ews you can use top news articles april 2024

News You Can Use • April 2024

Keep up to date with our handpicked selection of April 2024’s top news articles, covering Android’s strategic move to outpace iPhone, travelers’ concerns amidst Boeing flight anxiety, and the reality of ash scattering at Disneyland. More top news articles to come throughout the month.

ews you can use top news articles april 2024

Most Recent Top News Articles

Red Lobster Considers Bankruptcy After $11M Loss from Endless Shrimp Promotion

Red Lobster finds itself in troubled waters as it contemplates Chapter 11 bankruptcy to address its financial woes. Following an ill-fated “Ultimate Endless Shrimp” promotion that resulted in $11 million in operating losses, the seafood chain is seeking restructuring options with the help of law firm King & Spalding and key lender Fortress Investment Group. The recent appointment of CEO Jonathan Tibus, experienced in restaurant restructuring, signals efforts to navigate the challenges ahead. Despite setbacks, Red Lobster remains a fixture in the dining landscape, albeit facing significant hurdles in its quest for stability. Read more →

Tesla Slashes Car Prices Globally Amid Turmoil

Tesla responds to recent challenges by reducing prices for its electric vehicles across multiple markets, including the United States, China, and Europe. The price cuts, which range from under 5% to over 5%, aim to stimulate demand amidst lower-than-expected car deliveries and ongoing safety concerns. The move comes ahead of Tesla’s first quarter earnings announcement and amidst heightened competition in the EV market. Despite recent setbacks, Tesla remains a significant player, with its stock price reflecting the challenges it faces. Read more →

AI Salvador Dalí Speaks

Visitors to the Dalí Museum in St. Petersburg, Florida, can now engage with an AI rendition of the surrealist artist Salvador Dalí through an installation called Ask Dalí. Modeled after Dalí’s iconic Lobster Telephone, the installation allows visitors to ask questions and receive cryptic responses from the AI, voiced in Dalí’s heavily-accented English. Using generative artificial intelligence trained on Dalí’s archival interviews and writings, the AI responds to inquiries about life, love, death, and even the meaning behind Dalí’s surreal artworks. Read more →

Colossal Snake Fossils Unearthed: Meet Vasuki indicus

Scientists have uncovered fossilized vertebrae of Vasuki indicus, a colossal snake estimated to have reached lengths of up to 49 feet (15 meters) and lived approximately 47 million years ago in the swamps of India. Named after the snake king in Hindu mythology, Vasuki was a non-venomous predator resembling modern-day pythons. Its discovery sheds light on the diversity of prehistoric snakes and their ecological roles during the Cenozoic era. Read more →

Cicadapocalypse: An Animated Guide to the Rare 2024 Cicada Co-Emergence

This spring marks a rare event in the world of cicadas as both a 13-year and a 17-year brood emerge simultaneously, a phenomenon not seen in over 200 years. As trillions of cicadas prepare to surface from underground, they will undergo a remarkable transformation from nymphs to adults, followed by a cacophonous mating ritual and the laying of eggs. Despite the massive numbers expected, predators will feast on the insects without significantly impacting their population. This animated guide provides a fascinating glimpse into the lifecycle and behaviors of these fascinating insects during this extraordinary event. Read more →

Consumer Reports Calls for Removal of Lunchables from School Lunch Program

Consumer Reports is advocating for the removal of Lunchables from the National School Lunch Program due to concerns over high sodium levels and the presence of heavy metals. A recent analysis by the advocacy group found elevated levels of sodium, lead, cadmium, and phthalates in the popular meal kits. While the USDA states that individual food items are not disallowed, Consumer Reports insists that Lunchables do not meet the nutritional standards necessary for children’s health. Kraft Heinz, the maker of Lunchables, defends the quality of its products, stating that they meet strict safety standards and have been improved with added fresh fruit and reduced sodium. Despite this, Consumer Reports has garnered support for its petition urging the USDA to take action. Read more →

Heinz’s Big Ketchup Crusade: Can Chicagoans Be Converted?

