homemade wasp trap from empty plastic bottle hanging in a tree

DIY Wasp Trap That Really Works and More Great Reader Tips

Are you aware that your health insurance may cover the cost of gym membership? Or that everything you need to trap wasps is as close as your trash can and food pantry. Your fellow readers know all of that and lots more—and they’re ready to share.

homemade wasp trap from empty plastic bottle hanging in a tree

Wasp trap

We have a lot of wasps in the summer, and commercial wasp traps at my grocery store cost $16.99 each, so I make my own.

I take an empty plastic bottle, cut the top off just below the point where it tapers up to the screw-on lid, then invert the top and place it inside the bottom portion.

I bait my trap with a few inches of this mixture: 3/4 cup white vinegar, 2 tablespoons sugar, 1 teaspoon salt. Then I set it on my deck or hang it in a tree—anywhere wasps appear.

The wasps can’t resist, so they fly or crawl into the bottle, can’t figure out how to get out, and eventually die. It works like a charm, and it’s almost free. When the trap gets full, I toss it out and make another. —Marshall

Hotel insider info

Always check the hotel website before making a reservation. That’s where you will find our best rates.

At the hotel where I work, when you reserve through a travel site like Travelocity or Expedia, you’ll end up paying the full rate plus the third-party commission—really pricey! —Carey

Good deal on mens’ belts

Popular discount clothing stores like TJ Maxx, Marshalls, and Ross frequently have a pretty good selection of high-quality men’s leather belts. The only problem for me is that the name-brand belts they carry are usually in sizes too big.

I buy them anyway and take them to a shoe repairman near my home who removes the buckles, cuts off the extra inches, and reattaches the buckles. He charges me $3 to $5 a belt.

I spend, on average, $15 to $20 for a belt that retails in department stores for $50 to $80 or more. —Bob

Picked ants

A couple of weeks ago, I discovered that plain white vinegar is an excellent ant killer.

Simply spray it on them. There is very little odor and what there is disappears quickly.

I have had a long-time problem with ants in my kitchen and bathroom and do not like to use insecticides for many reasons. Now I don’t have to worry about it. —Ann

Squirrel-proofed bird feeder

slinky on birdfeederI have shepherd hooks in my yard with all my bird feeders, which means I also have a problem:  Squirrels climbing up the poles to rob the feeders.

I have tried oiling the poles using Pam, grease etc. and nothing worked. I finally decided to try a Slinky toy! This has worked great.

I bought the Junior size which is 1.5″ diameter, then twisted it around the pole, fastening it at the top with a hose clamp. When a squirrel tries to climb the Slinky, its weight drops the slinky down towards the ground. No matter how hard the squirrels try, they can’t make it to the top

It works great to keep squirrels out of the birdseed, and provides a bit of entertainment at the same time. —Gerald

Fee-free gym membership

As one who struggles with being overweight, I was happy to learn that my health insurance company would pay for a three-month gym membership. But there’s more:

If I lost weight at the end of three months, they would continue paying for a year. I have just completed three months and lost 9 pounds. I am so excited!

Check with your insurance company. You may have the same, similar, or even better benefit just waiting for you to claim. —Lydia

Easy clean fridge

Empty and then wash the inside of your refrigerator and let it dry. Once dry, apply Glad Press’n Seal plastic food wrap to each shelf and another horizontal surface. Now put everything back in.

When something spills or otherwise gets yucky, simply remove your items, peel off the dirty Glad Wrap, put another layer down and refill. No muss, no fuss, easy, fast, and simple. Tim

Save $3.35

Free college texts

Both of my kids attended University of California schools. One borrowed required textbooks from the library and the other found .pdf copies of books online.

Neither had to purchase more than two books in the four years of their schooling. —Corina

M.O.M eliminates odors

I have always had a very strong body odor. It didn’t matter what kind of deodorant or antiperspirant I used, it never worked for me. Then I heard that regular milk of magnesia worked as a daily deodorant.

I tried it and have been using it for over a decade. I pour a little bit of the store-brand milk of magnesia on a cotton square, pat it on my armpit, and then repeat with the other armpit. A little bit lasts all day.

Milk of magnesia can dry out quickly in the bottle, so just add a little water and shake well. —Lynda


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