collage of fabulous home and life organizers

25 Well-Designed Household Organizers Can Turn Chaos to Calm and Simplify Life

Getting organized isn’t easy. But staying organized can be even harder. A place for everything and everything in its place. That’s the mark of an organized home.


collage of fabulous home and life organizers


As a natural-born messie with a bent toward hoarding, I know the struggle. But I’ve learned the joy of decluttering and gaining control over my disorganized self—one drawer, cupboard, closet, and room at a time.

Today I want to update 26 of my best organizational helpers that can help organize your bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, handbag, and car. Any one of these organizers can quickly turn chaos to calm.

Makeup Organizer

This professional vanity makeup organizer is clear acrylic so you can see exactly what you have and exactly where everything is because it is large enough for everything to be assigned a place!

Holds makeup brushes, and skin care products with lots of room for lipsticks, eyeliners, shadows, powders, and more. Easy to assemble. Adjustable shelves.

      TARGET $19.99



Charging Station for Electronic Devices

Here is a terrific solution for that mess of cords, devices, and too few outlets, this white charging station for multiple devices, with USB ports is compatible with cell phones, smartphones, tablets, and other electronics. The six fast port charging dock will charge your devices up to 58% faster than other devices offering 2.0 amps or less. The dock is smart too, recognizing your devices to deliver the amp needed.

       TARGET $49.99


Classic Shower Dispenser

This Classic Shower Dispenser is perfect for eliminating shower bottle clutter. Fill the chambers with your shampoo, conditioner, and shower gel. Pumps pre-measure just the right amount, eliminating waste and saving money. Installs in minutes without tools, using silicone. Comes with a number of labels to accommodate the items you wish to dispense. I have one of these in every shower in our home. Fabulous!


Hair Styling Tools Organizer

This compact Style Station holds a hairdryer plus two more tools such as a flat iron and curling iron—or brushes and other tools.

Designed for safely cooling down and storing styling tools. Can hang on a towel bar, sit on the countertop or store in a cabinet or drawer.

      TARGET $24.95

Jumbo Underbed Storage Units

This set of two jumbo storage units is designed to fit under a bed and is large enough to fit large comforters, blankets and out-of-season clothes. Zipper closures protect contents from dust, and small windows let you can see what’s inside. Ideal for clothing, sweaters, coats, jacket, shoes, toys, comforters, blankets, pillows and extra sheets and linens. What a brilliant use for that space under beds.

      TARGET $12.99



Underbed Shoe Organizer

Get all of your shoes organized and out of sight in these terrific shoe organizers that fit under a bed. Holds 12 pairs of shoes and each organizer has a zippered clear top to keep shoes clean and dust-free. Made of breathable non-woven fabric that allows items air flow, keeping them fresh.


Dresser Drawer Organizer Boxes

A set of cloth-covered dresser organizer boxes is what you need to organize underwear, socks, and shirts in dresser drawers. Now you can see at a glance what you have!

      TARGET $14.49


Six-Shelf Hanging Closet Organizer

Closets too crowded and cluttered for comfort? This 6-shelf hanging closet organizer turns wasted space into excellent storage for sweaters, shirts, jeans or other closet items. Perfect solution!

TARGET $23.99

Space Saver Velvet Hangers

These velvet-covered hangers are super thin to free-up 50% more space in a closet. The soft texture of velvet grips clothing items so they don’t land on the floor. This 30-pack will go a long way to transform any closet from chaos to organized.

      TARGET $46.99


Felt Handbag Insert Organizer

There are few things as frustrating as a highly disorganized purse or handbag. But if it doesn’t have pockets and compartments it’s nearly impossible to keep things in there organized. This felt bag insert with all the pockets and compartments you’re missing is the answer! The insert drops in your purse and you’re good to go! Things will stay organized too. Comes in a variety of sizes and colors. Amazing.



Kitchen Cabinet Organizer

These stackable shelves turn a disorderly kitchen cupboard into an organized display. Make sure you measure your space so these shelves fit your space exactly. And look, it’s a 2-pack!


Two-Tier Kitchen Turntable

Here’s another option for a kitchen upper cabinet that’s more like a deep dark hole into which things fall and never return. This 2-tier turntable spins easily to bring what’s in the back … to the front. Genius!

      TARGET $24.99

Wire Basket Open Scoop Front

Just the perfect multifunctional storage solution for any room in the home. That open design lets you stack these baskets with access to their contents. Love Amazon’s copper option!

      4-Pak TARGET $58.99

Kitchen Cabinet Pan and Lid Organizer

This great pan organizer saves cabinet and countertop space, storing up to 5 pans or lids, either vertically or horizontally. And you can reach for a single pan without digging through the entire lot of pans and lids you have stuffed in the drawer under the stove.



Stackable Pantry Cupboard or Counter Organizers

These two stackable bins are the way to organize coffee pods and tea bags specifically, but work for just about anything that’s small-ish, gets lost in the pantry and needs to be corraled. These bins look great next to any coffee maker either side-by-side or stacked to preserve space. Or in the pantry. OK just about anywhere.



Food Storage Container Set

This set of 7 Rubbermaid Brilliance Food Storage Containers with 7 lids is guaranteed to be leak-proof with airtight seals and secure latches. Stack perfectly. Lifetime warranty from Rubbermaid, too.



Mail Key Wall Shelf Organizer

This small wooden shelf with hooks for keys, a shelf for phones and a bin for the daily mail just might be the way to turn clutter and lost things into accessible convenience, whether mounted by the front door, in the kitchen, garage, or some other spot in the house. Comes in three choices of finish/color.