Heinz has planted a gargantuan ketchup dispenser on Chicago’s Navy Pier, aiming to revolutionize the Windy City’s hot dog culture. But in a city where ketchup on hot dogs is a cardinal sin, the battle is an uphill one. Despite resistance from natives and even the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council, Heinz is determined to challenge tradition and win over the city’s taste buds. Read more →

Hacking Havoc: How Cybercriminals Crack Google’s 2FA Security

Despite having two-factor authentication (2FA) in place, Gmail and YouTube users are falling victim to hackers who bypass security measures, locking users out of their accounts. Cryptocurrency scams, particularly involving Ripple’s XRP, are a common lure for these attackers. Learn how hackers exploit session cookie hijack attacks to evade 2FA and what users can do to protect themselves. Read more →

Earlier Top News Articles from April 2024

Working Past Retirement: The New Reality for Many Americans

As retirement becomes financially challenging for many older Americans, a growing number find themselves rejoining the workforce. Factors such as increased life expectancy, changing job dynamics, and inadequate retirement savings contribute to this trend. While some older workers find fulfilling opportunities, others face age discrimination and struggle to secure suitable employment. Adapting workplaces to accommodate an aging workforce and providing support for older workers are crucial steps toward addressing this societal shift. Read more →

An unusual museum heist: A man smuggled a painting into the building

In an unexpected turn of events, a technician at Munich’s Pinakothek der Moderne museum smuggled in his own painting and hung it in the modern art collection. Despite being spotted by staff, the painting remained on display until closing. The museum received mixed reactions from visitors, and the employee, facing no major charges, was subsequently fired. Read more →

Finally, Internet Transparency: ISPs Get Their ‘Chip Bag’ Labels

Tired of deciphering internet bills? The FCC mandates internet providers to adopt a “nutrition facts” style label, breaking down costs and speeds, making it easier for consumers to compare and understand services. This move, long in the making, aims to boost competition and empower consumers. Read more →

Falling Short or Leaping Forward: Are You Outearning Your Parents?

Aspiring to outdo our parents financially is a common goal, but reality paints a less rosy picture. Only 36.5% feel they’re financially superior to their folks, citing factors like wage stagnation, unattainable homeownership, and soaring education costs. Despite the gloom, 42% believe their children will fare better. Read more →

Total Solar Eclipse 2024: A Celestial Spectacle Across North America!

Get ready for a breathtaking cosmic event! On April 8, a total solar eclipse will captivate millions as it traverses Mexico, the US, and Canada. Witness the moon’s shadow envelop the sun, plunging areas along the path of totality into temporary darkness. Learn more about this awe-inspiring celestial phenomenon in this article and type in your address to see what time your local eclipse will be most prominent. Read more →

Cracking the Code: Why Your Lips Stay Chapped Despite Lip Balm!

Ever wonder why your lips are always chapped, despite slathering on lip balm? Dive into this article as dermatologists spill the beans on pesky lip problems and reveal why your go-to lip products might not be cutting it. Say goodbye to dry, cracked lips with expert tips and tricks shared in this informative read. Read more →

More Top News Articles from April 2024

Inside Ron’s Place

A flat transformed by an artist over 33 years has been granted Grade II listed status after a campaign to save it. Delve into the mesmerizing world of Ron Gittins, whose unorthodox artistry transformed a humble flat into a Grade II listed wonderland. Read more →

California’s Best-Kept Secret: The Magnificent Scenic Drive You’ve Never Heard Of!

Buckle up for an adventure along California’s Scenic Drive, a coastal road so hidden, that even Bigfoot would struggle to find it! From windswept beaches to cliffside views straight out of a postcard, learn about its quirky history, ongoing battle against potholes, and the surprising tales lurking behind each scenic stop. Read more →

A Bunch of IRS Tax Deductions and Credits You Need to Know

Lowering your taxable income is the key to paying less to the IRS. Several federal tax deductions and credits can help. Read more →

People Share 10 Cheat Codes to Tackle Everything Life Threw at Them

Discover real-life ‘cheat codes’ as people unveil practical hacks for making life’s challenges much easier. Read more →

Why We Procrastinate—and How to Stop

We have a natural tendency to distract ourselves from important or difficult tasks. So, how can we recognize our triggers and overcome procrastination? Read more →

Earlier Top News Articles

The Most Educated Countries in the World Ranked

Plenty of us take for granted that we have access to schooling. And even though there are 195 countries in the world, 60 of them have stood out above the rest and offer an education you won’t find elsewhere in the world. How does your country rank? Read more →

How Much Do Americans in Their 50s Have in their 401(k)s?

Americans in their 50s are right around the corner from reaching retirement age. How prepared are they (well, all of us, for that matter!) for retirement? How much should we have in our 50s to be on track? Discover that and more, no matter your age. Read more →

She’s Underwater in an Extravagant Auto Purchase

Automobile sticker prices are higher than ever, but they’re nothing compared to the staggeringly high monthly payments for leases and financing.

