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16 Hobby Lobby Money-Saving Hacks, Tips, and Tricks

I was late to the party but somehow managed to catch up quickly. While Hobby Lobby has now expanded to California, I’d never stepped foot into one of the more than 800 stores until moving to Colorado. How I lived for the greater part of my life without Hobby Lobby remains a mystery. Remarkably, somehow I survived.

A store front at day

Hobby Lobby is basically an arts-and-crafts heaven but also includes hobbies, picture frames and framing; jewelry making, fabrics, floral and wedding supplies, cards and party ware, baskets, wearable art, home accents and holiday merchandise. And let me tell you, this company runs a tight ship.

Generally, the prices at Hobby Lobby are good. But if you know the secrets—these hacks, tips, and tricks—you’ll never pay the full price on anything at Hobby Lobby again. And you’ll routinely be saving 50% (sometimes up to 90%).

Know the Hobby Lobby Sale Schedule

Just about everything in the store goes on sale for 50% off at some time or another. Knowing how to anticipate those sales is the secret to saving big.


A sign on a wooden bench sitting in front of a window

Always on sale

  • Furniture
  • frames
  • posters
  • T-shirts

The foregoing items are always on sale for 30% off the marked price.

Never on sale

  • Greeting cards
  • Party supplies
  • Candy (unless clearance after the holiday)
  • Silhouette and other name brand cutting machines (some are discounted but never on sale)
  • Gift wrap
  • Cake decorating supplies


Every other week

  • Floral
  • Ribbon and tulle
  • Frames and shadow boxes, etc.
  • Home decor and accents, including candles
  • Scrapbooking


A close up of a sign

Every three weeks

  • Brand name yarn (some kinds of yarn are always on sale)
  • Art supplies
  • Crafts
  • Jewelry making supplies

Start watching and you’ll see how the sales cycle works then plan accordingly.

Watch the Weekly Ad


A close up of text on a white background

Ad not current, for illustration purposes only.


You can see this on your smartphone if you use the Hobby Lobby app, check the print flyer in-store, or get it in your mailbox if you sign up to get that. You should! You’ll be the smartest Hobby Lobby customer in town because in no time you’ll be an expert on the sales cycles.

A sign in front of a store


Best Kept Secret: Tissue Paper

Hobby Lobby and Gift

I suppose it could be categorized as gift wrap; if so, it’s my one exception to the tip above. Buy tissue paper at Hobby Lobby. The in-store selections (online, not so much) and the prices are fabulous—yes, that great.


Shop Online When You Can Get Free Shipping

Hobby Lobby stores and its website operate from the same warehouse, so the prices always match. However, the selection online is not as great as in-store, and you’ll pay for shipping unless you wait for a free shipping-with-minimum-purchase promo, which happens about four times a month.

Shop Online with a Discounted Gift Card

Hobby Lobby and Image

Buy a Hobby Lobby gift card at Raise.com at a discount of 10-12% (it varies considerably). Then use it to pay for your online order. It all adds up!

Make Sure to Activate Rakuten

When shopping Hobby Lobby online, make sure you have your Rakuten account activated (how to: Here) at checkout and you’ll get 2% cash back on your Hobby Lobby online order. Rakuten—plus free shipping, plus a discounted gift card—can make shopping at Hobby Lobby online a good deal.

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Twice-a-Year Home Accents and Decor Clearance Sale

A sign above a store

Two times each year—typically in late January and then again in early summer—it’s like Hobby Lobby discontinues the home accents department! Everything starts at 50% off then quickly goes to 60%, on to 90% off until it’s all gone to make room for all the new home decor items.

After-Holiday Clearance Hits 90% Off

Take Christmas decor. It starts at 40% off in the summer, then heads down and hits clearance at 90% off after the holiday.

A sign above a store

Love the Clearance Aisle

Hobby Lobby and Home

A stack of flyers on a table

Every Hobby Lobby has one and it’s not at the front of the store. You have to search for it. At my store it’s in the farthest back corner. It takes up part of an aisle and the wall behind.

A sign on the side of a building

Stuff cycles in and out of the Clearance area fast because they’re continuously marked down until they reach 90% off. You won’t believe the bargains. Just remember, even at 90% it’s a bad deal if it’s something you don’t need, won’t use, and will add clutter to your life.

Clearance Hot Spots

This is totally unpredictable and varies from one Hobby Lobby store to the next. But now and then, you will find clearance sales throughout the store.

Check the whole store for these hot spots with 60% off or more! But only buy if it’s something you would have wanted at full price or even 30% off.

Competitor Price Matching

Hobby Lobby does not accept competitors’ coupons, so don’t try. However, they will give you the competing price on the exact same item. Bring the competition’s flyer with you; you will get that price if it’s a match.

Tip: There are exclusions. You cannot get the price match on doorbuster prices, Simplicity and McCall’s patterns, Cricut, Silhouette, Siozzic, Cuttlebug, clearance and closeout items.

Hobby Lobby and Pattern

Churches, Schools, National Charitable Organizations Get 10% Discount

If you are shopping for one of these, bring a credit card or check from the organization for payment. Note: Your check must be signed in-store, once a manager has approved the transaction. If your organization qualifies, do not hesitate to get this discount!

Get Another 10% Off for Damaged Item

Hobby Lobby and Gift

If an item you planned to purchase has a significant blemish or is damaged—if it doesn’t bother you or you can easily fix it—ask the cashier for a discount.

Like this cute gingerbread kid. His foot is torn open, revealing the stuffing. I inquired and was offered an additional 10% off, knowing I could sew up that seam in a few minutes if that would have been something I couldn’t live without. It wasn’t.

Get a Price Adjustment

You can’t wait for a sale. You buy that thing at full price or the 30% off usual sale price. Then the next week you see it’s at 50% off. Don’t you hate when that happens? Well not to worry. Bring the item and your receipt back to the store within 14 days and they will adjust the price and give you back the difference. This does not apply to clearance items, however.

Ask for a Rain Check

If the item you want is on sale but out of stock, ask Customer Service for a rain check. Once it’s back in stock, bring your rain check with you, and you’ll get that sale price.

If You Hate Crowds, Shop Tuesday and Wednesday Mornings

Hobby Lobby stores are typically the least crowded on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings as soon as opening. You may think you’re the only customer there, and that’s OK. You can take your time to look around for clearance hot spots.

Apply for a Job

Hobby Lobby employees get an additional 15% off—on top of sale prices. If you need a job and have super self-control, you just might want to inquire!

First published: 11-15-18; Revised & Updated 11-20-22


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