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Readers Report Nok-Out to the Rescue

Faithful readers know I’m crazy for a product, Nok-Out. I travel with it and live it with. Actually, I wouldn’t want to live without it. 


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Nok-Out is both an odor eliminator and germicide (bacterial and viral). The best thing: No fumes, no perfume—absolutely not toxic. It looks like water, safe for pets, home, and even the kitchen. Nok-Out is not a room freshener that tries to cover up odors. It truly knocks them out.

As I would expect from something I use and suggest that you need to consider too, I get lots of feedback from readers and a question now and then.

“I’m traveling soon. so I eagerly followed your advice by ordering Nok-Out to take along. But I’m puzzled because the product makes none of the claims you mention. In fact, there is no indication it has any disinfectant properties only instructs for use as a  deodorizer. So what’s the deal with Nok-Out?” Ruth

Response: That’s confusing, I know. Nok-Out is sold under two labels: Deodorizer and as a hospital disinfectant. The active ingredient in each is the same, at the same strength and concentration, and serves both purposes. The product which you purchased (as well as all of the Nok-Out products) contains the same germ-killing ingredient as the hospital disinfectant. It is also the world’s best deodorizer (I’m serious, it will eliminate any offensive odor) and at the same time kill all manner of germs, on contact. You’re good to go, and I hope you have a wonderful trip. 

“I use Nok-Out for everything that I need to be cleaned or refreshed. The diaper pail is a perfect example of disinfecting and cleaning. It also takes care of mishaps on the carpet, musty clothes in the laundry basket, and closets. It is the greatest!” Holly

I have found another use for Nok-Out. My front loading washer smelled moldy, and so did my clothes! I read the article ( about cleaning it with Nok-Out and followed the directions exactly. It only took one application, and I learned why this funky smell is there. Now, I give the rubber gasket a spray of Nok-Out on a regular basis to keep mold from re-forming. My clothes smell good, and I believe we are safer for not having mildew spores hiding in our towels and clothing. Thank You Nok-Out. I just love it.” Diane 

“My Lab swims in the pool several times a day. Unfortunately, it leaves him smelling like a moldy sock. Nok-Out really does eliminate the odor. And, It does wonders with my son’s hockey gear. We LOVE our Nok-Out.” Michelle

“I am sensitive to smells. It makes me sick to be around strong fragrances. I have used Nok-Out on dog urine odors in the hallway of my house and found it to be exactly what I needed. The urine odor is gone, and my nose was happy too. I am really happy to know there is a product that works so well, and that also lets me stay healthy. Thank you so much.” Brenda 

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19 replies
  1. April R says:

    I purchased bottles of carpet cleaner/spot remover and odor eliminator/disinfectant a couple of months ago and have had great experiences with both. The carpet cleaner/spot remover does a great job when our cat deposits a fur ball on our cream-colored carpet. The odor eliminator/disinfectant completely removed the musty smell that I couldn’t get out of one of my husband’s favorite shirts and has been great to freshen up the car after long, summer road trips. Thanks for the recommendation!

  2. AngiB says:

    I just have one question, Mary; which Nok-Out product do you recommend purchasing? I looked at the website and was a bit confused as to which product you are specifically referring to. I live in a house with a hunter (my husband), my 4 yr old daughter, twin 1 yr old boys, my 20 something sister, her infant son, my husband’s hunting black lab (yes he’s an indoor dog), our little Boston Terrier dog, and my sister’s black lab mix (also an indoor dog) *sigh* and myself of course! We DO NOT have a large home, by any means. I would say our home is “adequate” for our needs. So, with 4 kids, 3 dogs, and 3 adults, all of whom make messes (on carpet, furniture, linoleum etc) is there one Nok-Out product that you would recommend to take care of the majority of our needs?

    Thank you for your column!! I’m only about a week long subscriber, but have learned SO MUCH in that short amount of time!!!

    • ABC says:

      I’m not Mary, but I’ve “heard” her say several times (in answer to this very same question from others) that the odor eliminator and the disinfectant are exactly the same product.

  3. Jean R says:

    We have a Jeep that we use in the winter and for chores around our property. It always has chain saws etc living in it. The raw gasoline smell inside was overwhelming. My husband vacuumed it out and sprayed it with Nok Out. The gas odor is gone and our little workhorse Jeep smells like new. Thanks Mary for the recommendation. This stuff is great just to have on hand at all times.

