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Best Inexpensive Cordless Stick Vacuum

According to more than a few messages from you, my dear readers—and in the words of Ricky Ricardo—I’ve got some ‘splaining’ to do! Faithful readers will recall that over the past years, I’d received more requests for the best inexpensive cordless stick vacuum than all other such requests combined. I heard you loud and clear because I’d been hearing the same request from myself.


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Twice now, I’ve pointed you to my Best Inexpensive Cordless Stick Vacuum, and twice things have not gone exactly as hoped.

Today I have good news, but first the background:

I’d been looking for my ideal stick vacuum for so long, I’d just about come to the conclusion that my expectations were completely unreasonable—my perfect stick vacuum did not exist.

My ideal stick vacuum

For me, a stick vacuum is NOT a substitute for a good, powerful household vacuum that can pull dirt, dust, and debris from deep within the pile of a carpet. Just so you know, I am not looking to get rid of my beloved Sharky. Never! A stick vacuum has a different purpose altogether.

It’s a simple tool designed for quick pick-ups; to clean up spills in the kitchen, tracked in sand, dirt, pet hair, cat litter, dust, and loose debris when you don’t have the time or inclination to haul out a full-size vacuum cleaner for such a small task.

A good way to think of a stick vacuum is that it’s an electric broom, dust mop, and dustpan in one. It “sweeps” up and then vacuums away debris in a single pass without the need for the user to bend over or get down on the floor.

In my dreams

I’d almost given up, concluding that my ideal stick vac didn’t exist—that my list of must-haves was beyond reality—nothing more than a pipe dream.

  • Cordless and rechargeable with a runtime of at least 25 minutes
  • Able to stand up alone—who wants to lay the thing down to answer the door or take a call?
  • Lightweight so I can easily carry it up and down stairs in one hand while carrying a load in the other
  • An On/Off switch so I don’t have to continuously hold down a trigger during operation
  • Generous size dirt and debris cup that is easy to empty
  • The dirt cup, filters, and brush roll need to be washable because I like my appliances to be nice and clean
  • Quiet while in operation

I’ll admit that’s a lot of must-haves, but if I could ask for just one more feature, I would want it to be nice looking in a subtle way so that if I were to ever leave it out, it would add a little beauty to the place, not stand out like a sore thumb.



By now you’ve guessed, or recall from this previous posts, that my dream stick vacuum does exist—I found it. And to my surprise, it has features I’d never thought about like headlights and a swivel head that pivots around table legs and slides under furniture. I’ve been using my Eufy HomeVac Cordless Upright-Style Vacuum Cleaner (I call it a stick vac) for years now, and I’m still in love.

I wrote about Eufy and my readers responded in spades! Your rave reviews matched mine as we became Eufy Stick Vac fans.

And then it happened.


Out of the blue, the folks who manufacture Eufy stick vac announced it would be discontinued. What?! We couldn’t believe it. They continued to make the Eufy Two-in-One option available, but it’s not the same. I wouldn’t waste my money on it. Compared to my beloved Eufy, it’s terrible.

Back to search mode

For what seemed like months, I was on a mission to find a reasonable alternative for those you who had not yet acquired a Eufy stick vac. I tested, tried, and returned other options. And then, it happened. I discovered an almost-identical option in a brand I’d never heard of. The Deik Cordless Upright Stick Vacuum appeared out of the blue, coming to our rescue.

I wrote about Deik. We were thrilled. Readers scooped them up as if we might soon wake up and find it too, discontinued. By now I have both my Eufy and my Deik (I buy them—these are not gifts from manufacturers and if that were to happen, you’d be the first to know). I keep one on each floor of my house.

Both my Eufy and my Deik continue to be fabulous, I use them every day.

Just break my heart again

And then it happened. Again. Deik stick vac (it too, has a 2-in-1 option which is not the same and I do not recommend) went to Discontinued heaven. I couldn’t believe it. And neither could you (I’ve received so many messages from readers who find themselves once again in stick vac despair, having hesitated to get either Eufy or Deik).

Never give up

For the past several months, I’ve been back at it. I’ve searched, considered, tested, and tried. I’ve come to just accept the fact that I am not a fan of most stick vacs out there. I find the brands and models that cannot stand on their own to be awkward to use. They are too heavy and too expensive.

I paid less than $100 each for my Eufy and my Deik and both continue to be as reliable and useful as the day(s) they arrived. To see a $300 or $400 price tag attached to an awkward stick vac makes me slightly nauseous.

But hold on. All is not lost!

Third time a charm

And now for the third time, I thank you for your patience and for the trust you have placed in me. We’ve been disappointed twice, but hopefully not for a third time.

I am now the proud owner of yet another brand of cordless upright stick vac and it’s a honey. Please meet the newest member of my cordless stick vac family, Hoover Linx Cordless Stick Vacuum.


