There’s nothing like microfiber for cleaning just about any surface in and about the house. If you’ve never used a microfiber cloth, you’re going to be amazed by how fast and efficiently you can clean!

For household dusting, use a microfiber cloth dry as you would a traditional dusting rag. (Notice how it acts like a dust magnet.) But for more general cleaning, you always want microfiber to be damp, even when using to dry a surface.

The first time you use a microfiber cloth, force of habit will have you soaking it with water and adding loads of soap—both of which will reduce the cloth’s effectiveness.

I find the best way to use these cloths is with as little water as possible. You can use microfiber cloths to clean virtually any hard surface. Try them on your bathroom or kitchen surfaces and you’ll be amazed at the results.

If you’re dealing with a fairly dirty situation, use a standard cloth and soapy water to wash all the dirt off first, then rinse. Now polish over with your damp microfiber cloth. Notice the smear-free, sparkling finish. Sorry to sound like a bad TV commercial, but these things are really good! I think you’ll agree once you hear things getting squeaky clean and shiny with so little effort.

Microfiber cloths come in varying sizes and grades to clean every surface imaginable from eyeglasses to countertops, windows, and cars, too. The best microfiber cloths are made of 70 percent polyester and 30 percent polyamide (70/30).  If you wash and dry them properly (without fabric softener) and keep them in good condition, you’ll have them for many years to come.


VibraWipe Microfiber Cleaning Cloths. I’ve tested every imaginable grade and size of microfiber cloth out there. For me, a cloth I use for housecleaning needs to be easy to use and able to stand up to my extreme laundry habits. (Note: Never use any laundry softeners when laundering microfiber.) I don’t want cloths that fray around the edge, give off tons of lint, stain easily or shrink over time. I’m hard on household linens because I demand so much from them. VibraWipes microfiber cloths (these are 80/20) are very good. A pack of 8 cloths has lasted me for years now and I see no signs of them wearing out anytime soon.

Microfiber Floor Mop. This 18” professional mop with six-foot adjustable stainless steel handle comes with two microfiber wet mop pads, one dust mop microfiber pad and two free microfiber cloths. All of the pads and cloths that come with this mop are machine washable, which makes it easy to keep your floors super clean all the time.


Elite Tech Gear Microfiber Cloths. This is the most amazing microfiber cleaning cloth specific for cleaning electronic device screens, eyeglasses and other extremely delicate surfaces—in a usable size and at an affordable price. This isn’t one of those tiny scraps of fabric like the one that came with your new eyeglasses.  At 12” x 12”, an Elite Cloth is the right size and quality to clean your big screen TV, your eyeglasses and mobile phone screen, too. This cloth is ultra-fine microfiber, which means it will not scratch even the most delicate surface, leaving it crystal clear and squeaky clean, too.


Chemical Guys Professional Grade Microfiber Towel. Using old towels from around the house to wash and detail your car is one way to do it, but not the best idea if your time is valuable and you’d rather not end up with new scratches on the paint in the process. Microfiber towels are a much better idea. A good microfiber towel will not harm the paint, cuts the job of toweling off a car in half and as a bonus, leaves no streaks or scratches behind. For this big job you need a microfiber towel of equal size. Chemical Guys microfiber 16” x 24” 70/30 towels are made from the best, softest lint-free materials.

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