  4. D. P. says:

    I read, with agreement, the comments about Nok-Out. I recently reordered a gallon.
    In Hawaii, when the conditions are right, there’s a mouse infestation. This means hundreds of mice come from the weedy fields when the grass seeds run out and homes are invaded. Right now we are at the end of the siege which started in July. My water heater/tool room on the carport smelled so badly.from mice….Nok-Out took care of the odor and I have the satisfaction of knowing it disinfected it too. I’m so happy I learned about this product as it will be a mainstay in my cabinet.

  5. Katie F. says:

    I this article, the reader states, “My front loading washer smelled moldy, and so did my clothes! I read the article ( about cleaning it with Nok-Out and followed the directions exactly.” I cannot find this article on the DPL site or the Nok-Out site. Where can I find it?
    thanks, Katie F.
    ps. I have always used a cup of white vinegar in my rinse cycle instead of softener and have never experienced the smell that everyone speaks of and the clothes always come out nice and soft. Since I would otherwise miss the wonderful smell that softener imparts, I just leave that to the dryer cycle where there are lots of great options to add that nice smell.

  6. Heather E says:

    The 16 oz bottle costs $11.95 (or $10.75 w/ the DPL discount), but $15.22 to ship to 91390. I can’t get over that in my mind. $26ish for a bottle of cleaning spray? Mary, how can I rationalize this? (Met you in Santa Clarita last spring. I’m the one who had that ancient copy of Live Your Life for Half the Price.) 🙂

  7. Spackham says:

    My grandson came home from camp and the smell from his bag about knocked us over…including his pillow. Nok-out to the rescue! It took care of the odors including the inside of the bag. I also took your suggestion and took the small spray bottle on our last plane trip. It made us feel so much better to know our “space” was clean, odor-free and without germs. Thanks you for introducing us to this great product!

  8. Guest says:

    Here is a link to a great article at the Nok-Out site about how to get rid of that horrible smell that can creep into a front-loading washing machine.

  9. ABC says:

    Nok-out is expensive, yes….but my daughter recently bought a used car that had two odor problems. First, the previous owners had let dogs ride in the car (there was dog hair all over the seats) and then the dealership sprayed the inside with some sort of orange-y cleaner or deodorizer. My daughter didn’t like the orange smell and the dog scent lingered also, especially in hot weather.

    I bought a 32 oz. spray bottle and it cost me about $27 with shipping….whew! But if DD ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy. So I bit the bullet. (I believe I did remember to use the DPL code for 10% off.)

    She sprayed everything twice and the orange odor is pretty much gone, but the funky dog-ish odor is still there enough to be annoying. You really only smell it when it’s been shut up and you first get in, but still. Those two applications used about half of that $27 bottle.

    DD is not the most meticulous person in the world, so I thought I’d give it another spray when the weather cools off (too hot to get outside right now!) and see if that will take care of it. I did tell her to spray all of the upholstery surfaces, including the backs of the front seats and underneath them. She said she did. She even took the mats out, sprayed them, and sprayed under them.

    So, not the magical results I was expecting based on all the gush. 😉 But to be fair, it may work after another application by the mother. haha

    • ABC says:

      Sorry, tried to make paragraphs but can’t seem to get it to work. Seems like I’ve seen them in other posts….anyone want to enlighten me?

      • maxhalberg says:

        Hi ABC, I edited your original post to add line breaks.

        Make sure to add add an extra “blank” line to create a paragraph in the future.


      • ABC says:

        Thanks for the edit job, Max….but I’ve tried putting the extra blank line and it didn’t work. That’s what I did with this post. I really, really hate trying to read a long, long post with no breaks. I always end up zoning out before I’m finished, and I’m even an avid reader. 🙂
        Guess I’ll try putting another extra blank line with this post and see if that works.

    • Guest says:

      ABC … BUT we want magical results from Nok-Out and you should expect that. You will really learn a lot if you go to and click on the How-to videos. Here’s the deal with Nok-Out: It must come into full saturation contact with the offending odor. That is the tedious thing when dealing with something like a car’s interior. But the instructions at the Nok-Out site will help tremendously! Once you understand the science behind the product, it will truly become “magical!”

      • ABC says:

        Thanks, Mary….I left it up to DD to do since it’s her car and she needs to learn to be more responsible….but I may have to check out the videos and give it another go this fall. Thanks again!

  10. Mrsslam824 says:

    I would love to try nok – out, but the last time I checked on shipping for a gallon, the cost to ship to Colorado was almost as much as the product itself. We have a room in our home that the cats have urinated everywhere and I would love to try it to save the carpet if possible.


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