collage disk drain racks

Best Inexpensive Dish Drainer Rack

You know it’s a good day for me when my “inner shopper” gets to come out and play. Researching, testing, and reviewing items that you, my dear readers request is like a license to shop till I drop—all the joys without the horrible side effects of overspending. Creating solid recommendations for the best inexpensive options is one of the most satisfying things I get to do. I’d say we have a good thing going on.

collage disk drain racks

Dish Drainer Rack

Dear Mary: I need to replace my wire dish drainer rack. I cannot find anything but small replacement drainers with small drainboards. What’s going on? Any ideas where to find a decent, full-size dish drainer (NOT plastic) and drainboard? Pam

Pam’s right. Large wire metal dish drainers are pretty much from a bygone era. Granted, an online search turns up dozens of options. And the photos look promising. But in reality? Let me just say there is a lot of junk out there. As Pam says, most are small or “apartment size.” Eliminating them and any made of plastic cuts the field considerably.

But not to worry. After a season of searching, trial, and error, I’m excited to reveal EC’s Best Dish Drainer Racks in two choices—Best Inexpensive™ and Best Upgrade. Both are highly functional and modern.

Best Inexpensive Full-Size Dish Drainer Rack

This beautiful Kitchenaid Dish Rack and Tray offers the best features for a four-person household.

At about 20” x 15”, it fits nicely on just about any size countertop. The steel frame is beautiful and keeps everything inside the rack. The tray catches the drips to keep water from running out all over the counter.


The whole thing comes apart for easy cleaning (it is not dishwasher safe, as the tray will warp and you won’t be happy.) KitchenAid recommends hand washing only.

For the record, this is not the most inexpensive dish drainer rack on the market! However, it is the most inexpensive of those I find to be full-size and of reasonable quality. If Pam opts for a $20 variety (there are plenty of those out there), I predict she’ll be replacing it very soon.



Best Upgrade Extra Large Dish Drainer Rack

Definitely larger in size (7″ wider than KitchenAid) and higher in price, the Simplehuman Steel Frame Dish Rack is a fabulous upgrade, and perhaps unnecessarily large and fancy for a smaller household.

I have chosen it as an optional upgrade because of its quality, durability, and suitable for a larger household. Spending more on the front end for a workhorse that will withstand heavy use and serve well for many years makes good sense.

The drip tray on this dish drainer is integrated into the drying rack and sports a removable spout at the bottom that pivots to drain water directly into the sink from any side. That means you can position the dish rack long or short ways on the countertop. This rack includes a removable holder for extra large wine glasses and a very practical utensil holder.

Made of rust-resistant and smudge-proof stainless steel, I find this beautiful dish rack to be as practical as it is useful. This disk drainer rack has found a permanent home in my kitchen!



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3 replies
  1. Patricia Goff says:

    I got mine at a thrift store. One is avocado green for the guest house which matches the appliances and mine is a turquoise blue.

  2. Sheri B, says:

    Way too expensive for me. No way will I buy these on my budget. I will stick to what I have. Which I bought at Walmart. (stainless steel)

    • Cheryl says:

      Mary didn’t say they were going to be cheap, just the best quality for the best price. She is not in everyone’s pocketbook/budget, she is just saying she did the research and in her humble OPINION these products will last long enough to make it at least worth a look-see. Please see the following remark from her post:
      “For the record, this is not the most inexpensive dish drainer rack on the market! However, it is the most inexpensive of those I find to be full-size and of reasonable quality. If Pam opts for a $20 variety (there are plenty of those out there), I predict she’ll be replacing it very soon.” So while I am sorry that they are too expensive for your budget now, maybe in the future as you are following her plan, you will be able to upgrade to a longer lasting product…whichever that may be for you. Not everyone has the same taste….she just lists these as guidelines, after all,the only savings are on the products that you will actually use after you buy them! :0> Have a great Monday!! Hope you have a Blessed day!


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