Website Image - Day 7

40-Day Challenge Day 7


Website Image - Day 7

If you plan to participate in Black Friday or Cyber Monday, start getting your mind into tip-top shape. Retailers are hungry, clever, and anxious to clean you out. Know (before you go) precisely what you are looking for, how much you will spend, and how much you will pay for it. Nothing you put on credit Black Friday or Cyber Monday will ever feel as good as the debt will fee bad.

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These super-sale days—Black Friday followed by Cyber Monday—represent a slippery slope. The deals appear to be too good to pass up. It will be so easy to throw three sheets to the wind and go nuts! A solid gift list and spending plan to which you are committed is the way to navigate and stay on course.

Hint: If you’re looking for bedding or mattresses, the best sales on the widest variety of options will happen in February. Similarly, mid-winter is not the best time to buy winter stuff, so check out clearance sales in February and March for coats, space heaters, and more.



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