40-Day Challenge Day 5

Your holiday blueprint should be built around your calendar. It will assist you in managing your time and your holiday spending plan, and all other your resources. Consider posting a large calendar in the kitchen or another place where every family member sees it, then make it colorful and fun.

Listen …

Have you ever doubled-booked yourself? It’s embarrassing, frustrating, or worse. Example: You invite guests to a dinner party for the same evening as the Christmas Concert you’ve rehearsed for months.

OK, so that’s extreme but let’s say I have experience in these things. Of course, I can keep a calendar in my head! (Do not believe that.)

With so many activities this time of year, keeping everything in writing and right out there in plain view where all involved can see it will absorb a lot of stress.



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  1. Vivian Freppon says:

    My entire life is kept going with my crazy phone! I have a family calendar, work calendar and every appointment and anything I need to do on the phone calendar. Alerts and the alarm clock are my best daily friend! I give my son and his wife all of the credit for setting this up! My grandkids will hear my alarm go off and they ask “Mimi what do we do now?” LOL


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