four kitchen appliances that are money savers

4 Kitchen Money-Savers That Pay for Themselves in No Time at All

I’m crazy about gadgets—everything from quirky can openers to smartphones. Hand me a Swiss Army knife and I’m in heaven—the more blades and utensils the better. And when that gadget is a true money-saver? Oh, be still my heart!

four kitchen appliances that are money savers

My favorite gadgets, of course, are ones that actually help me to save money and/or time. I’ve been fooled from time to time, spending good money on things that just did not perform well. Or the gadget turned out to be so cumbersome, using it actually complicated rather than simplified my life.

Take that One-Second Needle. It was a great idea, but sadly that is one gadget that needs to be put out of its misery, in my humble opinion.

But now and then I strike on a gadget that is so magnificent in its functionality and money-saving properties, I can’t wait to tell you about it.

Today, I want to tell you about four gadgets for the kitchen that I consider to be wise investments—money savers!

All four are inexpensive enough to pay for themselves in a short period of time—and then to continue paying off in food savings, which is saying a lot as food costs continue to soar.

Vacuum Sealer

I’ve depended on a vacuum sealer in my kitchen for so many years, I cannot imagine getting along without it. Now and then I get lazy and invariably that gives me a jolt to remind me why I do this.

Take strawberries for example. If I put them into a rigid container (like a Mason jar using the jar sealer accessory) and vacuum out all of the air, fresh strawberries will last for at least two weeks in the refrigerator—remaining as fresh as the day I bought them. Placed in the refrigerator in their original container, strawberries often start to show mold in just a couple of days. Check out this time-lapse video!

FoodSaver Vacuum Sealer 4800

My FoodsSaver gets a workout every day. Depending on the type of food, I use FoodSaver containers and canisters, plastic bags, and canning jars to seal food items (this requires the jar sealer accessory).

I vacuum seal raw rice, sugar, spices, meat, baked goods (I freeze them first so the vacuum doesn’t crush them), fresh fruits and vegetables.

I even vacuum seal silver flatware to keep it from tarnishing. I vacuum-sealed my Birth Certificate and my Social Security card.

About a year ago I upgraded to this FoodSaver Vacuum Sealer 4800 and all I can say is Wow! At under $200, this is one fantastic piece of kitchen equipment—highly improved over my older FoodSaver Pro. I think it just might have a brain with its liquid detection system. It also functions more automatically than the older Pro version. And it looks great sitting on the counter.

A vacuum sealer, when used diligently, will extend the shelf life of every type of food imaginable. That means your garbage disposal and trashcan will cease to be the best-fed members of your household!

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I am more convinced than ever that healthy eating is one of the most cost-effective things we can do to reduce healthcare costs. That’s why I thought we needed a powerful juicer to make healthy smoothies every morning. So I purchased a highly rated juicer. And used it exactly two times before it became a dust collector and space-occupier.

Cleaning the thing was so difficult and time-consuming it became more of a problem than a solution. Whoops.

Another problem? Juicers don’t make smoothies! Professional grade powerful blenders, do.

So eight years ago, I donated the juicer to a friend who could use it and replaced it with this Blendtec Total Classic 575 Blender with Wildside+Jar. This exact model Blendtec is still available at a much-reduced price from what I paid.

With its professional-grade power, the self-cleaning feature, 4 pre-programmed cycles, and 5-speeds, I could not ask for more. This is one fabulous machine.

Let’s say you spend $6 a week on smoothies from that cute place with a drive-thru that’s on your way to work. That’s $312 a year—far more than it would cost to purchase a high-quality, fabulous professional-quality blender that doesn’t balk in the presence of large ice cubes! And so easy to clean.

Do the math … you’ll see what I’m talking about.




No one was more surprised than I by what a terrific money-saver a dehydrator can be. Of course, you have to actually use it. But when you do, you’ll be quite amazed.

The cost of dehydrating your own food is a fraction of the cost of commercially dehydrated foods and—no additives or preservatives.

NESCO Snackmaster Dehydrator

If dehydrating is something you’ll actually do, my pick for Best Inexpensive food dehydrator is NESCO Food Dehydrator Model FD-75A. Now you can dry fruit, vegetables, and jerky in hours instead of days.

For about $60, this food dehydrator is compact, comes with 5 trays but expandable to 12. It’s powerful enough to be super useful, but small enough to allow for easy storage. I love this gadget money-saver and I think you will, too.

Food Slicer

I’ve been using my new electric food slicer for about a year now and oh boy, what a lovely item it is. I’ve pretty much used it every day since I pulled it out of the box. I know what you’re thinking: Why?!

