A Procrastinator’s Guide to Saving Valentine’s Day

Friends. This is Friday. Valentine’s Day is Wednesday. I know, I can’t believe it either. Before you start to stress, let’s get a plan together.

The way I see it, you have four options:

  1. Ignore the day altogether and assume your spouse, kids, grandkids, friends, family, and co-workers, will think you forgot and give you a pass.
  2. Get thee to the card shop and post office to pick up Valentine’s cards and plenty of postage stamps, then get them in the mail, pronto!
  3. Make sweet treats in your kitchen befitting the day.
  4. Find that perfect little something for those perfect someones in your life—there is still plenty of time.

Should you be leaning toward option #4, here are 21 great gift ideas sure to please that can be delivered on time and, won’t break the bank:



1. Happy Valentine’s Day Blank Sketchbook. Kids of all ages love to doodle and draw. Here’s a fun sketchpad that will let them keep their creations together in a safe place.

2. Roses Are Pink, Your Feet Really Stink. Love to hear your young readers giggle? Whether they read it themselves or you read it to them, this cute story about Gilbert, a fuzzy-looking woodland creature who comes up with “nice” rhymes for his classmates will bring out the laughter while teaching about kindness and forgiveness.

3. Junie B. Jones and the Mushy Gushy Valentime. Hurray! February 14—Valentime’s Day, as June B. calls it—is just around the corner. Junie B. can’t wait to see all the valentimes she’ll get. But she never expected a big, mushy mystery! Adorable story.

4. Love Frog Stuffy. Cutest little Webkinz limited edition stuffed frog ever, with love and kisses all over it.

5. Bearington Teddy Bear. His name is Lil’ Cutie and the most cuddly Valentine’s day 10-inch stuffed animal imaginable!

6. Girls Glitter Heart Necklace Bracelet Set. This chunky bubblegum bead jewelry pair is both fun and fashionable for young girls not only for Valentine’s Day, but all through the year, too.

7. Reversible Sequins Mermaid 16-in Pillow Cover. This magical color-changing pillow cover is a super fun gift for most kids and younger teens. The soft sequins let you write or draw beautiful text or graphics, which simply reverses the sequins.

8. Sock Monkey Plush. This  12-inch soft plush sock monkey has “love” on his heart with a heart in the letter “O.” Adorable and quite funny, too.



9. Hearts Travel Mug Full heart, hot coffee to take anywhere. Made from ceramic featuring a snug lid and red handle. Duble wall insulation keeps drinks hot or cold and it is both microwave- and dishwasher-safe.

10. Dad No Matter What Coffee Mug. So funn and lets Dad tell the world about his beautiful kids with both a wink and a nod. Perfect for any dad—with or without a mustache.

11. This Lady Coffee Mug. Want the best ever gift for your wife? Here it is. Done deal.

12. I Vow to Love You Gamer Mug. Got an avid video gamer in your life? Here it is, the perfect gift that expresses your love and makes a romantic promise, too.

13. Electric Wine Opener with Charger Set.  This wine opener gift set includes 4AA batteries (NiMh), automatic rechargeable corkscrew, foil cutter, wine pourer, vacuum wine stopper, charger and manual. Open a wine bottle in 7 seconds.; up to 80 bottles on a single full charge. Charger included.

14. Heart Wire Whisk.  This 7-inch whisk is so cute, and very useful too, to whip up an egg or similar small task in the kitchen. Chances are this heart whisk won’t end up in a drawer, but will be kept out in the open to always remember the love.

15. Heart Waffle Maker. Makes four heart-shaped waffles that come out perfect every time! Has preheat ready light and non-stick surface. Comes in a choice of two colors.

16. Wilton Heart Cake Pan. Non-stick heart-shaped cake pan by Wilton in the perfect 9-inch size. Dishwasher safe, quick-release coating.

17. Pancake Heart Shaped Mold Breakfast Bundle. Cook up a lovely breakfast for your family and friends this Valentine’s Day. Includes pancake mold, whisk, and turner in bright red.

18. Heart-Shaped Loose Tea Leaf Strainer. Perfect shape and sized tea infuser that hangs in a mug or teacup for steeping loose tea. Just happens to be adorable.

19. Bamboo Cheese Board and Spreader. Just the perfect sized small cheeseboard for two! Its heart-shape is perfect for Valentine’s Day but throughout the year as well. Solid bamboo.

20. Stainless Steel Heart-Shape Measuring Spoons. Useful and unique. Perfect addition to Valentine card or a gift basket.

21. Heart with Arrow Cookie Cutter. This cutter from Ann Clark will become a prized possession of any cookie baker. Just the right size for decorating. Or let its shape give all the character needed to make love-filled, yummy cookies.

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