Day 6

40-Day Challenge Day 6


Compile a Master Gift List. Add everyone you are planning to gift. Analyze. Who on the list would be happy with just a card? Who is on the list because you feel guilty or obligated? Who on the list will your gift cause to feel guilty and obligated to give you a gift to save face? Make changes now while your emotions are not tied up in the season, and you’re still able to think clearly.

Listen …

If the list is out of balance—meaning the number of gifts required to check off every single name will, without a doubt, exceed your available cash—start paring down. We often feel compelled to give a gift when a lovely card, photo of the kids, or a heartfelt personal note would convey the intended goodwill. Go through your list with this in mind, put a star next to those who will be getting cards as gifts this year.

Don’t be surprised if this challenge can be met with a single try. It could take numerous trips up and down this list to get it winnowed down to reasonable, comfortable, and doable.

Are you struggling? Reach out to the community for help and encouragement in the comments below.



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