mattress topper close-up showing how it attaches to a mattress to make it more comfortable.

The Best Mattress Toppers to Help You Sleep Better in 2023

Whether you’re looking for the kind of cushioning that hugs a body, better support, or perhaps just a touch of softness—without the need to get a pricey new mattress—consider a mattress topper. Adding this to your mattress can make it a lot more comfortable, meaning a better night’s sleep.

mattress topper close-up showing how it attaches to a mattress to make it more comfortable.
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Do you need one?
Different types of topppers
Best Natural Latex
Best Down Alternative (Fiber)
Best Memory Foam
Best Cheaper Memory Foam


Do you need a mattress topper?

It’s all about comfort. If your bed has become too firm making it uncomfortable, a mattress topper could return a  softer, more plush feeling. If your hips, knees, shoulder and other pressure points have begun digging into your mattress causing pain and anguish, a new mattress topper could certainly be much a welcomed solution.

Different mattress topper types

Latex mattress toppers

Instead of your body sinking into a foam type topper, you’ll find yourself resting on the surface of natural latex. It’s bouncy, springy and buoyancy. That means you should retain less heat than say a memory foam topper. Latex toppers come in a variety of thickness and density, so you can choose depending on your sleeping habits and the amount of padding you want to add to your bed.

Memory foam toppers

Memory foam, aka viscoelastic foam, allows you to sink right in. The foam actually hugs your body, creating your contour. Memory foam has a slow recovery, meaning if you push your hand into it, you’ll see its shape remain when you pull away, but for only a little while. This is what happens when you lie on memory foam. It is far denser and supportive than latex, but also more expensive.

Memory foam is “temperature-responsive,” meaning it may feel firmer in a cold room and softer in a warm environment. And it radiates body heat which is good news for those who are always cold, but more of a nightmare for people who tend to run hot. Some toppers contain cooling gels to absorb additional heat, which can keep hot sleepers from sweating.

Down-alternative toppers

Also known as fiber-filled, these toppers are made to be similar to feather beds, but are filled with polyester or other synthetic fibers. This type of topper is great if you just need a bit more padding on your too-firm bed. This is not the best option if your current mattress is making you sore. But generally fiber toppers are an affordable option if you just want a slight pillow top for comfort and also for appearance.

After much research, feedback, and reviews, our EC Picks offer the best affordable mattress toppers in each category.

Best Natural Latex Topper



Best Fiber Mattress Topper


fiber mattress topperParachute Down Alternative Feather Bed

This down alternative feather bed is a plush, lofty fiber mattress topper providing less cushioning than memory foam or latex.

PARACHUTE From $189.00



Best Memory Foam Topper


Also Good Memory Foam Topper


memory foam topperMalouf Isolus 2-inch Ventilated

The Malouf Isolus 2-inch Ventilated memory foam mattress topper isn’t as luxurious as others, but doesn’t bottom out as others do. Although it’s somewhat pricey, we don’t think you’ll find a topper you’ll like for less.

US-MATTRESS From $192.00


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5 replies
  1. Courtney Follmer says:

    Mary, I bought an $900 mattress a couple months ago and now it’s sagging in the middle. we’re rolling on top of each other. Is there anything that can be done to fix it or camouflage the effect? Thanks, Courtney

    • Mary Hunt says:

      Really hard to say, Courtney with so little specific info. Is it possible that you have the wrong base? I’d contact the company that sold it to you and request a replacement or even a full refund. A good mattress lasts for years, not months.

    • Michelle Scholz says:

      I have always needed a mattress which gives great support but is still very comfortable. Often after using the mattress for a couple of years it loses its firmness and gets lumpy. I have used a piece of plywood the size of the mattress to support it and it has never been too firm. I think you will be pleased that the mattress feels like new and has many more years of life. Also it costs so little to try it. You have little to lose and I hope it’s a surprise how comfortable your bed can be.

  2. Vicki P. says:

    We needed a new mattress about three years ago and got a memory foam topper from Costco instead.Very good choice. Like sleeping on a cloud and way cheaper than a new mattress. I did read that they need to be replaced every few years. So far so good, though.


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