Rolling Utility Cart

Love this three-tier cart. The four casters make it roll around easily creating an extra workspace in the kitchen, convenient storage for craft projects or even as a nightstand in the bedroom. Fits easily into a small closest or out-of-the-way corner and comes in a variety of colors.


Grid-It Accessory Organizer

Charging cords, adapters, and other electronic gear driving you nuts? A Grid-It organizer just might solve the problem. I have two of these—one in my tote bag and the other in a kitchen drawer. No more lost or tangled charger cards or other little accessories that can get lost so easily. Handiest thing ever!


Car Backseat Organizer

Here’s a fabulous way to organize the backseat of your car. These backseat organizers (2-pack) strap to the back of the driver and front passenger seat and have pockets for water bottles, tissues, and toys. Accommodates a tablet or iPad in the folio case to keep the kids entertained.



Car Trunk Organizer

If the trunk of your car looks more like a rolling trash can than a well-appointed storage closet, this cargo organizing tote may be the best and perfect solution. It has compartments to handle grocery bags, a non-slip waterproof bottom and is made from rugged polyester. And when not in use, it collapses to fit into a small space. I take mine right into Costco or the supermarket with me instead of a flimsy reusable grocery bag.


Collapsible Laundry Basket

Whoever designed this sturdy collapsible laundry basket needs an award. The most brilliant thing ever! Fully extended this basket is sturdy, lightweight and the perfect shape and size. Collapsed, it uses 70% less space fitting between the wall and the dryer or between the dryer and washer. Or into a cupboard or pantry. Easy to pop open and collapse, too. Simply genius!



Wire Pull-Out Cabinet Organizer

We just installed these pull-out cabinet organizers in the under-sink cabinets in our bathrooms. Oh my. What a wonderful way to turn those dark, hard-to-reach areas (prone to collecting all manner of clutter) into useful, easy-to-see, managed storage areas.

Closet and Drawer


Adjustable Bamboo Drawer Organizer

Got a junk drawer? This drawer divider and organizer just might be the solution. Look at all of those compartments. Not the right configuration? Six dividers are movable to create up to 15 compartments. Constructed of beautiful bamboo, you’ll want to open your newly organized drawer just to see how pretty it looks.


Remote Control Organizer

Yes, it’s a luxury. You could keep all of your remote controls in a cut-down Cheerios box. Or you could switch to generic cereal and save enough to get this beautiful PU leather remote control holder. Holds up to five remote controls, comes in three color choices. An elegant solution for an annoying problem.



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7 replies
  1. Cally Ross says:

    “As a natural-born messie with a bent toward hoarding”, I smiled in recognition of a kindred spirit and in sympathy!
    my self-talk lately is, “deal with ‘it’ now- hang it up, throw it away, file it away, put it away” rather than moving it to a new spot (pile) to do later.
    we CAN do this! even if my middle name is “clutter”….

  2. Kim says:

    Amazon is not always the best place to buy things. Case in point-you can get a 50 pack of velvet hangers at Sam’s club for $14.98, as opposed to the 30 listed here for more than twice the price. I always check multiple sources, and use apps, to find the best prices/best value. I do buy often from Amazon, but only when it makes sense to do so.

    • Mary Hunt says:

      You are right, Kim … if only everyone had a Sam’s Club membership and lived near one of its locations. EC is read by people all around the globe, and in every state of the US. We attempt to always give resources that are available to largest number of readers first, then ideas like Sam’s Club secondarily.

      • Kim says:

        I bought the hangers online from Sam’s-as I do with many things. My membership actually nearly, or fully, pays for itself each year with their Sam’s cash program. We have the plus membership which includes free shipping, among other perks. It costs $100 per year, and this year we paid almost nothing to renew it as they give you the option to use your Sam’s cash for the renewal. (make sure to read the limitations and perks of a Plus membership before purchasing as not every purchase is eligible for the Sam’s cash perk that only comes with the Plus) If you aren’t lucky enough to have a club nearby, you can still buy a membership and use it online for a lot of items. To me, even the $45 regular membership is well worth the cost, even if all you can do is shop online. Since May 11, when my account renewed, my savings on shipping and purchases have already more than paid for next year’s Plus membership, not even including the Sam’s cash. We also have a Costco membership-you can shop online as a non-member, and pay a small fee, but we renewed it recently, even though the nearest club is 45 minutes away and we don’t usually shop in the store. I bought a new laptop on sale from them a couple of weeks ago, and the non-member fee was almost the same as paying the renewal fee, so we renewed it, as I do buy online from them often also. Not paying the fee actually pays for the membership if you shop online there enough, and the laptop was a huge savings, especially with the sale, over buying the same one anywhere else. We live in the sticks, with the nearest stores at least 20 miles away, so do a lot of online shopping. We try to limit our trips to town, so online stores are a great boon, saving a lot of time and money. With gas now at, or over, $6 per gallon in California, it’s a big savings.

  3. Gina Stevens says:

    The Pull Down Stadium-Style Spice Rack is on my wish list. I love that it has a “safety bar” in front of the jars to eliminate spice-jar avalanches!

    • Liz says:

      I bought my spice racks from Vertical Spice, they are very well made and easy to install. I bought two for a pantry cupboard, they are pricey but so worth the money. Every time I roll one out I think “Gosh I love these!”.


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