Blaisey Arnold knows this firsthand, three years into owning her Chevy Tahoe. The mom of three says that she financed the vehicle at $84,000 and paid $1,400 every month for the past three years, which comes to around $50,000. Yet the North Carolina mom still owes at least $74,000 on the car loan. Read more →

Missing Dog Found 2,000 Miles From Home!

A dog missing in California since the summer turned up more than 2,000 miles away in suburban Detroit. Woof! Read more →

Millions of Laundry Detergent Packets Recalled

Procter & Gamble recalls Tide Pods, Gain Flings, Ace Pods, and Ariel Pods liquid laundry detergent packets sold in flexible bags. According to the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission, the recall affects 8.2 million defective outer packaging bags, which may cause them to split open near the zipper track and pose a serious risk if ingested. They can also injure the eyes and skin. Read more →

99 Cents Only to Close All Stores

After over four decades in business, 99 Cents Only Stores will close all its doors permanently. The retail chain, once known for its below $1 prices, announced the closure of all 371 locations on Thursday. “This was an extremely difficult decision and is not the outcome we expected or hoped to achieve,” interim CEO Mike Simoncic said in a news release. “Unfortunately, the last several years have presented significant and lasting challenges in the retail environment.” (So sad! -mh) Read more →

How Much Will YOU Need to Retire?

Inflation has crept into every part of Americans’ lives, including how much they now think they need to retire comfortably: a record (gulp! $1.46 million, according to a study released on Tuesday.

That’s a 53% surge since the $951,000 target Americans reported in 2020 and a 15% increase from last year’s $1.27 million, according to Northwestern Mutual’s 2024 Planning & Progress Study which polled 4,588 adults in January. Read more →

$7-Dollar Tree Stores

Discount retail giant Dollar Tree says that it will raise the price cap in its stores to $7 in its fourth quarter 2024. Read more →

Here Come the Cicadas

Trillions of bugs to swarm in ‘once-per-221-years’ mating frenzy in weeks—it last happened to the Founding Fathers. An event like this hasn’t occurred since 1803 when Thomas Jefferson was president, and it’s not expected to happen again until 2244. In late April, two large broods of periodical cicadas are expected to emerge from the ground for a noisy mating frenzy. Billions, even trillions, of cicadas are going to emerge at the same time across 17 states … Read more →

Coming to a Highway Near You

Ready or not, self-driving semi-trucks are coming to America’s highways. In fact, they’re out there in some states already. Observant drivers can tell if a robot is controlling that big rig ahead. Read more →

Government Proposal to Kill a Half-Million Owls Sparks Controversy

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s proposal to cull around half a million barred owls in order to safeguard the spotted owl has sparked discussions among conservationists and animal welfare advocates regarding the ethical dilemma of sacrificing one species for the preservation of another. Read more →

Android’s Surprise Move: Outsmarting iPhone with a Game-Changing Update

Anxiety over recent incidents with Boeing planes has caused some travelers to rethink their flight choices and favor alternatives like Airbus. While aviation remains statistically safe, headlines have sparked unease. Airlines assure safety measures, but passengers prioritize peace of mind. Read more →

Grounded: Anxiety Over Boeing Flights Takes Off Among Travelers

Anxiety over recent incidents with Boeing planes has caused some travelers to rethink their flight choices and favor alternatives like Airbus. While aviation remains statistically safe, headlines have sparked unease. Airlines assure safety measures, but passengers prioritize peace of mind. Read more →

Disney’s Unwanted Guests: The Dark Reality of Spreading Ashes at the Happiest Place on Earth

There are grim consequences to spreading ashes at Disneyland, as seen in a viral post on X. Despite the allure of leaving a loved one’s remains in a cherished place, the reality is far from ideal. With biohazard cleanups and park closures, the practice disrupts park operations and can lead to legal repercussions. Read more →

The Euro House Struggle: Why This Italian Town Can’t Give Away Its Homes

Patrica, a medieval village south of Rome, struggles to sell its abandoned homes for one euro, unlike other Italian towns. Mayor Lucio Fiordaliso’s efforts are thwarted by legal complexities and dilapidated properties. With tax breaks and incentives, Patrica seeks revival but faces hurdles in attracting buyers. Read more →

Check back regularly for updates! We’ll be adding new top news articles throughout April 2024.


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