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October Best Month to Score Bargains on These 12 Things

How I love this time of year! Cooler weather, sweaters, scarves, pumpkin pie, and beautiful fall colors make it the best time of year. For bargain hunters, October is the calm before the holiday shopping storm, which means the likelihood of finding super deals is high. Here are the great buys you can expect in October.

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Halloween costumes, decor, party gear

Traditionally, stores go all-out stocking up for Halloween. And as the month goes on, they anticipate how much they’ll have left to deal with if they stick to retail pricing. That means super sales later in the month.

If you can hold up on buying costumes, decor, and party supplies until the third week or even closer to the 31st, you’ll be well-rewarded with super clearance prices!


Many retailers (Target, Nordstrom, Kohl’s) typically have an overstock of denim jeans this month—leftover from back-to-school shopping. Watch for super sales and discounts. Don’t expect the greatest selections of styles and sizes, but if you’re willing to search, now is a great time to buy to score a new pair of jeans for yourself, and the kids..

Toys and games

October is when retailers clear the decks for the hot new Christmas toys. That means getting rid of what’s been filling the shelves. All the old goes on sale. Based on past performance, the best time during October to scoop up those bargains will be mid-month.

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During October, shoppers can expect to find bicycles—both traditional and eBikes—bike accessories and helmets, and other cycling-related products at great prices. With cold weather right ahead, retailers promote some of their lowest bike prices of the year in October.


Electronics, Laptops, Computers

Traditionally, October is the month that manufacturers release new models of computers and personal electronics in preparation for the Christmas selling season. Older models, reconditioned, and open-box hardware will be priced for quick sales to make room for the new stuff. Just don’t expect the models to be on sale! If that’s what you need, hold up. October is not the best time to buy.


Wedding supplies

Traditionally, summer is the wedding season. Come fall, retailers overstock can be anything from invitations, lights, cake toppers, and yes, even wedding dresses. Almost everything gets a significant price drop during the fall months and then starts to pick back up again after New Year’s as brides start prepping for the summer weddings.


Pizza is a huge deal during the month of October—National Pizza Month and almost all pizza chains celebrate this! If history repeats itself, we can count on Papa John’s, Dominos, and Pizza Hut celebrating with awesome pizza deals!

Sign up for emails, download their apps, or just keep your eye on social media because the whole month will be filled with amazing deals—even a freebie or two.


Traditionally, the best time to buy a used car has been in the last quarter of the year, between October and December. Not only could we count on good prices on used cars, but also get a great selection because dealerships would see an influx of trade-ins from drivers buying the next year’s models.

We are going through unprecedented economic times. Wisdom dictates we should consider what we could count on in the past, then weigh that carefully against what we see now. Without a doubt, there are good deals out there on automobiles. Somewhere. Dealers have them, and they’re getting nervous. While we may need to adjust our expectations, remain flexible with our negotiation skills sharp.

New-model-year vehicles come out in the previous year’s fall–for example, a 2023 model will debut in the fall of 2022. Often dealerships want last year’s stock gone before the new models arrives. But that doesn’t always work out. If a 2022 model is still on the lot when a 2022 model arrives, dealerships will usually offer heavy discounts on the older model in order to move it out.

Taking advantage of this kind of situation landed us an additional $9,000 discount (not tax credit or rebate) on a new 2019 Dodge Ram Van that had been sitting in the sales lot months after the 2020 models had arrived. Score!


October is the month to land a fabulous deal on a new stove because manufacturers release their new models in winter. To make room for them, retailers routinely slap clearance prices on last year’s models still sitting in their inventory. But that’s not all. Ask about floor models, If you can live with a few surface blemishes, you may be able to land an even better deal.


Seasonal produce

October will see lots of sales on apples, artichokes, pumpkins, pears, beets, cabbage, cauliflower, oranges, figs, sweet potatoes, and winter squash. Expect Autumn harvest to be the theme everywhere. And don’t be afraid to stock up. You can bake pies and freeze them for later. Make applesauce, apple fritters, apple butter, and apple dumplings.


Air Conditioners

With consumers’ minds turning toward cozying up to the fireplace, retailers know cooling off is not a priority. So what’s a merchant to do? Give their remaining air conditioning units and fans bargain basement prices, And it’s not just the price that makes October an ideal month to buy.

For those buying window units, it’s easier to install in October, rather than waiting for the first steamy day next spring. Or looking to replace a central air conditioning system? There’s less demand in October, which hopefully means faster response and installation time from your local HVAC contractor.

Camping gear

October is that sweet spot in the year when heat waves have wound down, but chances for early snowstorms are still quite remote in most areas. Grabbing super bargains on tents, sleeping bags, and other gear could mean that your best camping trip of the year is right around the corner.

Traditionally, all things camping go on sale in October. If you’ve been waiting for good deals on all things related to the outdoors, this month might be a good time to pull the trigger. Just take the time to research so you can price compare.

Grills and outdoor furniture

Retailers are now focusing on indoors and the Holiday season ahead. That means they’re also doing their best to get rid of outdoor furnishings. Expect to find great deals on patio tables, chairs, umbrellas, and grills.

Garden tools

Stores that stocked up on lawnmowers, shovels, rakes, weed eaters, gardening gloves, tools, and planters for last spring are ready to clear the decks in those aisles. Stores always put all of that on sale during October to ensure that they have room for their winter products. It’s a great time to replace old, tired, broken garden tools. You’ll be all ready for spring in more ways than one!

Columbus Day sales

This year, we celebrate Columbus Day on Monday, October 10. Many stores—brick and mortar and online—will take full advantage of that holiday weekend to clear out summer things and give their customers a head start on Christmas shopping.


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