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I Gave This $5 Seatbelt Gadget a Test—Here’s My Honest Review

Attention all vertically-challenged adults, teens, children, and all those who love them: The days of seatbelt hatred are over. Seatbelts cutting into our necks are history. I have good news that will change your life, your kids’ lives, too— the way it has mine. 

seatbelt adjuster

In the interest of full disclosure, I am considered short of stature—a formal way to describe “short.” I have loathed seatbelts with a kind of loathing only other shorties can understand. I will admit to slipping my arm through the shoulder strap part of a seatbelt to relieve the neck-cutting pain—an unsafe hack for sure, and one for which I’ve taken a lot of heat.

Good Thing, Tiny Package

Last Christmas, I found a small package under the tree, a gift from my very tall husband. (I smile quietly at how often I have observed that the short girls snag the tall guys.)

Surprising Convenience

Inside I found pair of Seatbelt Adjusters. Cute. Probably won’t work. It’s not like I’ve never attempted to fix my neck-cutting problem. Nothing worked well; by that, I mean nothing was convenient, comfortable, safe, and reliable.

If a seatbelt adjuster cannot meet that standard, what are the chances I will use it every time I slip behind the wheel or into a passenger seat?

Clever Design

I should have been more excited to open the gift, but in my heart, I knew it would be just one more fail. And boy, was I wrong. Oh. My. Goodness. This clever design works!

Effortless Fit

This seatbelt adjuster snaps in place and stays on the seatbelt. It slides effortlessly to comfortably fit the person it is protecting, regardless that person’s size. This means that for my husband, the adjuster just slides way down to the end and out of the way. When I use the seatbelt, I just slide the adjuster to my point of comfort with minimal effort.

In no time flat, I added both adjusters (comes as a 2-pak) to the driver and passenger seats in our daily driver. And you can believe it that within days, Vangie got outfitted, too.

Two Styles

My beloved seatbelt adjusters are available in two styles—one I will call square, the other triangular. I have tested and tried both. Here’s my honest review:

Square option

What I like: The set of two adjusters includes instructions for how to add this to a vehicle’s seatbelt. This makes it super easy to install.

What I don’t like: For some reason, the seatbelt has a way of getting twisted, which isn’t a serious problem at all, just slightly annoying. It’s very easy to get it back to its untwisted self.

Triangle option

What I like: This design does away with the belt getting twisted, which is awesome.

What I don’t like: The 2-pak comes without instructions. Now, this may not be the case for every delivery, but this is how I received the triangle option. Solution: Just go back to Amazon where you will find very clear instructions, including a demo video for how to add an adjuster to a seatbelt.

My personal favorite design is the triangle style with anti-twist feature. And at the very low price of less than $5 per adjuster, I’m happy to have the triangle style installed in both of our vehicles, with the square adjusters safely stored in glove boxes in case one goes missing.

Onto the List

These seatbelt adjusters have found a permanent home on my private list of The Best Thing I’ve Ever Bought—quite near my Hoover Steam Vac.





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seatbelt adjuster
seatbelt adjuster

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14 replies
  1. Patricia Caley says:

    I recently ordered a different version of seatbelt adjusters and love them! My husband who has been in the automotive business for 47 years also wonders if it has been tested for safety?

    • Mary Hunt says:

      All I know for sure is what I read in the product’s descriptive information, which says the seatbelt adjuster is safe. What I know for certain is that it is safer than not wearing a seatbelt, an option some of us shorties have been known to do 😉

  2. Cally Ross says:

    ok, I don’t want to sound like a Debbie-downer but….As a Car seat Safety Technician, I was surprised to learn that all those gizmos added to a babies car seat- like the dangly toys, mirror, neck pad, etc – could void the warranty in the event of an accident. even worse, they could harm the child. This do-hickey looks like a great solution for us vertically-challenged gals, but has it been tested in an accident? I just have to wonder if it somehow impedes the effectiveness of the seat belt. That would not be worth it.

  3. Becky says:

    Thanks for this! I have been using a good one for 30 years or so, and I bought several at the time, thank goodness. It’s a good design, but I’m on my last one and it is no longer available. Now my granddaughter needs one!

    I suggest keeping one in your purse for riding with friends or with Uber/Lyft. That has saved me many times.

  4. Sheila Johnson says:

    I just checked on 9th. Triangle not available but the square is. I use a closed zip tie loosened just enough so it can move up and down to keep away from neck.

  5. Elizabeth O'Neal says:

    An even cheaper and easier solution my aunt showed me years ago: a hair scrunchie slipped over the buckle!

  6. Kari says:

    I have been twisting my seat belt for years to accomplish something like this! I’m going to order them now!! Thank you!

  7. Patty says:

    My sister and I are both about 5 feet tall and both have husbands who are over 6 feet tall! I think my sister purchased something like this, I will have to check with her if this was the one…

  8. NPedro says:

    Thank you for the heads up about this seat belt gadget. Years ago I had one, but when that car was sold, we couldn’t get it removed from the seat belt. I’ve searched for another — and have just ordered this one! I’m very short (and getting shorter every year, it seems!) and get so frustrated with the seat belt always being across my neck. I can hardly wait for it to arrive!


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