day 17

40-Day Challenge Day 17

Finalize your list of gifts to make. Be realistic with your time. Inventory your supplies, create a shopping list and match to craft store coupons. Add crafting days to your holiday calendar.

Listen …


Whether it’s something from your kitchen, craft room, woodworking shop, or computer, there’s nothing like a homemade gift. A tree ornament, a plate of cookies, a box of fudge, and note cards are just some kinds of homemade gifts with universal appeal.



Question: What has been your experience with homemade gifts—giving and receiving? What have been your best ideas?



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4 replies
  1. Deb says:

    My experience with homemade gifts have almost gotten me in trouble! I have made the burrito pillowcases, microwave bowl covers, crochet pot scrubbers, hot pads, lap quilts, to name a few. Every time, family and friends have wanted more!!! So be careful—-you may be busy after Christmas too! :)))

  2. Vivian Freppon says:

    My sister and I make a different homemade gift for our collective 6 children and their spouses. The ideas are a little hard to come up with but so much fun for us. The kids (adults now) seem to truly like everything mostly because we made it. It feels so good to do this!

  3. Jan says:

    I put my empty essential oil bottles in a large glass candy jar that I’ve filled up with epsom salts. I put those empty bottles in and then shake, shake, shake that jar. The next time I add emtpy bottles I take out some of the bottles that have been steeping in the epsom salts. When I want a fast present, I bottle up some of those now great smelling epsom salts in a cute Mason jelly jar. Wrap a ribbon around it, add a tag and voila!- lovely bath salts!


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