied

  4. Ruth Harlow says:

    I mix equal parts of cornstarch and expensive powder together. Have 2 times as much powder and fragance for the price of 1 part of powder


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