I would have asked the same thing before I did a little cost evaluation. At our home, we eat a lot of deli-style turkey—$6.59 per pound at my local Costco (last time I checked). The same brand roast turkey breast unsliced is $3.99 per pound. The exact same thing!

deli meat slicer machine


I discovered the same price difference for cheese—sliced vs. bulk. Calculating how often I purchase these items, it didn’t take long to see that slicing at home would pay off big in lower costs. What I didn’t calculate was the fun factor. Seriously, fun.

I looked at a multitude of food slicers from manual to electric. After much consideration (and slicing), this Chef’sChoice Food Slicer is my pick for Best Inexpensive. I calculate that it paid for itself in fewer than nine months.

More than just turkey and cheese, these days I am slicing leftover steak and roast for sandwiches. I slice raw vegetables like carrots, celery, and onions to make the most perfect slices ever.

This machine is so versatile I can set it from paper-thin for sandwich meats up to a 3/4″ slice, which is just perfect for homemade bread. I get perfect slices from my 5 minute artisan bread for sandwiches and toast. You really need to try that!


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10 replies
  1. Judi R says:

    I love smoothies but I make them up using a wide mouth mason jar & a handheld Oster blender that PLUGS IN, not battery powered. This has a lot of power & blends up almost anything. And this Oster blender makes cream soup right in the soup pot! I cook up the soup ingredients & spices in an organic broth until soft & then blend everything right in the soup pot. Add butter or good oil or 1/2&1/2. YUM! Can’t do this with a blender!

  2. Lynn Brown says:

    Who ever invented the black ceramic top stove put the women’s movement back a couple of decades.
    Whoever did invent it should have to clean 50 of them every week. Who the heck in a busy meal cooking situation wants to stop and clean their stove! Are the guests impressed?
    Worst, you can barely find any choices without these tops.

  3. Hayley willingham says:

    I have my mothers hand cranked bread cutter and meat slicer. I love it. It doesn’t use electric so it is very useful. We even take it camping and use it when I make fresh bread. Love it. I still have my mothers blender too. I love it. It is avocado green just like my Sunbeam Mix Master. I love that they made quality products that lasts decades and decades. My daughter wants them when I quit cooking. We are lucky if the new products that are made now last 3 to 5 years so you can’t hand them down in the family. My father is still driving his 1974 pick up he bought new when we were kids. I think one of the grand kids have claimed it already.
    I wouldn’t know what to do with the food saver as we never have food to save. I have two brothers and 3 grand kids so there are no leftovers and if there are I reinvent them the next day for dinner or supper.

  4. COLLEEN says:

    By far my most used gadget is my oxo digital scales. I use it to weigh ounces of many items…from celery to coffee..

  5. Miriam says:

    I use my vacuum sealer frequently. It has saved me a bundle of money over the years. I can probably find a steak or pork chop in my freezer that is at least a year old and it will be as meaty, tasty and juicy as it was the day I froze it. When I bake bread, I freeze it on a tray and then vacuum seal it – again, when I take it from the freezer it’s as good as the day it was baked.

    I suspect I would love a Blendtec but I have a Nutribullet and it works fine. If it ever dies I will probably replace it with a Blendtec.

    I used to have a meat slicer I bought used and it worked fairly well and then died. I think a good one would be great to have.

    But I have to say the best appliance in my kitchen is the small countertop oven (not a toaster oven, a real oven) which I use daily. Since there are only 2 of us I rarely need a large oven and am considering replacing my range with a stovetop only.

  6. Belle Mieloch says:

    I bought my first slicer about 30 years ago when my boys were in school I packed 5 lunches everyday and still use one to make my own deli meat and slice my bread.

  7. Wendy says:

    I started with a Vitamix, replaced w/Blendtec and have gladly returned to Vitamix. Why? Because of Blendtec’s return policy. Ridiculous and money grubbing. The rubber gasket broke on my Blendtec container; I called for a replacement. They were happy to offer a replacement for $85. They refused
    to send a ring of rubber; I was required to replace the entire container. I was completely disgusted. Also….for whatever it’s worth, they are very evangelical which is offensive and inappropriate. Back to Vitamix. A much better product, and staffed with people who once sent me FREE belts (this for
    the first Vitamix which required them–pre-electronic).

    • Jeannie says:

      So disappointing to hear that about Blendtec. I have one of their machines and I absolutely love it…have not had any issues with it. (Now I really hope I don’t!) For me, one of it’s best features is the ‘dull’ blade…you’ll never cut yourself cleaning it. It runs like a charm and there is nothing it cannot whir up perfectly.

  8. Dan says:

    I highly recommend the Blendtec. We use ours daily for fruit and veggie smoothies. Be sure to get the wild-side (5 sided) container. It blends so much better than the standard 4-sided container. And, be sure to snap the lid on tightly….your Blendtec is very powerful. We put in ice, beets, carrots, celery, etc with no problem blending. 5-stars for my Blendtec.


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