Thanksgiving chaos with a side of burnt turkey
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Best Inexpensive Thanksgiving Cooking Tools

If today’s topic seems a bit premature, let me remind you (trust me, I’m reminding myself) of the first time

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An Under $20 Discovery that Thrills my Cheap Soul plus GIVEAWAY!

For more than two decades I have been a loyal Apple fan. I’ve had several iPhones, four MacBook Pro laptop

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Three Vacuum Cleaners I Use Almost Every Day and Wouldn’t Want to Live Without


If you have hard flooring, carpet and/or flat surfaces in your home, which just about covers every possibility—there are

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Ask Me Anything: Best Vacuum | Best Blow Torch | Best Meat Thermometer

My mail doesn’t arrive one message at a time. It comes in piles. Think: avalanche. While I have recently hired

Best Inexpensive Essential College Dorm Gear
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Best Inexpensive™ Essential College Dorm Gear

It’s been a number of years since I moved into a college dorm room. My memories of college life are

older man hot and sweaty heat of summer
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Super Cool Ways to Beat the Heat

There are lots of ways to stay cool when the temps of summer soar—most of them holdovers from our childhoods.

IKEA dishwasher
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Best Inexpensive™ Dishwasher

Just this past week I heard from my dear reader Penny who is frustrated in the face of needing to

Requests for Best Inexpensive (TM) options from dear readers depicted as file drawer in computer
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Readers Show Up in Droves with Best Inexpensive™ Requests

As I glanced at the day’s news headlines, I flinched when I read that a prominent U.S. politician (who shall

bbq with sausages and red meat on the grill - male hands holding a plate and taking the meat off the grill before it is too late
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All You Need to Know to Fire Up the BBQ to Get Grillin’

A couple of weeks ago with all the confidence in the world that winter had passed, I got everything ready

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How to Remove Icky Sticky Stuff, Home Chef Feedback, and Best Inexpensive™ Steam Iron

I harbor a little-known secret. I only know a lot of the stuff I know because I’ve learned it from

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Best Inexpensive™ Dish Drainer, Electric Kettle, Outdoor Grill

You know it’s a good day for me when my “inner shopper” gets to come out and play.

Researching, reviewing

Spray bottle fail and an angry young woman
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Some (But Not All) Spray Bottles are Designed to Fail

Many commercial household cleaning products—glass and window cleaner for example—routinely come in a bottle with a handy sprayer. And we

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Best Inexpensive™ Umbrellas

I could not even venture a guess for how many umbrellas I’ve purchased in my life. It’s not so much

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Best Inexpensive™ Toasters and Countertop Oven

I cannot begin to tell you all that I’ve learned over the last few months about kitchen appliances—both major and

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Best Inexpensive™ Laptop Computers for Students of 2018

If you or someone you love will be heading off to college soon, a laptop will be absolutely essential. Nowadays, a

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Best Inexpensive™ Flannel Bed Sheets Plus How to Prevent Pilling

There are few things as comforting as slipping between super soft, cozy flannel bed sheets on a cold, winter night.

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Help! My Apartment Stinks Like a Stale Ashtray

What do vacuum sealers and apartments that smell like a stale ashtray have in common? Absolutely nothing other than these two

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Best Inexpensive™ Microfiber Cloths for Housecleaning, Electronics and Automobiles

There’s nothing like microfiber for cleaning just about any surface in and about the house. If you’ve never used a

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Frequently Asked Questions: Groceries Online?! Which AirFryer?

Today I am responding to two very frequently asked questions at two one-fell swoops—a phrase I’ve