A person standing in front of a mirror posing for the camera, with Hoover LiNX


I’ve been using Linx every day for more than a month—and yes, I purchased it myself. I did not receive review models from manufacturers. My opinions are my own—I cannot be bought.

My new Linx (Amazon and Walmart) is remarkable in that it has every feature of both Eufy and Deik (stands alone, On/Off switch, lightweight, quiet, easily emptied and washed, powerful Li-ion battery, “fuel” gauge, long runtime, swivel head, headlights) but with two added features we could have only dreamed of:

Replaceable battery

The only complaints I’ve received about both Eufy and Deik are that their Li-ion batteries are not replaceable. Once the battery wears out and dies (which hasn’t happened for me but I’m sure one day it will), that Eufy or Deik stick vac also dies. It becomes useless. The batteries are not replaceable in those discontinued stick vacs. But Linx is different.

The Linx battery is replaceable! It is located at the front and pops out easily—no tools required. You can even buy Linx plus an extra battery from the get-go, or purchase a replacement battery later. Isn’t that awesome?

Brush Roll or Hard Floor Settings

This was a big surprise for me and boy, was I excited. Linx has two settings: Suction Only for hard floor surfaces and Suction + Brush Roll for low pile carpet. I love this feature! Switching back and forth is a cinch, too.

Linx weighs in at 7.5 lbs, which is slightly heavier than either Eufy or Deik, but still lightweight as I have defined lightweight above.

As for the price, I paid about $25 more for Linx than for either Eufy or Deik. But looking to the future and knowing that I will be able to replace the battery, I find that to be more than acceptable.

A family of stick vacs

I have quite a line up of stick vacs now: two Eufys (if you’re counting because I grabbed a spare back when the price dipped; I’ve given many for gifts, too) one Deik and a Linx. One might wonder if I’ve become a stick vac hoarder.

Which one do I prefer? I love them all—and all of them still work as well as the day they arrived. However, I must admit that I find myself going out of my way to grab Linx. While the others have nearly all the same features, I love that brush roll-on-or-off feature on Linx.

One last thing: Linx cordless stick vacuum has an 18v lithium battery (Eufy and Deik are rated at 22v), I have been unable to detect any difference—and trust, me I have tried. The runtimes are similar if not the same (which means amazingly long); ditto for suction power.

So, that’s my ‘splaining. Hoover Linx Cordless Lithium-Ion Stick Vacuum Cleaner is now our Best Inexpensive cordless stick vac. (Amazon and Walmart).


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15 replies
  1. Peggy says:

    Just looked at Amazon today and their note says the Linx line is discontinued. It says to go to the ONEPWR Evolve Pet. Is this going to be an acceptable substitute? How about the Shark Rocket since you like your Shark so much? Thanks, Mary.

  2. Lois says:

    My Eufy broke. I took it to a repair shop and was told it was a toy and couldn’t get repair parts . I am crushed. Why are things made to be disposable these days?

  3. Jennifer says:

    Mary—I just purchased the Linx that you recommended but it does not have a headlight like my beloved Eufy used to. I thought that this was one of the things in your must-have list?

  4. Anne Marie Hill says:

    It has a lot of one star reviews, including most recents. Several of them are from people who said the older version was better (I am not including the people who complain about the battery–get a new one ding dongs!). Mary doesn’t mention its performance on pet hair but a lot of others do, saying it clogs easily. Do I risk it?

    • Mary Hunt says:

      I empty the dirt cup after every use, so I guess I don’t give it a chance to get clogged. I would recommend doing that, whether you have pets or not!

      • Anne Marie Hill says:

        What the reviews are saying is it get clogged higher up and needs to be disassembled to unclog it.

    • Mary says:

      Make sure you have the Brush Roll setting engaged when picking up pet hair! It will clog for sure if only on Suction.

  5. Emily Francona says:

    I love the LINX! The battery failed after about 15 months, but Hoover replaced it, since we were still within the 2-year warranty period.

  6. Brenda Moore says:

    Hello! Oh how I love my eufy stick vac for those daily clean-ups! My vac is still going strong, so I don’t want to buy another one.
    Problem is, now that the line is discontinued, how can I find filter replacements that fit? I wash my filters, but now am afraid they might wear out, so I’m washing them less often.
    Is there anything out there I can buy to replace them when they go??
    Thanks for all the good advice!
    Brenda Moore

  7. Birgit Nicolaisen says:

    Just recently got my Linx and I love it! I got the extra battery and additional filters just in case. Never thought I’d be excited about spending my “birthday money” on a vacuum. Best part is how easily you can switch from hard floor to carpet and that it’s cordless. Oh and the fact that my teenage daughter is willing to use it. My husband has bad knees so sweeping in the kitchen and then trying to get it into a dustpan and into the garbage was literally a pain for him. No longer! We do have a big vacuum too, but this is the one that is going to get used all the time!


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