personalized pencils make inexpensive awesome gifts

Great $1 Gift Idea for People of All Ages—Kids Teens Adults

Does this sound at all familiar to you? It’s the week before Christmas, and you thought you were done shopping. But then you remembered the little kids across the street. And the guys at the office. Oh, the kids’ teachers and the nice ladies at the library. And your children want to give little gifts to all their friends. Yikes! Your list is expanding right before your eyes. 

personalized pencils make inexpensive awesome gifts

How could you have possibly forgotten so many special people? You want to give a little something, but what? You don’t have a lot of money and even less time. You’re feeling the urge to charge up a pile of last-minute gifts, and it doesn’t feel good.

Teachers know best

Reader Ceil Humphreys, a retired Florida school teacher has come up with the perfect solution to this dilemma we’ve all experienced at one time or another. She’s famous for giving personalized pencils. Ceil doesn’t limit herself to a person’s name. Instead, she has fun coming up with words that describe that person.

One year Ceil gave her university-professor brother-in-law pencils that read, “Mr. Tom the Science Guy.” He loved it! Her high school nephew won the coveted role as his high school mascot, so that year, his pencils insisted that Tigers Rule.

Let your mind run wild

Unleash your imagination and see how this idea works for all ages. Big Man on Campus, My Kids’ Dad, Princess Alysha, I’m the Big Sister, Office Mama, I Brake for Quilts, Spoiled Rotten, World’s Best Nana, Cool Dude. Everyone loves to see themselves in print.

Ceil orders pencils from For Teachers Only, an online store owned by the Atlas Pen and Pencil Corp. Good news. This site is NOT for teachers only! Trust me, I’ve called and verified that.

Not for teachers only

Log on to and click on “Pencils.” Scroll down to see “Personalized Pencils,” a set of three colorful, No. 2 pencils personalized in gold (maximum 60 letters and spaces on one line) that come in a neat vinyl pencil pouch (item T-17) for just $1.10. Use the code WELCOME15 to get 15% off through Dec. 31, 2022. That’s a $1 gift. And if you are a teacher? A buck-a-student these days makes for a very affordable gift idea.

NOTE: There is a $30 minimum order requirement, but that could be easily met if you have an extended list or a few friends who’d like to share your order.

Don’t wait until last minute

This is not a gift idea you can leave for the last minute. First, you need time to come up with clever names. And then there’s ordering time. Even though it’s still summer, you have no time to waste if you’re thinking Christmas.




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  1. Elizabeth Sheehy says:

    What a great idea! one of my most treasured possessions is my pencil from my beloved music teacher, saying, “Merry Christmas from Mr. M…” It’s been more than 50 years and I still have it, unsharpened, and I hope to have it for 50 more!


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