40-Day Challenge Day 40

May your day be filled with authentic joy comes not from the outside trappings, but from our hearts. It comes from the birth of a small baby who would become our Savior—from that love, which can fill our lives with giddy joy!

Listen …


Merry Christmas,

God bless you!



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2 replies
  1. Mimi Barre says:

    Thank you for walking me through this year. 2024 will be glorious. If I make it through, that will be wonderful. If I don’t, that will be Heaven. Either way, it will be what God gives me.

  2. Vivian Freppon says:

    Merry Christmas Mary and family, all EC employees and all of us ECC “groupies” that would never, ever miss an article! Let Heaven and Nature sing for the birth of our King!


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